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74202. Functional programming languages and tools 55 KB
  Functional programming languages (FPL) were originally developed specifically to handle symbolic computation and list-processing applications. In FPLs the programmer is concerned only with functionality, not with memory-related variable storage and assignment sequences.
75109. Functional Stylistics 238 KB
  The subject of stylistics has so far not been definitely outlined. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all there is confusion between the terms style and stylistics. The first concept is so broad that it is hardly possible to regard it as a term.
76678. From track and field athletics history 34.42 KB
  In an extreme antiquity the person needed to be able to run quickly, dexterously to overcome various obstacles, to throw any shells. From ability to catch up with the person and neatly to strike production, from ability to be resistant and tempered in fight against...
  Тhe educational material is grouped in topical arrangements and staffed within the case modules’ framework representing the set of submodules enabling one to familiarize the trainees with the theoretical information and to consolidate it in slideshow illustrations, assignments, exercises.
84757. FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface – оптоволоконный интерфейс распределения данных) 748.35 KB
  Стандарт FDDI, разработанный Американским национальным институтом стандартов (ANSI - American National Standards Institute), реализован с максимальным соответствием стандарту IEEE 802.5 — Token Ring. Небольшие отличия от этого стандарта определяются необходимостью обеспечения большей скорости передачи данных на большие расстояния.
84889. Force Tracking training using articles 84 KB
  Dogs learn that articles are safe spots, rest spots, reward spots. Initially you will lay a straight line track with 20-30 articles. There will be an article at the scent pad. When the dog downs at ANY article you will reward (leaving the article) pet keeping the dog calm, then pick up the article...
84890. Force Track Training (the beginning) 40 KB
  I start with getting the dog to understand the platz for the long down and the article indication. When I train the platz, it is like saying my dog is ready for formal training. Up to this point, it has just been a down and was for fun and a behavioral response.
  The full history of building in what became the United States reaches back 10000 years but European settlers almost universally ignored the many building traditions of Native American peoples. Over the five centuries after European arrival transplanted European building traditions were gradually reshaped and redefined.
  These towers were among the earliest American apartment buildings in this style. The walls are of glass divided into bays by thin steel columns that express the structure of the building although they have no structural function. Mies conceived of his designs as universal and adaptable to a wide range of uses including...
  Do you know the difference between an executive, a manager and an administrator? I am afraid I can hardly tell you the difference. I think these words are interchangeable and they really aren’t different in many companies. What about your company? In our company the top officers are called administrators.
94706. From the history of London. Sights of London 36.5 KB
  From the history of London. London was born hundred of years before our era. In 1066 William the Conqueror settled in Londinium which now became London the capital of Norman Britain. They brought with them Latin and French civilization built new palaces churches and cathedrals in or near London.
94747. From the history of London 3.86 KB
  London was born hundreds of years before our era. In 1066 William the Conqueror settled in Londinium which now became London - the capital of Norman Britain. They brought with them Latin and French civilization built new palaces churches and cathedrals in or near London.
  We know that sound travels approximately 1100 feet per second through air at normal temperatures or about 1 mile in 5 seconds therefore the time interval between the flash of lightning and our knowledge of the. If now we have also permitted the transmitted pulse to produce a response in the receiver at the precise instant that it left...
94762. Flash Memory 37.5 KB
  Flash memory is used for easy and fast information storage in such devices as digital cameras and home video game consoles. In fact Flash memory is considered a solid state storage device. Here are a few examples of Flash memory: Your computer’s BIOS chip CompactFlash most often found in digital cameras...
94809. Feste und Bräuche in Belarus 47 KB
  Feiertage gab es zu allen Zeiten und bei allen Völkern. Sie waren nicht nur die Tage der Entspannung und Lebensfreude, sondern dienten auch der Vermittlung von Kenntnissen und dem Erfahrungsaustausch. In Gesängen, Tänzen und Spielen wurde das Wissen über die Menschen und ihre Umwelt weiter vermittelt.
94818. Family. About myself 142 KB
  In May I have finished school No 5. I did well in all the subjects but my favourite subjects at school were Physics and Computer Science. I am very interested in learning English because I always wanted to become a programmer or maybe a businesswoman. I also think that the knowledge of foreign languages helps in everyday life and career.
94821. FAMILY. Спряжение глаголов: TO BE ( to be), TO HAVE (to have) 81 KB
  Where were you born? – I was born in Moscow. When were you born? – I was born in 1994. How old are you? – I am 19 years old. Where do you live now? – I live in Rostov-on-Don, in Sokolova street. Where do you study? – I study at the colledge. What are your favourite subjects? – My favourite subjects are History and English.
94837. Food in Britain 30 KB
  A traditional English breakfast is a cooked meal which may contain sausages bacon black pudding scramble or fried eggs mushrooms boiled tomatoes beans and toast. If a meal is eaten in the late morning instead of breakfast or lunch it is called brunch. Lunch is the meal eaten in the middle of the day.
94860. Family. Generation gap 17.1 KB
  Family is very important for every person because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition a feeling of having support and understanding. Its a family that gives you a consolation in sorrow it makes you feel secure. A family is the thing any member should value.
94866. Famous People of Britain 13.59 KB
  Each country has its people whose contribution into its development was great whose ambitions ideas and inventions have advanced technology brought glory to their country and became famous themselves. One of the most prominent figures in the history of Great Britain was Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.