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44894. Travelling. Путешествие 15.03 KB
  It is аlwys interesting to discover new things different wys of life to meet different people to try different food to listen to different musicl rhythms. Most trvellers nd holidymkers tke cmer with them nd tke pictures of everything tht interests them the sights of city old churches nd cstles views of mountins lkes vlleys plins wterflls forests different kinds of trees flowers nd plnts nimls nd birds.
44903. The USA. Соединенные Штаты Америки 16.29 KB
  The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada, and China). It occupies the southern part of North America and stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes Alaska in the north and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.
44944. The Russian Federation. Российская Федерация 16.42 KB
  The country is wshed by 12 ses of 3 ocens: the Pcific the rctic nd the tlntic. There is hrdly country in the world where such vriety of scenery nd vegettion cn be found. There re severl mountin chins on the territory of the country: the Urls the Cucsus the lti nd others.
  Modern life is impossible without traveling. The fastest way of traveling is by plane. But many people make their choice on traveling by train as with a train you have speed, comfort and pleasure combined. Travelling by train is of course slower than by plane but it has its advantages.
  Modern life is impossible without traveling. There are many ways of traveling: by sea, by plane, by train, by car, on foot. Tastes differ. That іs why it is up to you to decide which means of travelling you'd prefer
  It іs wonderful to feel the deck under the feet to see the rise nd fll of the wves to feel the fresh se wind blowing in the fce to her the cry of segulls. Every modern liner hs number of decks with ll sorts of nmes such s promende deck sun deck etc. There re pssenger cbins bove nd below deck.
45102. The Judicial System of Great Britain 17.32 KB
  The courts in Gret Britin re divided into two lrge groups: criminl division nd civil division. Criminl courts re Mgistrtes Courts nd Crown Courts. The mjority of ll criminl cses re delt with in the Mgistrtes courts by mgistrtes who re lso clled Justice of Pece. Mgistrtes courts normlly consist of three JPs up to seven.
45108. The Russian Federation 16.87 KB
  The country is multintion stte. Stte structure The Russin Federtion is democrtic federl stte with republicn form of power. The Hed of Stte is president. The stte emblems re two heded egle three colored flg with: white red nd blue stripes.
45109. The Ural State Law Academy 15.26 KB
  Lter it ws reorgnized into the Siberin Institute of Soviet Lw. In 1934 the Institute moved into Sverdlovsk got the nme of the Sverdlovsk Institute of Lw nd bore this nme till 1992 Now it is clled the Urls Stte Lw cdemy. Till 1976 there ws only one fculty t the Sverdlovsk Lw Institute the Lw fculty. The cdemy hs three Institutes t the dy deprtment: the Institute of the Prosecutors Office the Institute of Justice nd the Institute of Business nd Lw.
45115. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 26 KB
  Great Britain is situated on the British Isles. They lie to the west of the continent of Europe. The larger of the two big islands is known as Great Britain. The smaller island is Ireland, with Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic
45129. The Internet 13.99 KB
  The Internet is sves time nd money. The Internet hs both dvntges nd disdvntges. However using the Internet in the best wy is problem which depends on the ttitude of ech people I think tht in our society nowdys so mny people tke dvntge of the Internet even to do bd things.
46201. THE NUMERAL 15.1 KB
  The crdinls from twentyone to twentynine from thirtyone to thirtynine etc.The derivtive ordinls re derived from the simple nd derivtive crdinls by mens of the suffix th:fourfourth tententh sixteensixteenth twentytwentieth etc.Before the suffix th the finl у is replced by ie:thirty thirtieth etc. In this cse only the lst component of the compound numerl hs the form of the ordinl:twentyfirst fortysecond sixtyseventh one hundred nd first etc.
46215. THE ARTICLE 14.75 KB
  There re two rticles in English: the definite rticle the [ði:] nd the indefinite rticle [ei]. The notion of definiteness indefiniteness determines the importnt role of the rticle in the process of communiction. The definite rticle usully presents the notion s something lredy known wheres the indefinite rticle introduces new item of informtion.
46243. THE STATIVE 14.06 KB
  Unlike such clsses of words s nouns djectives verbs nd dverbs the number of sttives functioning in English is limited. There re bout 30 stble sttives used both in colloquil nd in forml style: frid live like.Semnticlly sttives fll into five groups describing vrious sttes of persons or nonpersons:1.^ From the point of view of their morphologicl composition the clss of sttives is homogeneous tht is ll of them hve specil mrker the prefix : sleep live lone fire etc.
46275. The category of mood 12.83 KB
  There re three moods in English the indictive mood the impertive mood nd the subjunctive mood.The indictive mood form shows tht wht is sid must be regrded s fct s something which hs occurred or is occurring t the moment of speking or will occur in the future. Therefore the indictive mood hs wide vriety of tense nd spect forms in the ctive nd pssive voice.
46282. The category of voice 12.45 KB
  There re two min voices in English: the ctive voice nd the pssive voice. The ctive voice indictes tht the ction is directed from the subject or issues from the subject thus the subject denotes the doer gent of the ction The pssive voice indictes tht the ction is directed towrds the subject. The ctive voice hs no specil mens of formtion.
46299. The adjective 15.52 KB
  Unlike nouns djectives do not possess full nomintive vlue. Clssifiction of djectives.Хаймович и Роговская With regrd to the ctegory of the degrees of comprison djectives fll under 2 lexicogrmmticl subclsses: comprbles nd noncomprbles. The nucleus of the ltter is composed of derived djectives like wooden Crimen mthemticl etc.
46437. The category of aspect 15.67 KB
  In generl the ctegory of spect shows the wy or mnner in which n ction is performed tht is whether the ction is perfective совершенное imperfective несовершенное momentry мгновенное однократное itertive многократное повторяющееся inchotive зачинательное durtive продолженное длительное etc.In English the ctegory of spect is constituted by the opposition of the continuous spect nd the common spect.The opposition the continuous spect the common spect is ctulized in the following contrsting pirs of forms: Continuous Common...
46536. Types of Careers in Tourism 19.25 KB
  Tour guides are the most visible form of employment in the tourism industry, and what most people think of when they think of a job in tourism. Whether you guide a group of students through a museum in London or teach passengers on an Alaskan cruise about local wildlife, tour guides are the point of contact for many tourists. Tour guides are expected to be well-spoken, patient, knowledgeable in their field and presentable
46554. THE ADVERB 19.95 KB
  The adverb is a word denoting circumstances or characteristics which attend or modify an action, state, or quality. It may also intensify a quality or characteristics From this definition it is difficult to define dverbs s clss becuse they comprise most heterogeneous group of words nd there is considerble overlp between the clss nd other word clsses. longside such undoubtful dverbs s here now often seldom lwys there re mny others which lso function s words of other clsses. Thus dverbs like ded ded tired cler to get cler wy clen I've clen forgotten slow esy he would sy tht slow nd esy coincide with corresponding djectives ded body cler wters clen hnds. dverbs like pst bove re...