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66352. Numbers. Цифры 127 KB
  Задача урока: Тренировка учащихся в употреблении лексики по теме Цифры в устных видах речевой деятельности; Совершенствование фонетических навыков навыков аудирования чтения и письма. Цели урока: Образовательные: Активизировать навыки чтения монологической и диалогической речи...
68118. Neue Liebe – Neues Leben – Neue Lyrik 320 KB
  Lehrer Herzlich Willkommen in unserer Aula. Heute ist ein schöner Tag, besonders für die Mädchen und Frauen. Alle Jungen und Männer machen Komplimente den Frauen über das schicke Aussehen und sie sind gut gelaunt. Ohne Liebe kann man sich unser Leben nicht vorstellen.
76209. National holidays 66 KB
  Kazakhstan is a large multinational country which is rich with its both old traditions and new ones acquired for the period of Independence. The Republic of Kazakhstan observes international holidays such as New Year, 8 March but it also has holidays specific only for this country such as Unity Day, Capital Day etc.
  Nebogtikov The serch of new types of views is the importnt problems in computer visuliztion systems used for representtions of complex processes. Such pproches pper in vrious res of computer visuliztion see for exmple. We need n dditionl serch of more simple visuliztion metphors tht llow more effective nlysis of bstrct dt.
79669. New York 16.14 KB
  New York is divided into 5 prts: The Bronx Brooklyn Mnhttn Queens nd Stten Islnd. In New York mny districts nd lnd mrks is wellknown s well s bridges skyscrpers nd prks. The most fmous plces in New York is Times Squre ldquo;The crossrods of the Worldrdquo; Brodwy theter nd others.
  The categorical functional properties of the noun are determined by its semantic properties. The most substantive function of the noun is hat of the subject in the sentence. The function of the object in the sentence is also typical of the noun as the substance word.
84874. Note on Tracking from the ART List by Armin Winkler 29 KB
  Imagine you are playing ball with the dog, and the dog decides to stalk a bird instead. You can just yell harsh and loud enough to have the dog come back and leave the bird alone, but also leave the ball.
87089. National Stereotypes in the USA and Russia 57.55 KB
  Russian people find questions like these: «Is that true that bears walk in street?», «Do you really have only harsh winters for the whole year?» find very confusing, because they do not know where American people hear about these facts from.
93184. Notion of the morpheme. Distributional analysis in studying morphemes 15.65 KB
  Distributional analysis in studying morphemes Morphemes are the smallest indivisible units composite words are made of e. Morphemes form an autonomous subsystem of language units. Each morpheme has its norm of combinability with certain other morphemes...
93203. New Zealand. Wellington and other cities 34 KB
  Although its rival Auckland has much to offer the capital is home to a wealth of cultural and artistic treasures galleries theaters shops restaurants bars and cafes. The Auckland urban area in the North Island of New Zealand is the largest and most populous urban area in the country.
94653. Numerals. Many, much, (a) few, (a) little. Our Institute 153.5 KB
  The departments of our Institute train students in 14 specialities. Many students of our department are members of Student Science Society and carry out research in different fields of mathematics. grant Most students of our group get state scholarships. The best students can get special scholarships named after well-known scientists.
94657. Nominative Absolute Participle Clause. Participle+Infinitive 54 KB
  The ordinary concept of a picture or image is that of a surface over which there is more or less continuous distribution of varying light and dark, the distribution changing smoothly with time to conform with motion in the picture. Here the brightness is a function of the three independent variables...
94722. Norbert Wiener 20 KB
  Norbert Wiener is one of the greatest scientists in the history of science the father of cybernetics. His father Leo Wiener a prominent philosopher historian and linguist was born in Belostock a Russian town at that time. Leo Wiener was considered to be a good home teacher too.
96261. Nikolai Gastello - a feat that has not been 267.29 KB
  Gastello dropping bombs on accumulated at a gas station German tanks and machine guns shooting crews fascist machines began to walk away from the goal. At this time the fascist car bomb caught Captain Gastello. Gastello burning plane turned and led him into the thick of the enemy tanks.
99293. Nota notae est nota rei ipsius. Торстейн Веблен. Вернер Зомбарт 42.07 KB
  Разобраться в этой немаловажной проблеме помогают такие небезызвестные люди как Торстейн Веблен и Вернер Зомбарт. С их точек зрения очень удобно рассматривать влияния капитализма на психологию человечества так как Веблен был американцем а Зомбарт немцем поэтому у них складывается различное понимание того как капитализм воздействует на поведение человека или же как психологические черты личности влияют на хозяйственные системы в принципе и в частности...