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47730. Snapshots of english-speaking countries. Учебно-методическое пособие 714 KB
  Most of these countries are former British territories. Even more widely English is studied and used as a foreign language. Half of the world’s scientific literature is in English. It is the language of automation and computer technology, the major language of diplomacy and bussines
51662. Shopping for clothes 65.5 KB
  Общеобразовательные: активизировать лексические навыки по теме «Одежда» и «Покупки»; совершенствовать навыки диалогической речи; совершенствовать навыки аудирования и чтения.
52396. Sport. We are the Champions 716.5 KB
  Objectives: - to develop communicative abilities of pupils in different situations; - to practice pupils in speaking, reading, listening; - to develop pupils` interest in sport. Level: Pre-Intermediate
52913. Sport. Конспект урока по английскому языку 7 класс 65.5 KB
  One group told us about how to prepare to a football competition. Now we will listen another group with its project how to organize basketball game. Let’s start.
53154. Schulbibliothek. An der Spitze – gestern und heute 98 KB
  Ich möchte wissen, was ihr vor der Stunde erwartet. Hier habe ich eine Liste der Tätigkeiten in der Stunde. Aber die Sätze sind nicht voll. Ergänzt und äußert eure Vermutungen. Was werden wir heute machen? Am Ende der Stunde prüfen wir, welche Vermutungen richtig sind.
53330. Spring holidays 72.5 KB
  (The class is decorated. There is a big wreath of flowers on the wall, it is written - Spring is coming. There are many childrens drawings and placards about spring. On the blackboard there is a map of the travelling over the spring forest. Prince and princess come in.)
53668. Shopping for clothes 55.5 KB
  Boys usually wear shorts, shirts, jeans, trousers, trainers, sweaters, coats, scarves, caps and boots. Girls usually wear dresses, shoes, jeans, trainers, coats, scarves, sweaters, mittens, hats, boots.
54000. Science and Inventions “Scientists and their Contributions to the World Science” 134 KB
  Glad to hear that. The more so because I am going to give you some food for thought. As at the previous lessons we spoke about science and how it is important in our life, I think it won`t be difficult for you to understand and explain the meaning of the following words which were once said by a famous writer B.Shaw...
54001. Sports. Plural (irregular nouns) 223.5 KB
  On February we’ll have the world sport competitions which called the Olympic Games. There are winter and summer Olympic Games. The last summer Olympic Games were in Perkin in China. The next winter Olympic Games will take part in Vancouver in Canada. The team of our country will take part in these competitions.
54006. SPORT 55 KB
  The equipment you need is skis, boots and poles. Clothes are very important too because they protect you from cold weather. You need a ski-suit, a hat, goggles to protect your eyes, socks, mittens.
54360. SQL Server 2000. Система управления реляционными базами данных и анализа данных 908.5 KB
  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 является законченным решением в области управления базами данных и анализа данных, предназначенным для быстрого создания масштабируемых веб-приложений следующего поколения. Являясь базовым компонентом семейства. NET Enterprise Servers, он значительно ускоряет выпуск приложений электронной коммерции, бизнес-приложений и хранилищ данных, в то же время обеспечивая уровень масштабируемости...
54649. Sport Events. Olympic Games 468.5 KB
  Dear pupils. I am glad to see you here. I am sure you are ready for active work. Our topic today is “Sport. Olympic Games”. By the end of the lesson you should learn more about International Olympic Movement and about Olympic Games and the first marathon. I see that you are happy and you know it because your faces surely show it. So let’s sing one of our favourite songs.
55412. Sea Wind 652.5 KB
  How are you? We are glad to see you at our competitions “Sea Wind”. There are three teams of 5 players. Every team has the name. Let’s meet them.
55860. Santa’s Little Helper 287 KB
  There are lots of presents in Santa’s sleigh for children around the world. Now they are off! Santa leaves a present for good boys and girls. He eats one mince pie. Then two… three… four! Amy is asleep at home. Santa climbs down the chimney with Amy’s present. But oh dear… he is too fat. He can’t move!
55862. Save our nature 44.5 KB
  Well, you see that there are a lot of problems in our life. Today in our lessons we begin to discuss one of them: “People and nature”. During the lesson we’ll understand the reasons, compare activities in our country and in England and try to find the way out of some problems of our world.
55866. School in our life 86.5 KB
  After the home, the school is the place where pupils spend a lot of time. School is not only a place of education, it is a place, where pupils develop their personal skills.
55867. SCHOOL LIFE 12.18 MB
  I see that most of you like school and I do hope you go there to get new information. But I think these are not the only reasons why you come to school. Could you tell what you do at school. Look at the screen and make up sentences.
55870. Schule 2.75 MB
  Guten Tag! Die Kinder begrüßen einander. Ich freue mich euch wieder zu sehen. Hört das Rätsel und rate mal wie ist das Thema unserer Stunde? Im Dorfe steht ein schönes Haus,da gehen Kinder ein und aus sie gehen fleißig Tag für Tag wer woll das Haus mir nennen mag?
55871. Science and modern life 64.5 KB
  To introduce the topic ask students if they are studying science at school and whether they like it or not, why/why not, and what kinds of things do they do in their science classes. Then give the students the short general knowledge quiz.
56007. SHOPPING 31.5 KB
  You task was to revise the new words and prepare some information about shopping in Great Britain, Ukraine and other counties. You were divided into some groups. So, please at first let’s remind our words, look and try to match.