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53282. HANDOUT 85 KB
  Fats and sugars are things like oils, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and ice cream. These foods give us energy and are important for our nervous system. But too much of this food can make you fat and can be bad for your teeth. You should not eat more than two sweet or fatty things a day.
  Hello, Children. Today we will speak about very important things in our life. What is important for you? (Запитання до учнів. Вони дають різні відповіді). Look at the blackboard, you can see proverbs theree: “A sound mind in a sound body” “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So theme of our lesson is “Health and body care”
53292. Health is above wealth. Giving advice 61.5 KB
  It is necessary to have not only a healthy body but also a healthy brain. You are school-leavers, so it is very important for you to be healthy to finish school and to enter higher educational establishments. Everybody should keep his/her brains in perfect condition, to be on top form for exams.
53296. Healthy eating 39.5 KB
  Развитие способности к комбинированию и трансформированию речевых единиц, способности осуществлять продуктивные речевые действия на английском языке; развивать навыки интерактивного чтения, умения делать выводы.
53297. Healthy lifestyle 40.5 KB
  P1 Drink clean fresh water. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Limit soda and caffeine drinks. It is important to eat green and orange vegetables and fruit every day. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit like bananas and oranges and tomatoes or carrots are the best. P2 Get plenty of rest and sleep. Children need about eight or ten hours of sleep each night. Make time for you self. Walk in the fresh air. Read and listen to soft music.
53326. HOBBIES 46.5 KB
  Let`s split into two groups, according to your birthdays (spring-summer, autumn-winter).The pupils whose birthdays are in spring-summer will show different hobbies to those who were born in autumn-winter. Be attentive! You are to give the names of different kinds of activities in turn. (Hobbies are written on the cards: reading, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, knitting, fishing, writing stories, taking photographs, playing the piano).
  Today we have some word–combinations on our topic. You can see many pictures on the blackboard. Please, tell me what the people in the pictures are doing. Use The Present Continuous Tense. Use the expressions...
53952. Happy European Day of Languages 78 KB
  Europe is a part of the world. What is more, Europe is a great place to learn languages, with so many language communities and so many cultures living together. What countries do you know? People of what nationalities live there? Is Russia a part of Europe?
54811. Holidays and traditions in Ukraine and English-speaking countries 1.3 MB
  Dear pupils. I am glad to see you again. The theme of our lesson is “Holidays and traditions in Ukraine and English-speaking countries.” Today we are going to read the text about traditions in English speaking countries and Ukraine, we’ll listen to the text about Thanksgiving Day in Canada and of course you’ll speak English and present your projects. Let’s start.
56432. Hörtexte und Aufgaben 138.5 KB
  Diese von mir gebildeten Aufgaben werden nach dem Hören des Textes gemacht. Sie haben nur eine Kontrollfunktion: Was haben die Schüler verstanden? Solche Aufgaben helfen dem Deutschlehrer bei der Arbeit an der Entwicklung der Sprechfertigkeit Hören.
57643. Health and Healthy Living 60 KB
  It’s great when we are well. But sometimes we have problems with our health. What do we feel? Call some symptoms: a headache, a backache, a toothache, a stomach ache, a burn, a bee sting, a cough, a running nose...
57677. Healthy way of life. What does it mean to ве healthy? 89.5 KB
  You see the Sun on the blackboard, it’s our health. What is health for you? What do you associate with health? And the first task is “Associations”. Write your associations with the word “Health” on these stripes-sunrays and stick to our Sun.
58322. How to Understand Those Mystifying Foreigners 343.5 KB
  It was the British who started the fashion for seaside holidays. Not surprisingly, nobody in Britain lives mоrе than оnе hundred and twenty kilometers from the sea. The nearest holiday area of\France is only three or four hundred kilometers a\way.
61360. Hello 32.8 KB
  - Hello, children. I’m glad to see you. My name is Elvina Ranisovna. - Sit down, children! - What dayis it? - Who is absent today? - How are you? - Well, I think today we’ll have an interesting lesson. - Now children let’s begin our lesson.
62001. Hippocrates – «The Father of Medicine» 72.24 KB
  Цели занятия: Дидактические: изучить новые лексические единицы по теме и применять их при чтении текста о выдающимся греческом ученом Гиппократе; развивать навыки аудирования и монологического высказывания диалогической речи...
62936. Historical sites and museums 16.54 KB
  Which historical sites and museums do the leaflets recommend people to visit? What can visitors get acquainted with in these places?
70790. HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol 156.45 KB
  Протокол передачи гипертекста HTTP является протоколом прикладного уровня для распределенных мультимедийных информационных систем. Это объектно-ориентированный протокол, в первую очередь используемый для World-Wide Web...
74197. History of programming languages and tools 242.5 KB
  History of progrmming lnguges nd tools. PreHistory The first progrmming lnguges predte the modern computer. Figure 1 Punch crd Like mny firsts in history the first modern progrmming lnguge is hrd to identify. To some people the nswer depends on how much power nd humnredbility is required before the sttus of ldquo;progrmming lngugerdquo; is grnted.
74540. HTTP. HyperText Transfer Protocol - протокол передачи гипертекста 17.41 KB
  HyperText Trnsfer Protocol протокол передачи гипертекста протокол прикладного уровня передачи данных. HTTP используется также в качестве транспорта для других протоколов прикладного уровня таких как SOP XMLRPCWebDV. Особенностью протокола HTTP является возможность указать в запросе и ответе способ представления одного и того же ресурса по различным параметрам: формату кодировке языку и т. Именно благодаря возможности указания способа кодирования сообщения клиент и сервер могут обмениваться двоичными данными хотя данный...
76257. Hydroelectric power water use 214.71 KB
  Hydroelectric power must be one of the oldest methods of producing power. No doubt, Jack the Caveman stuck some sturdy leaves on a pole and put it in a moving stream. The water would spin the pole that crushed grain to make their delicious...