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  You are right. They are books and the name of our lesson is “Books are our Friends”. The motto of the lesson is “The more we read, the more we know”. The main task of our lesson is to summarize the information you have learnt about books. Well practice the word that you have learnt in the previous lessons, listen to the text about Mark Twain and speak on it, enjoy the time of our communication and learning.)
52950. Being a Personality 281 KB
  Good morning pupils! I’m glad to see you at our lesson. I want to announce that we are going to speak about family relations today. I want you to accumulate a better vision of the subject that seems to be so trivial at first sight. Really, what can be said about a family? But we are to remember that it is a very complicated phenomenon. It’s worth investigating and that is what we are going to do today.
53669. Baby Elephant and his new clothes 56.5 KB
  All children like to play games. Now I want you to divide into two teams. Each team will have the cards with the words. You must put the words in the logical order to make a chain.
53993. British lifestyle 53 KB
  Мета: Учити учнів спілкуватися за темою вживаючи нову лексику. Розвивати та розширювати уявлення учнів про традиції англійців. 190 Для перевірки домашнього завдання учні обмінюються зошитами. Учні в парах читають вірші здогадуються про які свята йдеться та заповнюють пропуски назвами свят.
55061. Bасиль Королів-Старий «Потороча хрипка». Що значить бути доброю людиною? 82.5 KB
  Подивилася на нього ще зблизька побачила який вiн наскрiзь мокрий як вiн увесь тремтить iз холоду й нарештi наскiльки вистачило у неї голосу ласкаво промовила: Любий хлопчику Не бiйся мене й скажи чого ти тут шукаєш. Й вiн заридав. Давно вже вiн не чув щоб хтось озвався до нього ласкавим словом. Вiн ще трохи похлипав й почав розповiдати.
57682. Books are Our Friends. The World of Books 44.5 KB
  Objectives: Pupils’ learning outcomes: practical to present and give practice in the use of new words; will learn 8 new words; to present and give practice in the use of “be fond of”, will be able to express their attitude to reading and “be interested in” in the micro dialogues...
57691. Biography and literary works of Jack London 140 KB
  Objectives: given the information about Jack London in the form of old newspapers pupils would be able to improve their reading skills of literature vocabulary; after reading the information about Jack London...
57966. Brieffreunde. Друзі по листуванню 75 KB
  Мета: вчити учнів орієнтуватися в незнайомому тексті, знаходити в ньому потрібну інформацію. Тренувати використовувати вивчену лексику у монологічному мовленні. Тренувати навички аудіювання за темою.
60345. Business hours 63 KB
  Most employees have a five-day working week, Monday through Friday. The working week is between 35 and 40 hours long. Overtime is quite common and is generally paid, often at a premium to the basic rate of pay. The weekend usually starts on Friday night and lasts till Monday.
60357. Businessmen. Ділові люди 210.5 KB
  In a takeover one company buys a controlling interest in another company by acquiring at least 51% of its shares. The company does this by making a direct approach to the companys shareholders for their shares.
60366. Business corespondence. Ділова кореспонденція 43 KB
  Business letters sent by phone or fax can be devoted to various subjects, Rather often after transactions are executed, payment problems arise and letters are sent then.
61979. British Traditions and Customs 22.04 KB
  British nation is considered to be the most conservative in Europe. It is not a secret that every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Great Britain people attach greater importance...
67812. Basic concepts of probability theory 33.17 KB
  For example, a landing two different prizes under only one ticket of a lottery are incompatible events, and a landing the same prizes under two tickets are compatible events. Obtaining marks «excellent», «good» and «satisfactory» by a student at an exam in one discipline are incompatible events and an obtaining...
67866. Basic formulas of combinatorial analysis 50.91 KB
  A reliable (universal) event is an event that necessarily will happen if a certain set of conditions S holds. For example, if a vessel contains water with a normal atmospheric pressure and temperature 20 degrees, the event «water in a vessel is in a liquid state» is reliable.
69577. BGP 617.5 KB
  В предыдущих уроках были рассмотрены протоколы динамической маршрутизации, используемые в основном для работы в сетях среднего либо малого размера. И хотя, при описании таких протоколов как OSPF и EIGRP использовалось понятие Автономная система...
74549. BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) 15.56 KB
  BSDLite были созданы несколько операционных систем с открытыми исходными кодами. Вот что такое собственно операционная система BSD: Ядро BSD отвечающее за планировку процессов управление памятью поддержку многопроцессорных систем SMP работу с устройствами и так далее. В отличие от Linux существует несколько ядер BSD отличающихся возможностями. Библиотека C в BSD основывается на коде из Беркли а не из Проекта GNU.
76684. Boing -747 19.14 KB
  The four-engine 747 uses a double deck configuration for part of its length. It is available in passenger, freighter and other versions. Boeing designed the 747’s hump-like upper deck to serve as a first class lounge or extra seating, and to allow the aircraft to be easily converted...
76708. Biography of Winnie the Pooh 29.95 KB
  Like many other characters from Milne, Winnie was given the name of one of the real toys Christopher Robin (1920-1996), son of the writer. In turn, the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh was named for the mother bear named Winnipeg (Winnie) contained in the 1920 at the London Zoo.
  Since the erliest dys the preprtion of metls for mechnicl use ws vitl to the dvnce of civiliztion. Tody we know more thn sixtyfive metls vilble in lrge enough quntities to be used in industry. Metls re mostly solids t ordinry tempertures nd possess comprtively high melting points with the exception of mercury. The Erth contins lrge number of metls useful to mn.
84881. Before You Finish TD. Tracking Philosophy 50 KB
  Your goal might be to work on multiple articles for one session. It might be to work crosstracks in another. Often, your goal might just be to create an easy workout for the dog for motivation after a tough previous workout. A goal might be to lay off a week or two.