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Тема: КУЛЬТУРА. ДОЗВІЛЛЯ Підтема: Новий рік. Різдво. Мета: Виховувати повагу до народних традицій. Обладнання: підручник текст для аудіювання Christmas in Ukraine HO текст для читання New Year in England and Scotland HO2. ХІД УРОКУ I.ПІДГОТОВКА ДО СПРИЙНЯТТЯ ІНШОМОВНОГО МОВЛЕННЯ ...



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5 чел.


Підтема: Новий рік. Різдво.

Мета: Виховувати повагу до народних традицій.

Обладнання: підручник, текст для аудіювання "Christmas in Ukraine" (HO,), текст для читання "New Year in England and Scotland" (HO2).



Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т: І am glad to meet you after such long winter holidays. I hope you had a good time. Now tell me, please, what made your holidays enjoyable? (We had a rest from school. I made a trip... I visited my relatives (friends). I read some interesting books. We celebrated the New Year and Christmas, etc.)

You've told me about celebrating the New Year and Christmas. Today we are going to speak about these holidays in detail and discuss how the Ukrainians and the British celebrate them.



1. Пред'явлення тексту для аудіювання.

1) Pre-listening activities. Активізація лексики за темою уроку. 

а) Виконати впр. 82 (стор. 54).

б) Дати відповіді на запитання впр. 2 (стор. 56).

2) Listening to the text. Прослуховування тексту "Christmas in Ukraine".


You may have heard from your grandmothers or grandfathers or read in books or seen TV programmes about Christmas celebrations. Why is Christmas so important in keeping these strong links to the past? Reaching back to our roots, knowing where we come from helps us know where to go.

Now listen to my story. Please stop me if you don't understand some words.

Christmas is the most beloved festival among Ukrainians. It's really a family holiday and preparation for it starts a week before the 7th of January.

On Christmas Eve the family gathers for a holy supper of 12 dishes. Food is one of the aspects of culture that endures (триває) the longest. If you lose the language you lose the literature and songs, but you don't have to speak Ukrainian to eat "holubtsi" or "pyrohy".

Traditionally the father of the family brings in the "snip" (a bundle of wheat) and sets it in a place of honour at the table. Bread is important to Ukrainians. It comes from land and Ukrainians are close to land.

So this "snip" represents the spirit of our forefathers at the holiday table.

The beginning of the holy supper is signaled by the first star. Christmas Eve supper starts with a lighting of the beeswax candle.

The main dish is "kutia" made of honey, poppy seeds and wheat kernels boiled in pure rainwater.

After a carol and Lord's Prayer "the kutia" is passed and everyone takes a spoonful but nobody eats yet. The head of the family raises his spoonful and greets the family with "Christ is born". The family answers, "Glory praises him". That's the signal to start the meal.

The meal is traditionally meatless and milk free. The menu is very depending on what region of Ukraine your family comes from.

The most well-known dishes are "holubtsi", "varenyky" or "pyrohy".

Carols usually end the evening and signal the start of a joyous (sin. happy) season of visiting.

3) Comprehension check. Discussion. Перевірка розуміння тексту.

Бесіда за змістом тексту.

Т: Was there anything new and interesting for you in the text? Just to see if you understood it I'll ask a few questions:

What kind of holiday is Christmas?             (It's a family holiday).

How many dishes should be on the table?    (12)

When does the holy supper begin?              (after the first star)

What is the main dish?                               (Kutia)

What other dishes are there on the table during the holy supper? (holubtsi, pyrohy)

And my last question:

Why is it important to know the traditions? (Knowing where we come from helps us know where to go).

2. Пред'явлення тексту для читання "New Year in England and Scotland",  впр. 4 (стор. 57).

1) Pre-reading. Відпрацювання лексики.

а) Виконати впр. 5 (стор. 57).

б) Introduction. Вступна бесіда.

Т: Before you start reading the text about the New Year in Britain I'd like to say a few words about Christmas which comes a week before. Christmas is not Christmas without special important things: a New Year tree decorated with toys, lights and tinsels; other decorations such as ever-green plants: holly and mistletoe; carol singing; sending cards giving and getting presents.

2) While-reading. Читання тексту з добуванням основної інформації, складання плану для переказу.

Т: Now start reading the text of ex. 4 and while reading think of a plan to the text.

Зразок плану:

  1.  The New Year is not so popular as Christmas in England.
  2.  Different ways of celebrating the New Year in England.
  3.  The New Year is important in Scotland.
  4.  Old Scottish customs and traditions.

3) Reproduction. Короткий переказ тексту за планом.


  1.  Домашнє завдання.

Виконати впр. 6 (стор. 58), порівняти святкування Нового року в Британії та в Україні.

2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Т: Your homework will be to do ex. 6, p. 58 and to compare how the English and the Ukrainians celebrate the New Year. Remember that keeping customs and traditions preserving culture of your people and your country.


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