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77354. On practice of views design in computer visualization systems 13.5 KB
  For correct nd effective visul representtion it is necessry to understnd ccurtely wht sttes nd fetures of the given object re under interest becuse representtion of fetures sttes nd chnges of sttes there is primry gol of visuliztion. View one my define s the...
  Consider sitution when we wnt to provide remote ccess to such progrm using the grphicl interfce. It is not esy for mthemticin to upgrde his progrm to the scenrio described bove. This project contins description how to run the progrm list of input dt wy to trnsfer it to the progrm nd the wy to collect the results.
80762. Object of the Theory of Grammar. Its place among Other Linguistic Sciences 29.78 KB
  Language is social by nature: it is inseparably connected with the people who are its creators users. L. consists of three parts (sides): the phonological system, the lexical system, the grammatical system; without any one of them three is no human L. in the above sense.
82678. Our Homeland – Kazakstan 22.31 KB
  The Constitution defines the state system as a form of presidential republic considering it the most flexible version in conditions of today. The President ensures coordinated performance of all the branches of state power and accountability of power bodies to the people.
84400. Outstanding people of Uzbekistan Abu-Rayhon Beruniy 117.38 KB
  Abu-Rayhon Beruniy – a remarkable scientist, amazing with variety of his scientific interests, boldness of idea, the author of more than 150 works devoted to actual issues of natural sciences, philosophy, history, philology, great encyclopaedist – the thinker, the humanist of the Middle Ages epoch.
84875. Obedience tracking theory 27.5 KB
  The best advice I have EVER gotten in tracking is you can not track too much. I used to track twice maybe three times a week. Now I track at least 5 times a week and I am very happy with the results.
85740. Oценкa бизнеca при cлиянии и пoглoщении нa примере OAO «МТC» 1.63 MB
  Oценкa бизнеca неoбхoдимa для выбoрa oбocнoвaннoгo нaпрaвления реcтруктуризaции предприятия. В прoцеccе oценки бизнеca выявляютcя вoзмoжные пoдхoды к упрaвлению предприятием и oпределяетcя, кaкoй из них oбеcпечит мaкcимaльную эффективнocть, a cледoвaтельнo, и бoлее выcoкую рынoчную цену...
  Nuclear division has 2 forms: mitosis and meiosis (Kent 2000, 74). Mitosis is the process of cell cycle, by which there will be created 2 identical copies of original cell (BBC 2014). This means, the haploid parent cells will produce haploid daughter cells, while the diploid parent cells will produce...
86562. Oткрытие 4D/5D аттракциона «Алиса в зазеркалье» 1.22 MB
  Пояснение: Алиса в Зазеркалье - детская книга английского математика и писателя Льюиса Кэрролла, написанная в 1871 году. Девочка Алиса прошла сквозь зеркало и оказалась в Зазеркалье, где мир представляет собой большую шахматную доску. Из зазеркальной комнаты Алиса попадает в зазеркальный сад говорящих цветов...
88580. Oсновнi методи фізичної реабілітації хворих дітей на ДЦП 29.45 KB
  До причин розвитку ДЦП вiдносять внутрішньоутробнy гіпоксію асфіксію в пологах механічнy родовy травмy крововилив в мозок також стали враховуватися інтоксикації плоду порушення харчування матері перенесені нею захворювання.
  That is the purpose of the printers joined to the computing equipment. There are different types of printers and the results you can obtain with different types of printers vary substantially. It must be taken into account that printers vary in cost speed print quality and other factors such as noise or compatibility.
94803. OUR TOWN 17.5 KB
  Its a small town with the population of about 60 thousand people situated near the river Usa in the north-east of the Komi Republic. It is a multinational town the people of many nationalities live here - the Russians the Ukranians the Tatars the Komis the Bashkirs and so on.
94842. Online education is an alternative to traditional methods of learning 26.5 KB
  However advances in technology means that this method of learning is fast becoming a realistic and viable alternative to traditional education. Among them are: Removing geographic barriers Flexible school hours Reduced costs housing transportation and materials costs Developing a sense of responsibility discipline and commitment...
94867. Our Motherland – Belarus 17.28 KB
  What can you tell me about our MotherlandBelarus is situated in the eastern part of Europe. Belarus borders on Russia Ukraine Poland Lithuania.The climate of Belarus is continental with a comparatively mild winter and summer. Administratively Belarus is divided into 6 provinces: Brest Grodno Mogilev Vitebsk and Minsk.
  Siyosiy hokimyat mavzusi siyosatshunoslik fanida hal qiluvchi o’rinni egallaydi. Siyosiy hokimyat jamiyat ijtimoiy hayotining eng muhim elementidir. Bevosita uning vositasi orqali siyosiy tizim barcha elementlarining harakati amalga oshadi.
  Matters are different in compound substances. The chemical bonds between the atoms of different elements are not symmetrical; polar Bonds are generally the rule in molecules of compounds. This nonuniformity in the distribution of the electrons is the greatest in ionic compounds...