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94851. The postmodern is too sophisticated due to diversity and technological innovations 186.76 KB
  Speaking on the given topic I will argue that postmodern is indeed too sophisticated and diversity along with technological innovations have much to do with this fact. Therefore in order to see this it is necessary to understand post modernistic approaches.
94858. The virtuousness of adult playfulness: the relation of playfulness with strengths of character 34.96 KB
  Playfulness in adults can be tested via a global cognitive evaluation and an instrument for distinguishing five different facets of playful behaviors spontaneous expressive creative fun and silly. A regression analysis revealed that adult playfulness was best predicted by humor the appreciation of beauty and excellence...
94864. The Sights of London 13.58 KB
  London lives a very busy and complex life. The most traditional tourists attractions are: the Houses of Parliament Westminster Abbey Trafalgar Square St Pauls Cathedral the Tower of London. Trafalgar Square is the natural centre of London.
  he history of transport is divided into two stages. The first stage is that in which all forms of transport depended directly on the power of men or animals or natural forces such as winds and current. The second stage began with the development of the steam engine, which was followed by the electric motor and the internal...
94875. THE HOUSE 71.5 KB
  Men tied together the tops of several trees and covered them with the skins of animals’ or with leaves and grass. So a tent, or hut, was the first house of the primitive people who lived where there was much wood. In other regions the most convenient building material was stone. Men began building houses out of stone very long ago.
  An outstanding statesman once said in his speech ldquo;There can be little doubt that in many ways the story of bridge-building is the story of civilization. For hundreds of years men have built bridges over fast-flowing rivers or deep and rocky canyons. Early man probably got the idea of a bridge from a tree fallen across a steam.
  In an ordinary a. c. .circuit the current goes through all its phases in succession, but at any particular instant the current has only one phase. In ttie three-phase system there are three circuits, and the currents in these have three different phases at the same instant of time. The phase difference between any two of theseююю
  For example more than 80 per cent of all businesses in the USA are sole proprietorships. But it is evident that sole proprietorships do not do the greatest volume of business. They account for only 16 per cent of all business receipts for example in America.
  In the short period since the invention of the computer its impact on our lives has been felt in a variety of ways. From the work place to the home the computer is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool. Babbage was ahead of his time but he did envision the machine that we call a computer today.
96025. The origin and nature of chemical bonds 638 KB
  The bond dissociation energy, also called simplythe bond energy, is a measure of its strength. The bond dissociation energy is always positive because otherwise the chemical bond would spontaneously break with the liberation of energy. A condition for the formation of a chemical bond is a decrease in the potential energy of a system of interacting atoms.
96277. Television. (Телевидение) 21.17 KB
  First of all please answer my questions: What mass media do you know Which is the most popular of them Why Do you like watching TV What do you usually watch on TV the news films talk shows sports programmes musical programmes or any others Do you watch a lot of television What does it give you Vocabulary: mass media средства массовой...
  They absorb information just as efficiently as they transmit it relying on both non-verbal and verbal cues. The most basic form of communication is non-verbal. Although we have come a long way since those primitive times we still use non-verbal cues to express superiority dependence dislike respect love and other feelings.
97146. The mausoleum of Bendebike 12.42 KB
  The mausoleum of Bendebike is a historical and architectural monument of 15-16 centuries. It is located near the village of Maksyutovo in Kugarchinski district. An archaeological expedition under the leadership of Mazhitov studied the monument in 1966-68 years.
97147. The Scheme of Story Analysis 43.85 KB
  A brief account of events 5 sentences Plot - How are the events arranged - What conflict is there at the core of the story - What is the turning point - Is the ending predictable tidy troubling thought-provoking surprising. Plot is a chain of fictional events arranged in a meaningful pattern.
97166. The study of society 833.5 KB
  Socioligy is a fascinating and widely applicable field which teaches how to think about how people create, maintain and are effected by social forces. Critical thinking, problems solving, written communication, oral communication and interpersonal skills are all cultivated by studing sociology.
97551. The Renaissance. The Reformation 51 KB
  In the XIV-XV centuries Europe saw an increase in trade and economy. A result of the flourishing economy was the growth of a number of rich people. Rich people wanted to buy expensive things as an indicator of their importance in society. That desire to show their richness produced a demand for luxury goods. Thus art became the means of manifestation of power and prestige.
98061. The constitution of the USA 25.38 KB
  The constitution of the USA – «oldest» of the hand-written constitutions existing now. It was developed by the convention sitting behind closed doors at Philadelphia from May 14 to September 17, 1787. Interests of the social groups presented in convention were reflected in it – slaveholders, the land aristocracy, an upper bourgeoisie, i.e.
98796. The problem of computer viruses 83 KB
  A number of viruses in order to begin their destructive actions, waiting for a date or other event of activation. There are viruses that do not destroy information, and each time the machine code for disk sector gradually, allowing access to the coded information only in the presence of the virus in memory.
99379. Transaction Costs of Corporations 22.87 KB
  The majority of theorists studying transactional expenses and the institutional nature of a firm speak about a need of decreasing transactional expenses for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of a company and of transactions carried out by it. However it is possible to adduce a set of examples when a company that increases the transactional component of its expenses and achieves thereby a considerable expansion of sales markets an elimination of competitors and an access to cheaper resources. The types of transactional expenses which...
99457. The Earth is in danger 24.5 KB
  Water is very important for life on the Earth. It is in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. There is much water on our planet and at the same time there is little water on it. It is so because very little water on the Earth is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty. Sometimes people cannot swim even in the sea because the sea and the seaside are not clean