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13803. Opinion essay 14.71 KB
  Opinion essay Isnt it incredible that nowadays people are mostly judged by appearance I strongly believe that in my country appearance affects the opinion of a person. One more sentence In the first place Russians judge celebrities by appearances. For example Nickolay Baskov wears shiny clothes to show . Moreover we can classify people by age social status i.e. belonging to the social groups. Logic Let us say big chains and gaudy clothes or hippy wear blue jeans and a l...
23480. Optativus (желательное наклонение) 198.5 KB
  На русский язык формы желательного наклонения вне контекста либо не переводят вовсе либо используют частицу о если бы: например παιδεύοιμεν praes. Все времена желательного наклонения кроме перфекта впрочем малоупотребительного1 образуются посредством добавления к соответствующей основе глагольной или настоящего времени суффикса ι ιη2 служащего показателем желательного наклонения и вторичных личных окончаний. Optativus praesentis activi mediipassivi желательное наклонение настоящего времени действительного и среднего...
24742. Outstanding people of Russia Federation 16.41 KB
  The names of Russian scientists and writers poets composers and painters are worldfamous Pushkin Lermontov Chehov Levitan. It is almost impossible to name a branch of science in the development of which the Russian scientists haven't played the greatest role. Works of our Russian writes and poets are translated into many languages.
  З змiнoю cтyпeня oкиcнeння eлeмeнтiв якi вxoдять дo cклдy виxiдниx peчoвин т пpoдyктiв peкцiї xiмiчнi peкцiї мoжн пoдiлити н двi гpyпи. Цe peкцiї: пoдвiйнoгo oбмiнy бo витicнeння кoмплeкcoyтвopeння дeякi peкцiї poзклдy peкцiї iзoмepизцiї пoлiмepизцiї coцiцiї тoщo: Дo дpyгoї гpyпи нлeжть peкцiї щo вiдбyвютьcя iз змiнoю cтyпeнiв oкиcнeння eлeмeнтiв peгyючиx peчoвин т пpoдyктiв peкцiї. Tкi peкцiї нзивютьcя oкucнoвiднoвнuмu нпpиклд: У пpoцeci цiєї peкцiї cтyпiнь oкиcнeння Цинкy змiнюєтьcя вiд 0 дo 2 Гiдpoгeнy вiд 1 дo 0....
46706. Objects and tasks of grammar 26.5 KB
  ech form is product of the grmmrins nlysis nd process grmmr is lso key vrint in the procces of lnguge. We think of mny wys tht grmmr is deployed in communiction. how we use it Grmmr consists of 2 fundmentl ingredients syntx rrgenments of elements nd morphology. study of grmmr revels structure nd regulrity which enble us to tlk bout the lnguge system.
53753. Ordering food 372 KB
  On the slide you see the picture with a lot of fruit and vegetables. You must write the name of them in your card in right column. If you know more words, you can write them too.
53998. Our Fafourite Holidays 81.5 KB
  Today we’re going to discuss very pleasant and interesting things. We’ll speak about holidays. We do love holidays, don’t we? By the end of the lesson you should be able to actively use the target vocabulary in your talk about some holidays’ celebrations.
54686. Oберегu моєї оселі 123 KB
  Мета: Пропаганда літератури із народознавства, історії нашого народу, його мови, звичаїв, пробудити цікавість до народної символіки, прикмет, до невмирущих скарбів народу.
54784. Our Unique Planet 38 KB
  As a warming up exercise for today I have prepared a short practicing in reading. Look at the monitors. The words will be there for only two seconds and your task is to read them correctly. Read aloud and think carefully. We’ll see who the champion is! And your home task was to speak about the beauty of the world and to write colour poems. It’s time to check it and listen to you.
54894. Outdoor activities 46.5 KB
  You can take your seats. Let’ start our lesson. The topic of our lesson is “Outdoor activities. What can we do?” Слайд 1.Today we are going to identify outdoor activities, to practice telling somebody what you can or can’t do, to do many interesting task and of course, we’ll sing and play. Be attentive and active!
55499. Österreich aktuell 28 KB
  Bezogen auf die Einwohnerzahl ist … das kleinste Bundesland Österreichs. a) Burgenland b) Salzburg c) Tirol 3. Bezogen auf die Fläche ist … das kleinste Bundesland Österreichs. a) Steiermark b) Tirol c) Wien 4. Das südlichste Bundesland Österreichs ist …
57651. Occupation, Profession, Trade 31 KB
  Objectives: to practice the new vocabulary for talking about professions and trades to develop communicative skills to involve students into reading, writing, communicative activities...
62403. OUR CLASSES 26.38 KB
  Becoming a doctor is a dream for millions of students around the world. Studying medicine can lead to a career as a doctor of course, but it doesnt have to be this cut and dry.
62625. Online stores 22.89 KB
  Практическая цель: систематизировать знания. Развивающая цель: способствовать интересу учащихся к изучению иностранного языка развитие памяти речи внимания логического мышления.
63642. Objectives of macroeconomic analysis and macroeconomic policy 503.5 KB
  Тhe GDP deflator reflects what’s happening to the overall level of prices in the economy. In most systems of national accounts the GDP deflator measures the ratio of nominal (or current-price) GDP to the real (or chain volume) measure of GDP.
69571. OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) 1.86 MB
  Кроме того при разработке протокола были приложены значительные усилия по ускорению обработки топологических изменений в сети и снижению уровня служебного трафика. OSPF позволяет группировать сети такие группы называют областями re. Каждый маршрут в OSPF распространяется с указанием...
69579. OSPF (Часть II) 6.73 MB
  В предыдущем уроке были рассмотрены теоретические основы взаимодействий, происходящих между маршрутизаторами работающими по протоколу OSPF. Таким образом, на данный момент изучен метод построения маршрутных таблиц протоколом OSPF, алгоритм работы протокола при построении графа...
74188. Object-oriented programming languages and tools 37 KB
  They were working on simultions tht del with exploding ships nd relized they could group the ships into different ctegories. The Smlltlk tem ws inspired by the Simul 67 project but they designed Smlltlk so tht it would be dynmic. The objects could be chnged creted or deleted nd this ws different from the sttic systems tht were commonly used. It is this feture tht llowed Smlltlk to surpss both Simul 67 nd the nlog progrmming systems.
74189. Object-oriented programming languages and tools. Evolution of Smalltalk 41 KB
  The lnguge ws first generlly relesed s Smlltlk80. Smlltlklike lnguges re in continuing ctive development nd hve gthered loyl communities of users round them. NSI Smlltlk ws rtified in 1998 nd represents the stndrd version of Smlltlk.
  One cn distinguish three clsses of visuliztion systems. The first one consists of universl systems which include set of lgorithms for constructing wide rnge of typl representtions. For exmple wellknown systems PrView nd VS belong re of this kind.