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77292. Human-aware content elements as a base for website backend interfaces 24.5 KB
  This is especilly importnt for hosted CMS services becuse there is no personl trining provided for the user. For exmple to dd vcncy on site user often should perform the following steps: crete pge crete nd formt vcncy description dd links to tht pge from min menu nd dd nnounce to compnys news. So user wstes his time nd even my leve the service. t the beginning of site cretion process user is sked for his compny type: rel estte cr rentl DVD store etc.
79670. Higher education in the USA 16.29 KB
  Most of the students bout 80 per cent study t public institutions of higher eduction becuse tuition fees here re much lower. In the US higher eduction is period of dvnced study following the completion of secondry eduction.
79673. Higher education in Great Britain 16.91 KB
  In lecture the student is one of lrge number of students. In seminr he rises problem nd discusses them with his fellow students. If students pss their finl exm t the end of threeyer course they get their first degree. Students with first degree become Bchelors of rts or Sciene nd cn put B.
83174. History of Basketball 23.7 KB
  Basketball is an extremely popular all around the world. The object is to put a ball through a hoop, or basket, and thus score more points than the opposing team. Teams comprise of ten players, with a maximum of five on court at any one time. Substitutions are unlimited during the course of the game.
84891. Handling at Tracking Tests 28.5 KB
  It is not uncommon for a handler to help the dog find the track in a training session, especially when the dog is honestly trying to work out a difficult problem. The last thing you want to do in training is make tracking so difficult that the dog gets frustrated, thereby learning to dislike tracking.
84892. Hard Surface Tracking With the Rotterdam Holland Police 316.5 KB
  In September of this year I went back to the Police Dog Training Center in Rotterdam Holland with my friend Kevin Scheldahl. We went there with the expressed purpose of getting as much information as possible on hard surface tracking.
94616. Homonymy in English 178.57 KB
  Problems of Homonymy Distinguishing homonymy from polysemy Different meanings of the same homonym in terms of distribution Difference between patterned and non-patterned homonymy Conclusion Literature Introduction There is considerable contradiction in published sources about the distinction between homonyms homographs homophones and heteronyms.
94619. Hans Fallada 81 KB
  Die umfangreichen Recherchen ermöglichen die Sicht auf die zwiespältigen Aspekte des Lebens von Hans Fallada. Politisch immer wieder zwischen den Fronten stehend, literarisch gelobt und bewundert einerseits, getadelt und verworfen andererseits, gelangen ihm trotz seiner starken, periodisch auftretenden Suchterkrankungen...
94760. Higher Education 30.5 KB
  Methods of assessment differ from university to university but all British students have to undergo lengthy written examinations. As a rule English students try to live away from home. Like Russian students English students receive a grant from the state for the expenses of daily living.
  Have you ever dreamed of one day becoming a famous Hollywood actor If so the first thing you need to realize is that this dream can become a reality if you’re willing to put in the time training dedication passion and patience required to make it in Hollywood.
94828. Hurum osmotic power plant 331.46 KB
  What power plant would you like to tell us about I would like to tell you about osmosis power plant. Where is the plant located country city The world’s first osmotic energy plant is located in Tofte Norway. Is it a combined heat-and-power plant It is not heat power plant.
  Many people who start with promising careers aspire to become successful professionals within their lifetimes. Most successful professionals have several traits in common. Traits like ambition flexibility and being goal-oriented help professionals become successful in their careers.
94855. Hobbies. Free Time 16.82 KB
  Continual participation in a hobby can provide substantial skill and knowledge about it. The types of hobbies are collecting, outdoor recreation, performing arts, creative hobbies, modeling, cooking, gardening, reading, sports. For example outdoor pursuits are the group of activities which occur outdoors.
94861. Holidays in Belarus 18.02 KB
  People decorate a fir tree with lights balls different toys. As soon as the clock starts striking midnight people think of a wish. People light sparklers and eat sing. Young people go from home to home disguised as Goats Bears Horses they sing carols and are treated to delicious things.
  As long as we live we continue to learn and the education we receive when we are young helps us to continue learning We are taught to read and write and are taught many of the essential facts about the world and shown how to sort them out so that later in life we shall be able to find out things ourselves and not to ask other people.
  In the middle of the 14th century the bubonic plague killed one-fourth of the European population and the scientists became more determined to search for practical effective methods of dealing with medical problems. In the early 1600s the English physician William Harvey discovered how blood circulates in the body...
94887. Health Service in Ukraine 27.5 KB
  The aim of health care institutions is to provide adequate care to the Ukrainian people that is to prevent diseases, to strengthen health of people and to increase their longevity. All public health service is carried out according to a plan and is directed by the Ministry of Public Health.
94906. History of Telecommunications 33 KB
  The first practical telecommunications device to make use of this discovery was the telegraph. The Telegraph Beginning in the mid-1800s the telegraph delivered the first inter-city transcontinental and transoceanic messages in the world.
97552. Human-machine systems 2.45 MB
  This development has been driven by progress in innovative sensors and actuators and the increasing performance of computer systems including embedded systems for control. In addition recent developments of communication technologies have also led to novel distributed control technologies including systems with wire and wireless communications...
99302. Hазработка проекта автоматизированной системы управления (АСУ) линейного предприятия железнодорожного транспорта и проработка автоматизированного рабочего места (АРМ) конкретного работника 634.5 KB
  Выполнить разработку эскизного проекта автоматизированной системы управления АСУ заданного линейного предприятия железнодорожного транспорта и проработку автоматизированного рабочего места АРМ конкретного работника. В состав оборудования линейного уровня контейнерного пункта входят отдельные рабочие места которые представляют собой АРМы организованные на базе ПЭВМ...
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