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94352. Cозданиt коммерческих приложений с использованием Silverlight 81 KB
  Здесь путем переопределения стиля компонента можно превратить кнопку в отмечаемое поле checkbox или таблицу данных datagrid отобразить видео в качестве фона элемента управления или поместить графики в ветви дерева возможности для создания интерфейса ограничиваются только фантазией разработчика.
94580. Computational Linguistics: Models, Resources, Applications 1.09 MB
  The main part of this information has the form of natural language texts. Even in the area of computers, a larger part of the information they manipulate nowadays has the form of a text. It looks as if a personal computer has mainly turned into a tool to create, proofread, store, manage, and search for text documents.
94608. Cellular Divide 61 KB
  To see the cells of a four-day human embryo, you stain them with a few drops of dye, slip them under a 20- to 40-magnification microscope and peer through the eyepiece. There they are: a hollow sphere of roundish balls, snuggled up against each other like sticky blueberries, pollen grains or vibrant red raspberry drupelets...
94609. Clone farming has arrived 67 KB
  But Dundee Paradise is evidence that clone farming - designed to deliver supersize cows producing an astonishing 70 pints of milk a day - has arrived in Britain. Her birth last month exposed glaring gaps in the Government’s system for policing livestock farming. Both the food and farming ministry Defra and the Food Standards...
  Despite more than thirty-year experience, fiber technology is still at the beginning of the development – in commercial communication networks fiber has been used only since 1977. In spite of this comparatively small term, fiber optic had passed three important stages in the development and as a result there are three basic cable...
  To make computers work fast and correctly is a very significant task. A problem to be solved by digital computers must be expressed in mathematical terms. Digital computers are likely to be more widely used than analogue ones. The changes in air temperature prove to have affected the operation of the computer.
  The only language they can understand directly is called machine code: central processors operate on codes which consist of a series of binary digits 1s and 0s. For this reason we use symbolic languages that are easier to understand. Then by using a special program these languages can be translated into machine codes.
  Computers can be divided into three main types depending on their size and power. Mainframe computers are the largest and most powerful. They usually fill a whole room and are sometimes referred to as mainframes or computer installations.
94683. Complex Object. For + Noun (Pronoun) + Infinitive 68.18 KB
  On the one hand light was pictured as a wave motion of some sort and on the other as a flight of fast-moving particles. The wave theory of light seemed to have defeated the particle theory when it explained the approximately rectilinear propagation.
94686. Computer viruses 65.5 KB
  On the one hand viruses show us how vulnerable we are. A properly engineered virus can have an amazing effect on the worldwide Internet. For example the things making big news right now are the MSBlaster worm and the SoBig virus.
94687. Computer memory 401 KB
  RAM is considered random access because you can access any memory cell directly if you know the row and column that intersect at that cell. The opposite of RAM is serial access memory SAM. SAM stores data as a series of memory cells that can only be accessed sequentially like a cassette tape.
  It is only within the past decade however that computer technology has become essential in the work environment. Almost every profession is deeply affected by the computer revolution: physicians consult computer-based expert systems to help diagnose illnesses; musicians compose and perform music using computers...
  The IBM Computer Science team explores foundational issues that confront the computing industry today. Because theory cuts across every aspect of computer science, they tend to interact with a large number of other research teams. The IBM research center has ongoing projects in the following areas...
  A corporation can get capital by borrowing. It is called debt funding. If a corporation borrows money, they give notes or bonds. They are also negotiable. But the interest has to be paid out whether the business is profitable or not. When running a corporation, management must consider both the outflow and the inflow of the capital.
94711. Crime and Punishment 58 KB
  The level of recorded crime and the number of people sent to prison both increased during the 1970s and 1980s. By the end of that period the average prison population was more than 50,000 and new prisons had to be built as overcrowding had become a serious problem.
  Over-the-counter nonpre-scription drugs enable people to handle minor medical problems without spending money or time consulting a doctor. However many people waste money on drugs that do not help their specific condition or that may even do more harm than good. As medical science becomes more and more sophisticated people...
  The next advantage is that the corporation attracts a large amount of capital which it can invest in plants equipment and research. The third advantage is that a corporation can offer higher salaries and thus attract talented managers and specialists. The privately owned business corporation is one type of corporation.
94718. COMPUTERS 81.5 KB
  It includes companies that manufacture sell and lease computers as well as companies that supply products and services for people working with computers. A computer cannot think. A human operator puts data into the computer and gives instructions.
94757. Cordless Telephones 34 KB
  A cordless telephone is basically a combination telephone and radio transmitter receiver. If you open up the base and expose the circuit board you see several components that carry out the functions of the base: phone line interface - receives and sends telephone signals through the phone line radio amplifies signals...
94833. CINEMA 201 KB
  Which is a signal word for the present progressive often now sometimes Which is not a signal word for the present progressive always Look at the moment James 18 years old asked an ugly fortune teller about his future. Here is what she told him: You be very happy. You get a lot of money. You buy a beautiful house.