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43849. Aвтоматизация теплового пункта 1.71 MB
  обеспечивая в каждом помещении наиболее комфортные условия для персонала по температуре влажности воздуха и освещенности; получать объективную информацию о работе и состоянии всех систем и своевременно сообщать диспетчерам о необходимости вызова специалистов по сервисному обслуживанию в случае отклонения параметров любой из систем от штатных показателей; контролируя максимально возможное число параметров оборудования точек контроля в здании и показателей загруженности систем перераспределять энергоресурсы между системами обеспечивая...
43964. AVL дерево как инструмент повышения эффективности поиска. Оценки сложности поиска 17.8 KB
  Бинарные деревья поиска предназначены для быстрого доступа к данным. В идеале разумно сбалансированное дерево имеет высоту порядка O(log2n)...
44932. Australia. Австралия 15.29 KB
  Australia is one of the most unusual and exotic countries of the world. A significant feature of modern Australian society is the representation of a lot of cultures drawn from many lands by its people
45130. About Myself 14.65 KB
  When I ws pupil my fvorite subjects ws History nd Society becuse I hd wnted to become lwyer. My fvorite supervisors re Jmes Cmeron Gy Richy Peter Jckson nd Leonid Gidi. My fvorite footbll tems re Mnchester United nd CSK. I like reding; my fvorite writers re Jorge Orwell for his â1984â Ioghn Wolfgng Gete for âFustâ nd Plto for âStteâ.
52084. Accidents 68 KB
  Today we are going to talk about a very serious and quite difficult problem-accidents. At our lesson we’ll revise lexis on the topic, we’ll talk about the causes of the accidents on the roads, about the causes of the fires at home and about causes of the accidents in the sea. Then you will work in groups telling your stories and asking and answering questions.
52106. Agatha Christie 72 KB
  Аgatha Mary Clarissa Christie is possibly the worlds most famous detective story writer. She wrote 79 novels and several plays. Her sales outnumber those of William Shakespeare. However, behind her 4,680,000 words was a painfully shy woman whose life was often lonely and unhappy.
52175. Amazing America 389.5 KB
  Knowing that the earth was round he decided to reach India by sailing to the west. It was very difficult for him to organize an expedition as nobody wanted to help him. At last the Spanish king gave him some money. In the 1492 he sailed with 3 small ships in to the Atlantic Ocean. They had been sailing for more than 2 months and at last they saw land.
52177. An Exciting World of Science 2.4 MB
  Good morning, everybody! Today we are going to deal with great inventions and their inventors. I believe youll enjoy the subject of our todays lesson. Well talk about great inventions named after their creators. Well talk about computer, this wonderful invention of human talent. It opens the magic world of internet before us.
52212. Animals and the countries where they live 39.5 KB
  Visul mterils nimls ; posters; textbook; workbook; flsh crds; pictures of nimls; toys of nimls soft nd mde of rubber; project works of pupils. Guess wht niml is it 2 Pronuncition drill Mteril: song The nimls wlk two by two . The nimls wlk two by two Hoory Hoory The nimls wlk two by two Hoory Hoory The nimls wlk two by two The lions the tigers the elephnts too.
52213. Animals and habitats 39 KB
  Visul mterils nimls ; posters; textbook; workbook; flsh crds; pictures of nimls; word crds for the new words; toys of nimls soft nd mde of rubber; crossword nimls . Let's nme s mny nimls s you cn. 2 Pronuncition drill Mteril: song The nimls wlk two by two .
52260. Aus der Geschichte der Ukraine 50.5 KB
  Wie geht es euch Kinder Heute beginnen wir ein neues Them zu studieren. Es heißt Die Ukrine gestern und heuteâ. Dieses Them ht 10 Stunden. ber wie ds Them heutiger Stunde ist versteht ihr nch dieser ufgbe.
52262. Australia. Terra Incognita 178 KB
  Terr Incognit Suggested level B 1 B1 intermedite Inn brmovsk senior techer of English school 5 L' viv Objectives: to get cquinted with ustrlin history geogrphy stte Symbols; to prctice vocbulry; to develop pupils' listening reding nd speking skills; to rouse pupils' interests in the life of ustrlin people. The Ntionl nthem...
  To consolidate the previously learnt vocabulary and teach creative writing on the bases of greeting sentences and making birthday postcards. To develop skills and habits in listening, reproductive reading and speaking; To educate cultural awareness and rules of social behaviour.
52464. American Holidays. Thanksgiving Day 338 KB
  The pilgrims celebrted the first Thnksgiving Dy in the fll of 1621. The pilgrims siled to meric from Plymouth Englnd in September 1620. Wht joy the pilgrims hd when they relized where they were There were people living in meric before the pilgrims rrived. The pilgrims first winter in the New World ws difficult.
52858. About myself. My Biographical time-line 48 KB
  Мета уроку:систематизація пройденого лексико–граматичного матеріалу; формування комунікативних навичок усного мовлення; формування навичок аудіювання через прослуховування тексту з метою виділення ключової інформації; - biography to be born ballet primary school secondary school university to cheer to clap
52887. All About Us. Two Capitals: London, Kyiv 48 KB
  Objectives: - to develop pupils’ skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing; - to teach pupils to express their opinion; - to provide interactive work in pairs and small groups; - to teach pupils cooperative work;
52889. All Seasons Are Beautiful 55 KB
  Teacher: Different people have different tempers. On different parts of the day everybody has different mood. Let’s see how you are now. Take your “faces” and if you feel well, great – draw a smile; if you feel neither well nor bad, draw a face without a smile; and if you are sad and unhappy, draw a sad face...
52962. Autumn Festival 56 KB
  Good morning, dear guests. I’m glad to see you. I have got a letter. It is a birthday card. I don’t know whose birthday it is. But I think you like to travel. Let’s come with me to the magic country. Neznaiko and the Queen N: Hi! My name is Neznaiko and who are you? The Queen: Hello, my dear boy. I am a queen. Are you in a good mood? N: Yes, I am.
53730. Art Exhibition 76.5 KB
  A rich American went to Paris and (buy-1) a picture by a modern artist. He( pay-2) a lot of money for the picture, so he thought the picture was very good. He came to the hotel where he (stay-3) and wanted to hang the picture. To his surprise he (cannot tell-4) what was the top and what was the bottom. So he (think-5) of a plan and invited the artist to dinner. The artist looked at the picture many times.
54556. A compiler system for windows 7.36 MB
  I was working since several years in a compiler environment project. I had written an editor ‘Wedit’ and sold some copies of it to fellow programmers in Paris. But my editor project was stuck: it missed the compiler. Once people bought the compiler with its integrated editor, they wouldn’t think about using any other one. The editor was actually considered as an afterthought. The effort of learning a new editor was considered too big. Besides, the new programming environments were more and more closed.