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52485. Wer wird Millionär 277 KB
  In unserem Sl sind die besten Kenner der deutschen Sprche. Der Lehrer erklärt die Regeln des Spieles gibt den Schülern eine ufgbe um die Teilnehmer zu wählen. Frge: 50 Jeder Spieler ht 3 Joker: 50 50 T Telefon P Publikum Frgen zum Spiel I 1. Wie viele Frben gibt es in der Flgge Deutschlnds .
52534. W.Disney and His Amusement Park - Disneyland 61 KB
  The topic of our today’s lesson is “Walt Disney and His Amusement Park – Disneyland” and “The Past Indefinite Tense”. By the end of the lesson you should be able: 1. To talk about Walt Disney and his amusement park Disneyland, using active vocabulary.
52861. What do you do? 47.5 KB
  James is lazy. He doesn’t like going to school. He has a quick shower every morning. He puts on his clothes, watches a cartoon. He never does his morning exercises to the radio. He eats bread and honey for breakfast. He has tea or coffee with a bar of chocolate. He never cleans his teeth. He catches the bus to school. He arrives at school late.
53288. What is health for you? 74.5 KB
  A lot of years passed. The men decided to return to their wives and children. They were happy to be again with their families. In the evening, when they opened their sacks, they found out that their stones disappeared. One of them found beautiful flowers in his sack. They were Health, Love, Happiness and Friendship. He gave these flowers to his children and asked to guard them so that they should never leave their family. He told his children that those beautiful flowers were the values of life.
53955. Wireless Java 1.55 MB
  This book is divided into three parts. Part I gives an overview of the J2ME and includes information about its architectural components: namely, configurations and profiles. Part I also presents detailed coverage of the CLDC and the MIDP.
54002. What’s the weather like? 148 KB
  Today we are going to speak about the weather, about your favourite seasons. You know, the weather is a safe topic for a conversation. That's why we should be good at it.
54004. We are Ukrainians 416.5 KB
  Objectives: to improve skills in speaking, reading, listening, to organize lexical material on the topic. To develop speech reaction, thinking, memory, attention and creativity of pupils, nurture positive attitude to the interlocutor, to bring up the lines of patriotism in pupils, love for his native land, motherland Ukraine.
54083. What is London? 154.5 KB
  It is the oldest building. Since it was built in 11-th century, this castle has been a royal palace, a prison, a zoo and many others. Today it is a museum and houses the Crown Jewels. ( Tower of London).
54086. Welcome to London 70 KB
  Good morning children. I’m glad to meet you. Today we continue our sightseeings of London. “Welcome to London”. It will be the topic of our today’s lesson. I’m sure you have already known something about the capital of G.B. But I want to ask you: what sightseeings of London do you know?
54462. Wir wenden uns mit den Gedanken, mit dem Herzen der Musik zu 884 KB
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wurde am 27. Januar 1756 in Salzburg geboren. Sein Vater war zuerst Hofmusiker, dann Kapellmeister am Hof eines reichen Mannes. Leopold Mozart hatte sieben Kinder, aber am Leben blieben nur zwei: Wolfgang und Marie-Anna. Die Schwester war um f?nf Jahre?lter als Wolfgang.
54483. WORLD MUSIC 53 KB
  Nowadays many people enjoy music as their hobby. Thanks to this fact you can make many new friends, you can exchange cd’s, records, listen to music together and visit different concerts. For my person, music plays more important role in life than good pastime. It is something, which helps me to be in a good mood, understand different things and remove from tension. Music brings me pleasure and keen delight and fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness.
  We live on the planet called the Earth. Does our planet differ from other planets of our Solar system? It certainly does. There is life on it and it is inhabited by human beings called people. Can we say that all people are alike? Of course, no. We are all so different. And it is quite impossible to find two similar persons.
55402. What are you? Professions 52 KB
  We must all work together to create a better place. A. Barry Explain the expression. (Pupils try to say their opinion, e.g. everyone has to work hard on our lesson, we have to study good to build our future...) Well, we use this idiom in our lesson: we’ll work hard together today and that’s why it will be one more step to understand what you would like to be in future.
56258. We Study English 51 KB
  Познайомити з дитячою культурою народу, мову якого вивчаємо. Формувати вміння спілкуватися іноземною мовою підготовлено та непідготовлено. Розвивати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови. Виховувати культурних та ввічливих дітей які знають правила поведінки та вміють застосовувати їх на практиці.
56398. Where do they come from? Present Simple Tense 37 KB
  I аm glad to see you, friends. I like to play games very much. Listen to me and try to guess words which begin with a letter e. g. B. We will play Miss Bells bag. I write the letter B on the board. The first team names an item for that letter scores a point and another for putting it in a correct sentence, e. g. In her bag Miss Bell has a banana.
57485. Welcome to Ukraine 55 KB
  The aims: Practical aims: to teach the new vocabulary, by the end of the lesson pupils will have revised the information they have learned about Ukraine, will have recollected some facts about our country by doing different tasks...
57490. Welcome to Ukraine! 169.5 KB
  Today we have an unusual lesson. We are going to prepare for journey around Ukraine. We’ll travel next time. We’ll go by bus. But first of all we need tickets. You shouldn’t pay money for these tickets. You should answer some my questions to get a ticket. Let’s start.
  Good morning, children. I am glad to see you again. The weather is fine today, the sun is shining brightly in the blue sky, it is warm, the birds are twittering, the air is full of freshness and aroma of flowers.
57623. What can you do to keep the Earth clean and healthy? You should be a friend to her 363.5 KB
  Aims: to develop students’ speaking skills through different methods of work (group, pair work, individual); to broaden students’ knowledge of the topic; to practice listening and making up the students’ own opinion on the topic; to practice students’ grammar and reading skills;
57700. We are different. Getting along with others. Мы – разные. Учимся ладить друг с другом 211.5 KB
  Duncan is 18. He has just left school and is going to university in the autumn. When you first meet him he appears to be a little cold and arrogant. As you get to know him you discover that he has a warm and friendly personality.