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7204. Numbers. Percent. Telephone and fqx number 80.5 KB
  Тема:Numbers. Percent. Telephone and fqx number. Вид заняття: лекція-семінар. Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення розвивати у студе...
8778. NAT (Network Address Translation - трансляция сетевых адресов) 50.5 KB
  NAT, Proxy NAT (Network Address Translation - трансляция сетевых адресов) реализует преобразование (подмену) IP адресов локальных сетей во внешние IP адреса глобальной сети Internet...
10989. Newton Interpolating Polynomial 76.5 KB
  Newton Interpolating Polynomial Case 1: Constant Polynomial Only one xvalue is given in the table X x1 Y y1 Let P0x be the interpolating polynomial function. Hence P0x1 = y1. It passes through the one point x1y1 given in the table. Hence choose 6.1 Case 2: Linear Polynomial Two xvalues are given in the table ...
10991. Numerical Integration 156.5 KB
  2. Numerical Integration 2.1. Introduction Numerical integration which is also called quadrature has a history extending back to the invention of calculus and before. The fact that integrals of elementary functions could not in general be computed analytically while derivatives could be served to give the field a certain panache and to set it a cut above the arithmetic drudgery of numerical analysis during the whole of the 18th and 19th centuries. With the invention of automa...
12672. Norton Commander: панели, функциональные клавиши 61 KB
  Лабораторная работа №1 Тема: Norton Commander: панели функциональные клавиши. Цель: Научиться работать с программной оболочкой Norton Commander. Общие сведения. Программы оболочки позволяют для выполнения большого количества различных функций заменить набор команд нажатием...
30249. NetBIOS, NetBEUI и Server Message Blocks 123.28 KB
  NetBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interfce расширенный пользовательский интерфейс сетевой BIOS это один из наиболее старых но все еще использующихся протоколов для локальных сетей и он продолжает оставаться прекрасным решением для сравнительно небольших сетей так как издержки на его обслуживание меньше чем требуемые для более комплексных протоколов. NetBEUI был разработан в середине 1980х с целью предоставить сетевые транспортные услуги для программ базирующихся на NetBIOS Network Bsic Input Output System сетевая базовая...
41604. Nitrates and Nitrites 19.97 KB
  Shchetynsk ICS 405 Lbortory work 4 Nitrtes nd Nitrites Theoreticl informtion Nitrte nd nitrite re compounds tht contin nitrogen tom joined to oxygen toms with nitrte contining three oxygen toms nd nitrite contining two. In nture nitrtes re redily converted to nitrites nd vice vers. Nitrtes re used primrily to mke fertilizer but they re lso used to mke glss nd explosives. Nitrites re mnufctured minly for use s food preservtive nd both nitrtes nd nitrites re used extensively to enhnce the color nd extend the shelf life of processed mets.
44724. Nominative Absolute Participle Clause. Participle+Infinitive 54 KB
  PrticipleInfinitive TEXT 12 The Fundmentl Problems of Television. The word âtelevisionâ by common cceptnce hs come to men the essentilly instntneous trnsmission either by wire or rdio of moving pictures or imges. Essentilly three steps re involved in television nmely: 1 the nlysis of the light imge into electricl signl; 2 the trnsmission of the electricl signl to the points of reception; nd 3 the synthesis of visible reproduction of the originl imge from the electricl signl. nswer the questions: Wht does the word âtelevisionâ...
44938. New Zealand. Новая Зеландия 15.12 KB
  New Zealand, an independent state and a member of the Commonwealth, is situated south-east from Australia. The country consists of three large islands and also many small islands. New Zealand is a mountainous country.
46260. Noun. The category of case 13.31 KB
  The ctegory of cse Cse is morphologicl ctegory of noun showing its reltions to other objects or phenomen mnifested in the noun declension. There re four theories concerning the cse system of English. The first is the ‘limited cse theory nd recognizes the system of two cses the common nonmrked member of the opposition nd possessive or genitive cse expressed by the suffix ‘s [s z iz]. The genitive cse of the bulk of the plurl nouns is expressed only by the grphic sign of the postrophe phoneticlly unexpressed.
46305. Noun 15.41 KB
  Noun hs ctegoricl mening of thingness becuse noun effects nomintion of the fullest vlue. The N is chrcterized by specific set of wordbuilding ffixes nd wordbuilding models which unmistkbly mrk noun mong them: suffixes of the doer worker nturlist etc. s for wordchnging ctegories the noun is chnged ccording to the ctegories of number boyboys cse boyboys nd rticle determintion boy boy the boy.
52456. National cuisine 532 KB
  Tody we continue to discuss different questions nd fcts bout mels nd food. ll living things need food becuse it is the bsic fuel of our life. Wht food is very good for us Which of the foods re not so good for us nd wht food cn even cuse illnesses Write list of 15 best nd 15 worst foods. Nowdys in spoken English you my often come cross such phrse s junk food.
  The biggest polluter today is the car. Exhaust fumes are the main cause of bad air quality, which can make people feel ill and have difficulty breathing. This problem is especially bad in some cities where on days when there is not much wind, a brown layer of smog hangs in the air. The number of cars is increasing every year, and this causes serious congestion. Governments then build new roads to try to improve the situation, but this means that they cut down trees and destroy more of the countryside.
54546. Nature and Weather 57 KB
  Aims of the lesson. To develop academic communication skills, critical thinking, students’ listening comprehension. To encourage responsible leadership, stimulate research activities using new technologies. To help people to understand the global threats facing our planet and take actions to improve the situation.
54590. NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) 1.18 MB
  Изза особенности строения NURBS поверхности всегда гладкие у них нет острых краев присущих полигонам поэтому они широко используются в органическом моделировании подобном созданию растительных форм для создания моделей животных людей машин и т. NURBS поверхности не состоят из сетки прямоугольников разбиение поверхностей на многоугольники происходит лишь на этапе рендеринга и предполагает использование оптимального алгоритма для сохранения гладкости. Существует два типа NURBS кривых и поверхностей: Point рис.
56289. National Symbols of Ukraine 102.5 KB
  As every independent country in the world Ukraine has its own national symbols: a national anthem “Ukraine Hasn’t Died Yet”, a state flag and a national emblem – trident.
57647. Nature. The Londoners 47 KB
  Objectives: Structures: Preposition of time: in, on, at. Talking about the seasons and the weather. Vocabulary: Seasons: autumn, spring, summer, winter. Months of the year (revision). Weather: cloudy, cold, hot, rainy, snowy, stormy, sunny, windy.
57648. Nature is in danger 110.5 KB
  Objectives: to acquaint students with the problems of nature protection to teach students to express the opinion to practise student’s speaking stills to develop creative thinking to develop positive attitude towards the world around us...
57649. Nature. Weather 55 KB
  Objectives: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to use the words from the topic “Weather”; to complete the dialogues; to compare the weather in different parts of the world; to answer the questions about the weather...
65463. N-фенілантранілати лужноземельних металів – інгібітори окиснення органічних сполук 3.05 MB
  При переробцi використаннi та зберіганнi нафтопродуктiв і біопалив їх експлуатаційні властивості погіршуються внаслідок окиснення киснем повітря. Накопичення продуктів окиснення знижує якість нафтопродуктів і біопалив що призводить до зменшення ресурсу двигунів та промислового обладнання.