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71336. Receipt of fuel from water transport 102.5 KB
  When fuel is transported by water transport, the fuel supply enterprises construct special ports/harbour. To receive oil tankers, they use elevated one or two sided piers and one sided moorage/berth. As a rule piers are used on the seashores and lakesides; moorages are used on the riversides.
  The min fctor distinguishing virtul relity from trditionl threedimensionl computer grphics is the stte of presence. First of ll there re questions bout the impct of presence on mentl ctivity. Will presence distrct the user from the ctul tsk We lso need to know if the presence could be chieved t ll when working with bstrct dt. Will the user be ble to interct with the environment.
77326. RiDE.L – programming language 12 KB
  Kosenko IMM UrB RS USU Yekterinburg With time ti is getting hrder to develop softwre for highperformnce computing HPC; the min reson for tht is the complexity grow of hrdwre rchitectures mthemticl models dt structures nd lgorithms complexity which re pplied in lrge computtions. The lnguges with clssicl compiler rchitectures trditionlly used in HPC: C C FORTRN Pscl re not so good t hndling tht complexity s lter lnguges: Hskell JvScript Oz Ruby. The best in tht Hskell GHC even when breking hrmonious syntx nd semntic...
77368. Remote Visualization in Computer Aided Engineering 14 KB
  IMM UrB RS Urls Stte University Computer ided Engineering softwre gin now the incresing distribution. To chieve dditionl productivity engineering clcultions re mde on the specil computing resources which re seprte from the engineers worksttion. It ssumes tht imges re rendered remotely from enduser worksttion close to the plce of ctul engineering computtions.
77712. RAID - массивы 69.5 KB
  В своей статье Cse for Redundnt rrys of Inexpensive Discs RID избыточный массив недорогих дисков они описали каким образом можно объединить несколько дешевых жестких дисков в одно логическое устройство так чтобы в результате повышались емкость и быстродействие системы а отказ отдельных дисков не приводил к отказу всей системы. С момента выхода статьи прошло уже 15 лет но технология построения RIDмассивов не утратила актуальности и сегодня. Единственное что изменилось с тех пор это расшифровка аббревиатуры RID.
  RDIO ND TV MRCH HED More thn 100 yers pssed since the dy when the Russin scientist lexnder Popov demonstrted his storm indictor which ws the prototype of modern rdio receivers. Gret progress hs been mde in rdio engineering rdio communictions rdio brodcstings nd television since tht time. In the modern world rdio nd television ply n importnt role s mss medi of informtion nd s mens of...
79667. Russia 20.03 KB
  The vst territory of Russi lies in the estern prt of Europe nd the northern prt of si. Russi is wshed by twelve ses nd three ocens. Russi borders on mny countries such s Mongoli nd Chin in the southest Finlnd nd Norwy in the northwest nd so on.
80070. ROAD SAFETY 49 KB
  It is a traffic-light. You can see it at the cross-roads in the big cities. Look. It has three colours: red, yellow and green. If you see a red colour you must stop. If you see a yellow colour you must wait. If you see a green colour you can cross the street.
86099. RC – усилитель низкой частоты 2.15 MB
  Рассматриваемый в курсовой работе каскад предварительного усиления предназначен для усиления входного сигнала с минимальными нелинейными искажениями до величины, необходимой для обеспечения выделения на выходном каскаде заданной мощности. Для уменьшения нелинейности выбирается режим класса А, т.е. линейный участок входной характеристики транзистора.
93200. Russian cuisine 27.5 KB
  These gifts have been widely used by Russian people. Therefore all sorts of bread pies pasties kulebyakas pancakes and grain зерно kashas have also become the peculiarity of Russian cuisine. Russians by nature have always been fond of eating and treating their guests.
  Das System der Gastronomie widerspiegelt das Niveau der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung eines Landes. In jedem Staat gibt es folgende Arten der Gastronomiebetriebe, zum Beispiel in Deutschland: Restaurant, Weinrestaurant, Gaststдtte, Kantine, Mensa (fьr Professoren und Studenten), Cafe, Bar, Tanzbar, Nachtbar, Trinkstube...
94582. Reference Book in Academic Writing for Graduate Students 832 KB
  Study the following pairs of sentences and check the one you think would be an appropriate and clear topic sentence for a paragraph. The first one is done for you. Underline the statement you think would make the best topic sentence of the paragraph. Improve the following topic sentences. Remember to limit your topic and controlling idea...
  Standard quartz multimode fibers have core diameter of 50 microns singlemode fibers - 4.1 Permanent connections Permanent optical connections splices serves for permanent junction of optical fibers. Releasable optical connections connectors are used for multiple junction-disjunction of fibers.
94705. Resistor. Electric Furnace 326.5 KB
  In ordinary electric wiring plastics are commonly used as insulating sheathing for the wire itself. PROPERTIES Ceramics possess chemical mechanical physical thermal electrical and magnetic properties that distinguish them from other materials such as metals and plastics.
94720. RETAILING 86 KB
  Retailing is selling goods and services to the ultimate consumer. Thus, the retailer is the most expensive link in the chain of distribution. Being middlemen, they make their profit by charging the customer 25 to 100 per cent more than the price they paid for the item.
  The English man’s home is his castle is a saying known all over the world. They prefer a small house built for one family, with a small garden are a fire in the centre of the house. They like animals very much and follow the traditions concerning food and meals. We know much about English traditions and customs but now...
95543. Renewable energy resources 19.47 KB
  Wind power is the conversion of wind energy by wind turbines into a useful form, such as electricity or mechanical energy. Large-scale wind farms are typically connected to the local power transmission network with small turbines used to provide electricity to isolated areas.