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8774. UDP пакет 39.5 KB
  UDP пакет Протоколы UDP и TCP относятся к транспортному уровню модели стека TCP/IP Протокол UDP (UserDatagramProtocol) не требует подтверждения получения, не обеспечивает гарантированности доставки и, следовательно, целостност...
8793. UNIX/Linux - одна из первых сетевых операционных систем 120 KB
  UNIX/Linux. UNIX - одна из первых сетевых операционных систем. Датой возникновения UNIX можно считать 1969 г., когда MTI (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Массачусетский технологический институт), BellLabs и GeneralElectric разраб...
  UNIT 5. MOTHERBOARD I. Practice reading the following words: motherboard personal circuit electronic controller component either via determine features wireless expansion industry micro architecture proprietary endure accommodate video monitor prior processor universally current Ethernet graphics existing extension firmware rear failure volatile. II. Before reading the text try to answer these questions: 1. What is a motherboard 2. What is a...
  UNIT 6. PERIPHERALS I. Practise reading the following words: attached scanner internal video accessories refers component processing access similarly represents audio converted accommodate typical processor transform electronic capture included Ethernet chat advantage convert item graphics monitor produces permanent transparencies primarily via. II. Before reading the text try to answer these questions: 1. What components does an ordinary PC...
14129. UNIT 7. KEYBOARDS 46 KB
  UNIT 7. KEYBOARDS I. Practise reading the following words: component primary commands virtually obsolete corporate term universal specification equipment status automating layout arrangement area numeric mode isolated modified vendor menu cursor simulate mandatory via economic requirement environment support minimize sacrifice. II. Before reading the text try to answer these questions: 1. What input devices do you know 2. What input devices d...
  Proposed approach can be easily included in current search engines. This approach is not a complete alternative to classic methods applied in popular search engines, but it can be treated as an additional improvement that provides more efficient way in positioning on relevant document.
32134. Un archaïsme est un emploi lexical ou grammatical passé de mode 11.54 KB
  La notion d’archaïsme a été jusqu’à présent beaucoup moins abordée que la néologie. Une réflexion générale autour de la problématique des genres littéraires: le choix que peuvent faire un auteur, une école ou une communauté
44833. UN fordert besseren Schutz vor Gefahren aus dem All 25.5 KB
  Аuch die Bevölkerung müss besser informiert werden. Dies ist die grobe Grenze b der mn im Flle eines Einschlgs mit weltweiten Konsequenzen rechnen muss. Die Wissenschftler wollen nun ein llgemeines Netzwerk und verschiedene interntionle Expertengruppen etblieren die im Flle verschiedener Szenrios ktiv werden können. Wenn es dnn eine Bedrohung gibt muss mn nur die Schublde öffnen und ht die richtige Mission prt sgte der Vorsitzende des UNktionstems für kosmische Objekte Sergio Cmcho.
45106. Ural State Law Academy and study work 27.5 KB
  I’m second yer student of the Url Stte Lw cdemy. Now I wnt to tell some words bout the history our cdemy. The Lw cdemy is one of the biggest higher eductionl institutions in our country. Now it is clled the Url Stte Lw cdemy.
  Ukraine is famous for its cuisine. It’s really very delicious and rich. For Ukrainian dishes it is typical to include a large set of components. Recipes of Ukrainian cuisine include a variety of fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms and berries
47620. UML Основы. Краткое руководство 20.23 MB
  В книге описаны все главные типы диаграмм UML, рассказано, для чего они предназначены и какие нотации применяются при их создании и чтении. Это диаграммы классов, последовательности, объектов, пакетов, развертывания, прецедентов, состояний, деятельности, составных структур, компонентов, обзора взаимодействия, коммуникационные и временные
53448. Ukraine is my native country 34.5 KB
  The capital of Ukraine if Kyiv. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated on the banks of the Dnipro River. The streets of Kyiv are wide and nice. They are lined up with chestnut trees. Kyiv is known as the scientific, industrial and cultural centre of the country. The people of our state are proud of their capital and love it with all their hearts. A lot of tourists visit Kyiv and enjoy its beauty and majesty.
57486. Ukraine is our native country 73.5 KB
  The aims: to repeat the learnt vocabulary; to revise the information pupils have learnt about Ukraine; to recollect some facts about our country by doing different tasks: making up sentences and monologues, writing pass-letters;
57489. Ukraine and Great Britain 1.86 MB
  Today we have unusual lesson. It’s a Presentation Lesson and its topic is “Differences and Similarities of Ukraine and Great Britain”. The aim of our lesson is to improve our knowledge, to learn more and broaden our outlook, to watch presentations, to play games.
61995. Unsere deutschen Freunde bereiten sich auf Weihnachten vor 478.59 KB
  Unsere deutschen Freunde freuen sich auch über den Winter. Und warum? Im Winter feiern sie das Weihnachtsfest. Das ist sehr lustig. Die Kinder schreiben Weihnachtskarten, basteln Geschenke selbst...
74547. Unix 16.31 KB
  Именно в 1969 году была создана первая Unix система компанией TT и торговая марка Unix по праву теперь принадлежит этой компании. Unix – это многопользовательская многотерминальная операционная система которая в силе выполнять множество задач как под Вашим чутким руководством так и без. Существует целое семейство так называемых Unix подобных систем которые в большинстве случаев могут быть совместимы друг с другом на уровне исходных текстов программ. Все пользователи операционной системы Linux а именно потому что имеем возможность...
77283. Utilizing pattern recognition algorithms to capture gesture-based languages without using marking devices 21.5 KB
  Regrding the forementioned conditions it is importnt to reserch modern ptternrecognition lgorithms. This work includes nlysis of vrious imge trnsformtion lgorithms used for pttern recognition nd combintions of such lgorithms to improve results. Firstly these lgorithms include object edge detection lgorithms lgorithms to trnsform bitmp imges to vector grphics outline nlysis lgorithms neurl net lgorithms.
  Die räuberische Einmischung des Menschen in die Natur führte zur ökologischen Tragödie in der ganzen Welt. Es gibt viele Beispiele dazu: der sterbende Wald, verseuchtes Wasser, verpestete Luft, drohende Klimaveränderungen.
94626. Ursachen und Triebkräfte der Veränderungen im Wortschatz 117.5 KB
  Ursachen und Triebkräfte der Veränderungen im Wortschatz Wege der Bereicherung des deutschen Wortbestandes Der Wortbestand der Sprache befindet sich infolge des unmittelbaren Zusammenhanges zwischen der Sprache und jeder menschlichen Tätigkeit in ständiger Bewegung.
  It is very important that when you see the word you ask yourself In what way is this word being used Capital assets and liabilities To understand the ways in which the word capital is used it is necessary to appreciate the nature of a firm’s assets and liabilities.