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  GIVE A COMPARATIVE DESCRIPTION OF SOME ANCIENT ENGLISH TOWNS. To start with I should say that Britain is a fabulous country a country of startling beauty and diversity its really worth exploring visiting and living in. Its packed with exiting places to go and interesting place to discover. Everyone who comes to England is fascinated by its magnificent picturesque breathtaking and inviting towns where past and present exist side by side. Some of the ancient towns in England are Sa...
13829. Garnier skin naturals 53.02 KB
  Эссе по микроэкономике Garnier skin naturals Содержание. Введение Мой выбор Как же оно действует Свойства молочка Гарньер Кто пользуются Субституты и Комплименты Продажи Список используемой литературы Garnier skin naturals Введение В...
13925. GLAD TO MEET YOU 472.5 KB
  GLAD TO MEET YOU Unit 1 1A Meeting people. Read the dialogues and guess who is speaking and where they are. Good afternoon Miss Bright Good afternoon Mr. Johnson Hows life No complaints. Thank you. How are things with you Nothing to boast of. I have loads of work again. Sorry to hear that Hi Mike Hey Jack Nice tracksuit Oh thank you. I jog in it every morning. H...
29353. General Notes on Stylistics. It’s subject and Object 40.48 KB
  It deals mainly with two interdependent tasks: The investigation of the inventory of special language media which secure the desirable effect of the utterance The investigation of certain types of texts which are distinguished due to the choice and arrangement of language means. The types of texts that are distinguished by the pragmatic aspect of communication are called functional styles of language FS; the special media of language which secure the desirable effect of the utterance are called stylistic devices SD and expressive means...
  Recently gesture-based interfaces are becoming more widely used. There are many advantages of gesture-based interfaces such as small learning time, wide availability (if they done properly), and, in some cases, the lack of manipulators, which is important for mobile devices
35449. Gone with the wind. My Favourite Film 17.43 KB
  I don't like horror films nd I find them quite disgusting. Sometimes I my wtch police drm or historicl film but I'm not very keen on these types of films. Now let me tell you bout one of my fvourite films Gone with the wind by the novel by Mrgret Mitchell.
42689. Getting through to the right person. Taking / Leaving a message. Checking information. 74.5 KB
  Mаking telephone clls in nother lnguge cn mke some Ss nervous t this level becuse of the lck of visul clues tht usully help with context nd understnding. Hve ll documents nd informtion tht you need t close hnd s well s prepred list of ny useful phrses. When exchnging informtion check nd clrify tht you hve understood been understood correctly. If someone clls you nd you re unprepred sy tht you re busy t the moment nd will cll them bck.
42690. Greeting visitors. Making polite offers and requests. Making small talk 63.5 KB
  Greeting someone for the first time Very good thnks. Thnksfor meeting me. Greeting someone you know It's good to see you too Yn Very well thnks nd you I'm fine thnks. Thnks for meeting me.
44721. Gerund (forms and functions) 114.28 KB
  Prctise reding the following twosyllble words with the stress on the second syllble: Include between employ pply design convert trnsform obtin Prctise reding the following mny syllble words: Electricity impossible ccumulte numerous resistnce temperture emergency photocell complicted Prctise reding the following words with double stress: Engineering semiconductor utomtion conductivity irrespective reproduce Memorize the spelling nd pronuncition of the following words: Vry ['vεərI]...
44728. Gerund. Gerund clauses 63.5 KB
  Tsiolkovsky 18571935 Mnkind will not remin on erth forever. Tsiolkovsky ws selftught mn. The min problem Tsiolkovsky hd been working t for mny yers ws creting theory of interplnetry trvel. 1 It ws Tsiolkovsky who suggested the ide of multistge rocket nd of mnmde stellite which could serve s lbortory for studying the universe.
44863. Great Britain 17.81 KB
  The two min islnds re Gret Britin in which re Scotlnd Wles nd Englnd to the est nd Irelnd in which re Northern Irelnd nd the independent Irish Republish to the west. In everydy speech âGret Britinâ is used to men the United Kingdom. Gret Britin is mde up Scotlnd Wles nd Englnd; it does not include Northern Irelnd.
44887. Gesunde Ernährung im Job fällt vielen schwer 25.5 KB
  Den meisten bleibt bei der rbeit schlicht keine Zeit in Ruhe zu essen ht eine Umfrge ergeben. Die Kntine ht ml wieder Nudeln mit Tomtensoße der nächste Imbiss ist ein Döner und Zeit fürs Essen bleibt sowieso kum der Chef drängt schon mit dem nächsten Projekt. So oder so ähnlich geht es vielen Berufstätigen in Deutschlnd.
45101. Great Britain 14.21 KB
  Gret Britin is situted on the British Isles. The lrger of two big islnds is known s Gret Britin. The islnd of Gret Britin together with the neighboring minor islnds nd the northestern prt of Irelnd constitute the United Kingdom of Gret Britin nd Northern Irelnd.
45135. Geography and Economy of Great Britain 16.75 KB
  They lie to the west of the continent of Europe. The lrger of the two big islnds is known s Gret Britin. The smller Islnd is Irelnd with Northern Irelnd nd Irish Republic.
45265. GSM. Регистрация в сети 64 KB
  Регистрация в сети. При каждом включении телефона после выбора сети начинается процедура регистрации рис. Рассмотрим наиболее общий случай регистрацию не в домашней а в чужой так называемой гостевой сети будем предполагать что услуга роуминга абоненту разрешена. По номеру IMSI VLR гостевой сети определяет домашнюю сеть и запрашивает ее HLR.
45266. GSM. Обновление местоположения. Аутентификация и защита 91.5 KB
  Обновление местоположения. Один из вариантов определения местоположения периодически сообщать о расположении объектов в каждой соте. Другой крайний случай уведомлять систему при изменении местоположения мобильной станции широковещательным сообщением. Компромиссное решение используемое в GSM оповещение о местоположении при смене группы сот в зоне местоположения приводящей к ухудшению связи.
45267. GSM. Передача соединения (хэндовер). Роуминг 169 KB
  Переключение каналов между базовыми станциями контролируемыми разными BSC но одним MSC. Переключение каналов между базовыми станциями за которые отвечают не только разные BSC но и разные MSC. Варианты хэндовера В общем случае проведение хэндовера задача MSC. Но в двух первых случаях называемых внутренними хэндоверами чтобы снизить нагрузку на коммутатор и служебные линии связи процесс смены каналов управляется BSC а MSC лишь информируется о происшедшем.
46842. Grammar. Grammatical meaning 32.5 KB
  When we name very general statements about grammar, we are idealizing about the language system, identifying broad patterns. grammar has evolved to fossilitate the expression of basic meanings. Meanings which are so inexpensible and so commonly occuring, that we require an economical means of expressing them. It would be absurd if we had to elaborate entirely new strings of words whenever we wanted to observe things around us. grammatical meaning is closely
52864. Guidelines to training students for Independent Assessment 35.5 KB
  In terms of requirements to Independent Assessment in English we offer strategies on completing tests in reading and writing with comments on the order of their fulfilling which enables students to minimize time and increase efficiency.
  An outstanding American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer John Dewey perfectly said, "Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself." We are in an era in which teachers and books are not the only sources of information and lectures are not the only method for delivering and acquiring knowledge. Learning in the 21st century requires critical thinking, adept use of technology...
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