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  Scotland occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain in the British Isles. Most of Scotland is mountainous. Its rugged mountains, green valleys, and deep, blue lakes provide some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.
94576. Basic English Grammar Course. Учебное пособие 832 KB
  Impersonal Sentences. Tasks for Self-Control. Imperatives. Types of Questions. Imperative Sentences. Types of Questions. Tasks for Self-Control. The Nouns. The Noun. Plural of Nouns. The Possessive Case of the Nouns. Tasks for Self-Control.
  Legal English in Use The History of the Development of Legal English The Characteristic Features of Legal English Applying for a Legal Position Legal Career Development Different Application Forms and CVs The Legal Job Interview Legal Documents Types of Legal Documents Drafting Legal Documents...
  The economic system is made up of people with basic needs that they must satisfy to survive. As most people cannot produce all the goods and services they need, we depend on other person or businesses to make them for out consumption. Business is the activity of producing, buying and selling goods and services.
94605. Bertolt Brecht 34 KB
  Oktober 1917 an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München für das Studium der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften begann jedoch nicht ernsthaft damit denn das wahre Interesse des jungen Mannes der schon als sechzehnjähriger Gymnasiast mehrere Texte in den Augsburger Neuesten Nachrichten veröffentlicht hatte galt dem Schreiben.
  Until reccently the history of the english theatre has been build around actors rather then companies. It has been hard to find any London theatre that even had a consistent policy. There are no permanent staff in British theatres. Apply is rehearsed for a few weeks by a company of actors working together mostly for the first time...
94677. BASIC SOFTWARE 173.5 KB
  Read about Windows operating system. Many longtime PC users trace the Microsoft Windows operating system to the 1990 release of Windows 3.0 the first widely popular version of Windows and the first version of Windows many PC users ever tried. However Microsoft initially announced the Windows product seven years earlier and released...
94689. Business Process Reengineering 815.5 KB
  While successful as a notation for mathematical algorithms it lacked important data types such as pointers or characters. Besides cleaning up or leaving out some of Algol’s more obscure features Pascal added the capability to define new data types out of simpler existing ones.
  Banks are different in different countries. There, commercial banks are classified into 2 main groups. First, there are national banks. They are chartered and supervised by the Federal Government. Secondly, there are state banks. They are chartered and supervised by the state in which they operate. All commercial banks make loans to borrowers.
94740. British education 38.5 KB
  The students of the private schools came mostly from the middle aristocratic and wealthy classes although some schools made provisions for the education of poorer children. A system of voluntary schools developed during the 19th century especially in England and Wales to extend educational opportunities to the lower classes.
94777. British Holidays 29 KB
  Many holidays are celebrated in Great Britain. Christmas Day on 25th of December is the most families decorate houses and have a special dinner which includes turkey and Christmas pudding. The next day is also a public holiday Boxing Day.
94799. BOOKS IN MY LIFE 15.5 KB
  Why are so many people fond of reading The world of books is full of wonders. Together with the characters of books you can find yourself in different and countries have a lot of adventures. We try to look like the characters of your favourite books: to be brave honest not to be silly and greedy to be real friends.
94839. Bracciali «SLN» 186.26 KB
  Come per analogia con il macro-cosmo i nostri scienziati ortodossi sanno poco anche sul micro-cosmo e questo vale anche per il mondo di mezzo lhabitat del corpo umano. Dal punto di vista della scienza non ortodossa luomo e un sistema dellinterazione di piu corpi messi luno dentro laltro secondo il principio di una matrioska.
94840. Biology of war 26 KB
  War is an organized and often prolonged conflict that is carried out by states or non-state actors. War should be understood as an actual intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities and therefore is defined as a form of political violence or intervention.
94841. Biology of war 29 KB
  The common root of war poverty environmental destruction and other forms of violence is сlear. Such violence is a natural consequence of a system inordinately influenced by a relatively small interconnected group of corporate military and government leaders with the power to instill fear to increase their excessive fortunes and to restrict...
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