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53017. Food traditions in different parts of the world 199.5 KB
  Привітання Повідомлення теми та мети уроку Tody we re going to spek bout food trditions in different prts of the world. Who is on duty tody записати число в зошити nd now get redy with your tongues to prctice sounds: wht sound is it: fried rice spicy to slice [i] показати на дошці to stir to serve to burn herb [з:] показати на дошці to chop cheese chicken crunchy chewy [t∫] Перевірка домашнього завдання Helthy food Unhelthy food You see list of foods nd your tsk is to sort them ccording to the tble робота в...
53019. FOOD AND DRINKS 8.74 MB
  Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. I think you’re well. I hope we’ll have a wonderful time together. Let’s begin our lesson. Today we are going to work at the topic “Food and Drinks”. You’ll learn new words and find out what food we must eat to be healthy, how to make your healthy diet and speak about the right food, our habits of eating.
53061. Friends and Friendship 34 KB
  Presentation: Friends, friendship… How much can we say about these special words. Friendship is a feeling that is between friends but what these feelings are. So pupils, today we continue to speak about friends and friendship. But first I want you to answer some questions
53636. Food and clothes. 4-й класс 54 KB
  Last lesson we spoke about clothes and food. I think you know much about these topics. Prove it speaking about your own food tastes. Look at these cards and answer your classmates’ questions. Work in a chain, please.
54314. Forecasting the Future 33.5 KB
  The process of compiling and interpreting this data -- in other words, preparing a forecast -- is comparable to assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The more data available, the easier it is to see what's going on in the atmosphere and to know what the weather will do next.
  It is not a secret that Ukrainian people are big eaters. Our women cook very much and they cook tasty. But our men like to eat what our women cook and they are thankful for tasty dishes.
57624. Foreigh languages in our life. English and English speaking countries 119 KB
  Practical: to practise pupil’s speaking, listening, writing skills; to create an English – speaking atmosphere; to expand pupil’s vocabulary on this theme; to develop student’s creativity.
57631. Family relationship 59.5 KB
  I suppose this topic will be interesting for you, because family is very important in the life of any person, isn’t it. So, today we’ll learn more about relationship between children and parents, have a discussion, learn some new vocabulary, do some exercises to remember them better, read a text.
57635. Fast Food (Advantages and disadvantages) 52.5 KB
  On previous lessons we were speaking about favourite recipes, different kinds of food and about ways and methods of cooking. So, let’s revise. Look on the board, please and tell what you have or don’t have in the fridge? Use your home exercise.
57684. Favourite Clothes 116 KB
  Materials: a student book, pictures of clothes, cards with the names of clothes, cards with the task for reading, cards for practicing the phrasal verbs, pictures of three persons and cut sentences with their descriptions.
58002. Freizeit. Вільний час 4.64 MB
  Мета: Тренувати учнів у вживанні нової лексики: die Freizeit, das Spiel, spielen, der Fussball, der Volleyball, der Federball, fernsehen, der Basketball, das Klavier, rauchen, der Rad, schwimmen, skaten, stricken, hören, die Musik, fahren, lesen, tanzen, nähen, backen, tauchen.
58003. Freizeit und Hobbys 93.5 KB
  Мета: Активізувати вживання вивчених ЛО до теми “Freizeit”. Навчати учнів вести бесіду, працювати у парах та групах. Повторити граматичний матеріал Модальні дієслова. Удосконалювати навички говоріння,читання,письма, аудіювання.
58127. Familie und Freunde 1.15 MB
  Ich liebe meine Mutter und meinen Vater. Er kommt heute oder morgen. Er hat keinen Bruder aber zwei Vetter. Die Konjunktionen und, aber, oder, denn verbinden Sätze. Das Verb steht auf Position...
60041. Free time 69.5 KB
  Look at the blackboard. What date is it today? What day is it today? Today is the 16th of October and Thuesday. Today we continue to speak about Free Time and today we’ll take part in a detective story. Today I’m a detective and you are my Watsons.
60352. Forms of business in the USA. Форми бізнесу у США 69 KB
  All the corporations are to receive their charters from the state authorities. The charters state all the powers of the corporation. Many corporations try to receive their charters from the authorities of the State of Delaware, though they operate in other states.
62040. Food 21.23 KB
  Цілі уроку: Практична: вчити використовувати нові лексичні одиниці на понадфразовому рівні в усній та письмовій формах тренувати учнів у складанні монологічного висловлювання за темою уроку; формувати вміння давати відповіді на поставлені запитання; розвивати навички читання письма.
62087. Food and Health 32.19 KB
  Today we are going to speak about food and our health. So we must decide what should we eat in order to be fit and healthy. (слайд)Today we have an unusual lesson, because we have quests “I know you perfectly well, but our quests don’t.
62580. Familie. Alltagsleben und Familienbeziehungen 89.43 KB
  Lernziele: kommunikative Kompetenzen entwickeln, Information aus dem Texten besprechen, über die Probleme sprechen Inhalt: Familie und ihre Rolle im Leben des Mensches; Alltagsleben und Tagesablauf, Probleme in den Verhältnissen zwischen den Eltern und Kindern.
70789. FTP – протокол передачи файлов 172.61 KB
  Управляющее соединение устанавливается клиентом. Сервер ждет входящих соединений от клиентов на TCP-порте. По этому соединению передаются команды клиента, которые задают действия, которые должен выполнить сервер, и ответы сервера на эти команды.