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40599. Y-циркулятор 36.5 KB
  Y-циркулятор являє собою зєднання під кутом 120 трьох ліній передачі (хвилевідної, коаксіальної, смужкової). У центрі зчленовування ліній розміщується намагнічений уздовж осі феритовий стрижень або диск
55771. You are what you eat. Ви є те, що ви їсте 466.5 KB
  Welcome to McDonald’s, dear friends! Nice to meet you here! We’re not going to eat here, but see how they prepare the meals. What are the most popular dishes at McDonald’s? How do we call the lunch box at McDonald’s?
57636. You are as many times a man as many foreign languages you know 45.5 KB
  The people of Babylonia were rich and powerful. They were happy. They love each other and enjoyed working together. But one thing was lacking. Man had only the Earth to enjoy. Because God had kept heaven for himself and his evangels.
61641. Your Sweet Teeens 22.04 KB
  Who do you think are very talkative? Who are they? Do you feel anxious all the time and worried by things? Do you feel anxious if you don’t know how to cope with some problems?
94829. Youth and society 26.5 KB
  What youth organizations do you know Nowadays young people take an active part in social life; participating in various social activities being involved in volunteering. Young people usually belong to youth movements through membership in different youth organizations.