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42688. Meeting people for the first time. Talking about what you do. Opening a meeting 150.5 KB
  When a person has been introduced to you, Pleased to meet you /Nice to meet you are both semi-formal responses. They sound natural and are useful for most situations. Less formal responses include Good to meet you / Great to meet you. The most formal response is How do you do? This is used less in modern business. When introducing two people, it is helpful to say a little about what they do, e.g. This is Jane, she s organising training courses for our Singapore branch. The information should be brief but include enough detail to encourage conversation between the two people being introduced.
44718. Modal verbs. Nouns as attribute 88.7 KB
  II Prctise reding twosyllble words with the stress on the first syllble rdr rnging hrbour lnding trvel mesure becon presence wether echo signl timer system object constnt mountin strongest portion during. Prctise reding the following word combintions: cpble of determining the presence of objects their chrcter ll of them ultrhigh frequency rdio wve energy directionl ntenn in bem visul redble signls within the field of view of rdr the use of these timed pulses t the constnt velocity the fluorescent screen...
44730. Modals + Perfect Infinitives. Subjunctive Mood. Conditional Sentences 56.05 KB
  By closer observtion of the spectrum however we find tht the spectrum is crossed by n immense number of fine drk lines mounting to mny thousnds. When we investigte the drk lines in the spectrum of the Sun we find tht these correspond line by line to the spectr emitted in the lbortory by vrious elements iron clcium hydrogen etc. From this it follows tht the light from the Sun must hve gone through clouds of these toms somewhere nd in respect to such substnces s iron or clcium or most other elements this must hve hppened on the Sun...
44791. My family, my working day 12.01 KB
  I hаve got mother fаther nd brother sister. My prents hve been mrried for 20 yers. They hve much in common but they hve different views on music books nd films. My friend invited me to hve wlk we discussed our forthcoming chemistry test.
44798. Mülltrennung in Aschach 26.5 KB
  Die Müllers leben wie Millionen ndere deutsche Fmilien uch: Die Eltern аrbeiten die Kinder gehen zur Schule mn fährt ein bis zweiml im Jhr in den Urlub und mn trennt seinen Müll. Die pcke ich zu Bündeln und lege sie m bholtg zusmmen mit den vollen Knüllppiersäcken rus uf den Bürgersteig.â Ich bringe die leeren Flschen und Gläser gerne zu den ltglscontinern. Ds durchsichtige Gls kommt in den WeißglsContiner ds brune in den BrunglsContiner und ds grüne ntürlich in den GrünglsContiner ber mn muss ufpssen dss keine Deckel mehr uf...
44926. My Specialty 12.04 KB
  Those who combine studies with their work re trined t the eveningtime nd the extrmurl deprtments. We ttend lectures do lbortory work nd tests. The fourthyer students combine their studies with their reserch work. We write course ppers nd grdution thesis on the scientific problems of our reserch work.
45046. MD5 (message digest algorithm) 81.5 KB
  Обробка одного 512 бітового блока Кожний раунд приймає на вхід 512 бітовий блок Yq та 128 бітове значення буферу BCD. Елементарна операція Кожний раунд в обробці одного 512 бітового блока складається із послідовності 16 кроків кожен з яких є наступною операцією над BCD буфером: = b gb c d X[k] T[i] s де s є операцією циклічного зсуву вліво на s біт X[k] = M[q 16 k] kте 32 бітове слово в qому 512 бітовому блоці вхідного повідомлення. При надходження бітів до 2 3 та 4 раундів використовуються наступні перестановки:...
45123. My profession 23 KB
  Graduates from different law school can work at the Bar, in the organs of the Prosecutor’s Office, in different court, in notary office, in legal advice offices, in organs of militia, as well as in different firms, etc
49303. MathML как средство разметки 86.64 KB
  MathML реализует две точки зрения на математическую разметку. Один из ее видов - это разметка представления (Presentation Markup), которая описывает визуальную форму представления математической формулы. Второй - разметка содержания (Content Markup), выражающая семантическое содержание.
51084. MS ACCESS – система управления реляционными базами данных 4.87 MB
  Создание БД всегда начинается с создания структуры таблиц: в режиме конструктора определяются поля таблиц типы данных которые можно вводить в поля и свойства поля при необходимости. Открыть MS CCESS выбрать Новая база данных дать имя и указать папку в которую данные будут сохраняться нажать кнопку Создать Вкладка Создание Конструктор таблиц Создадим таблицы Прейскурант структура которого содержит следующие поля: Поле КодТовара ключевое поле. На 1 шаге мастера необходимо выбрать поля включаемые в форму На 2 и 3...
  Objectives: to develop communictive skills bsed on the usge of the keywords which the lerner hs chosen on the given tsks; to cultivte students` good tste; to fcilitte free speking; to prctice their skills in nlyticl reding nd writing; to revise grmmr; to develop cretive thinking. Do you gree with Hippocrtes Wht is rt One of the definitions of the word rt is the study or cretion of beutiful things. Wht things do you ssocite with the word rt 2. Presenttion of the topic.
52297. Machen wir uns bekannt 200.5 KB
  Guten Tag, liebe Kinder und liebe G?ste! Ich freue mich euch alle zu sehen und ich hoffe, dass ihr gute Zeit haben werdet. Also, beginnen wir unsere Stunde und das heutiges Thema hei?t?? Der Mensch. Machen wir uns bekannt?
  We are having an unusual lesson today. We have a lot of guests today and also a lot of interesting tasks to do. So, today we are going to speak about your favourite holiday, about birthday.
52437. Marry Christmas 61.5 KB
  МАКІЇВКА 2011 Mrry Christms The wrmest Christms greetings Especilly for you To hope you hve hppy time Tht lsts ll New Yer through Christms is on the 25 th of December. Trditionlly Christms festivities lsted 12 dys. Ply snowblls nd dnce He hs crrot for his nose Round the Christms tree He hs funny ht.
52532. Meet Disney Heroes 92.47 KB
  T: (divides pupils into two teams. Teams choose the names for them). Now I’m going to tell you the names of some colour and you will pick up the flag with this colour.) Each pupil can get one point for his team.
  When people make more production they need, they want to exchange it for something else. But what to do if the product is big and heavy? So people invent money. We use it to buy and sell goods and make savings. In old time in different countries there were various types money: animal skins and cattle, cocoa beans and salt, shells and stones....
52951. My family and friends 28 KB
  A to repeat and to actualize lexics on the given topic, to prove grammar material (Past Simple Tense),to learn to put general and special question and answer them B to develop communicative and reading skills, to practice in speaking C to develop ability to form your own point of view D to bring up politeness in intercourse
52963. Musical Festival “The Sounds of Music” 69.5 KB
  P1 - Good afternoon, everybody. P2 - Good afternoon, dear friends. P1 - Welcome to our musical festival “The Sounds of Music” P2 - Today we are going to present you some of the most popular English and American songs. P1 - Let’s listen to a very popular American song about a little car. Children love to sing it.
53289. Money is not everything. You can buy a doctor but not heath 151.5 KB
  There is no more important than health. I hope you agree with me. If your body suffers from any disorder, your mind suffers with the body, too. You can’t be good either at work or at studies. Aches and pains lead to irritation, nervous breakdown, exhaustion and apathy.
53978. Mother’s Day 64.5 KB
  Tape recorder, cassette, large sheet of plain paper for each group, card in a form of sun, photos of kids and their mothers, poster with the quiz, pictures of famous people, cards with sayings and proverbs.