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53127. Einkufe und Ernährung. Wiederholung 29.5 KB
  Wir haben schon viel an diesem Thema gearbeitet und heute veranstalten wir an der Stunde einen Wettbewerb. Ich teile die Klasse in zwei Mannschaften und ihr erfüllt im Laufe der Stunde verschiedene Aufgaben. F?r jede richtige Aufgabe bekommt ihr einen Punkt. Welche Mannschaft hat mehr Punkten (B?lle), ist der Sieger.
  Aims:to practice some grammar points (adverbs of frequency, Present Simple, Present Continuous); to ask and answer questions to find out about classmates’ health habits; to give practice in reading a text for specific information; to develop students’ listening skills; to create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom.
53624. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland 138.5 KB
  There are four countries in Great Britain. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Look at the map of Great Britain. Let’s read their names. Let’s find them on the map. Would you like to learn about these countries? Today we have such a chance. Well, let’s start our lesson.
53994. Environmental problems 46.5 KB
  In my opinion, rubbish is the biggest problem. People put a lot of rubbish into rubbish dumps. This pollutes the ground and the water. My family tries to help the environment. At home we recycle most of our rubbish. We put paper, glass and plastic into special containers outside our house. In my view, this is a great system because it really helps the environment.
54922. Environmental Problems 68 KB
  It’s a wonderful world we live in. It is our Earth. For thousands of years the Earth has given support to all forms of life – human beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects and plants. But now people all over the world think about our planet. They think about air, water, plants and animals on the Earth. They say our planet is in danger. We have very serious environmental problems on our Earth. Who can say what these problems are?
55617. Eating out (We are creating the restaurant) 928 KB
  Hello everyone! Today we are not at a common school. We are in an unusual business school. And we are creating our own restaurants. One restaurant will be a fast food restaurant. The other one will be a very expensive restaurant. But before doing this we should determine what type of eater you are.
57991. Environmental Problems on the Planet Earth 81 KB
  One half of it is habitable. The rest of the land is the mountains, deserts, ice and other places where people cannot live in. And now I’m cutting this half into 4 parts. It’s impossible to believe but only 1/4 gives us food and shelter.
  Цілі уроку: Практична: опрацювати нову лексику по темі «Пори року», активізувати лексичний матеріал в усному і писемному мовленні, навчити учнів говорити про погоду восени, описувати осінній ліс, розвивати навички читання і аудіювання. Освітня: розширити знання учнів про природу рідного краю.
58321. English is a language of the world 46.5 KB
  Цели урока: Триединая дидактическая цель Образовательная: сбалансированное и систематическое формирование ИКК в единстве всех ее составляющих. Тип урока: урок построения знаний и развития навыков перевода.
63646. Evolution of views on the role of state in the market economy 144.5 KB
  Became a base for development of now industrialized countries, played a key role in mixed economy formation. Appeared in the wake of Great Depression in the USA. State should actively interfere in the economy because free market does not posses mechanisms to help the economy struggle out from crisis.
65800. English-Russian Idioms. Англо-Русский Словарь Идиом. Н. Белинская 4.41 MB
  Если под английской фразой приводится еще одна (или несколько) и лишь потом дается перевод, значит, эти выражения на английском языке синонимичны, то есть совпадают по смыслу. Но вторую фразу вы можете найти и на ее «законном» месте, в соответствии с алфавитным порядком. Артикли и частица «to» приводятся только в случае крайней необходимости
66346. English Traditions and Customs 40 KB
  They also have their traditional Christmas dinner with stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding. The Queen’s speech is on television at three o’clock in the afternoon. There is a big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London.
  We have two teams, representing 7”A” and 7”B” forms. They are to pass successfully a number of tasks. Then according to their results we will define the winner, that’s the best and the smartest team. To cope with this task we have a commission of strict jury consisting of...
66364. English Learners’ Party 37 KB
  Presenter 1: Dear teachers, pupils and guests, we are happy to see you here. Welcome to our English Party. Presenter 2: By the way, do you know why the pupils go to school? P1: Maybe to study school subjects? P2: Well, only this? P1: Of course not. To meet their friends!
67978. Excel 2007. Работа с диаграммами. Вставка столбцов 161.5 KB
  Создание диаграммы на рабочем листе Выделить несмежные диапазоны например содержащие фамилии данные за четверти и за год включая строку шапку таблицы для выделения несмежных диапазонов использовать клавишу CTRL. Редактирование диаграммы Выполнить следующие изменения в диаграмме.
67979. Excel 2007. Работа со списками 41.5 KB
  Работа со списками В Excel имеются средства для обработки данных организованных по принципу баз данных функции списка основные операции которых сортировка данных и поиск определенной информации. Если будет обнаружен текст первые символы которого совпадают...
68752. English for future financiers 1.4 MB
  Each unit includes the main text with a vocabulary, a few additional texts and supporting exercises designed to develop students’ English language skills in reading, speaking, listening and writing. Most tasks are intended for work in pairs or in small groups to help students develop the interpersonal...
68755. English for future business economists 9.69 MB
  The goal of book is to develop and improve students’ English language skills in reading. The texts contain important information concerning the importance of business activity in our lives, different methods of classifying business activity, different forms of business ownership, production and costs of production.
71323. ERP-системы управления ресурсами предприятия. Особенности выбора ERP-систем 38.5 KB
  В основе ERP систем лежит принцип создания единого хранилища данных, содержащего всю корпоративную бизнес-информацию и обеспечивающего одновременный доступ к ней любого необходимого числа сотрудников предприятия, наделенных соответствующими полномочиями.
71389. Equivalence within the framework of Dynamic translation model 57.35 KB
  The actual work of translation brings together everything the translator has learned about the target audience. Having faced many difficulties in preparing for me translation, the translator is will face still more obstacles before the work is done.