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94854. Climate and Weather 14.95 KB
  Climate is the weather a certain place has over a long period of time. Climate has a very important influence on plants animals and humans and is different in different parts of the world. But recently climate has changed a lot all around the world. Scientists admit that climate is becoming hotter because of the greenhouse effect.
  People working in them keep in contact with each other regularly. In the best-run businesses, few barriers exist to prevent people talking to each other. The companies do everything possible to ensure that staff meets easily and frequently.
  If it is decentralized a greater degree of authority is given to staff and divisions. In a decentralized company the divisions will have wider responsibilities and authority. However Sloan did not give the divisions complete freedom.
94914. Cinematography. Cinema in our lives 92.23 KB
  hen specialists translate the title of the film they are faced with a problem: how to translate it title correctly to attract more audience? There is a translation problem. This problem existed when there was neither English language nor cinema. In a primitive society women were translators.
95649. Cхема управления токарно-винторезного станка 1624М 1.48 MB
  Вязальный цех получает электричество от главной понизительной под-станции (ГПП). Электроснабжение цеха осуществляется от собственной цеховой ТП. Расстояние от ГПП до цеховой ТП – 0,9 км, а от энергосистемы до ГПП – 14 км. Напряжение на ГПП – 6
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