День Святого Валентина, урок англійської мови

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Тема: КУЛЬТУРА. ДОЗВІЛЛЯ Підтема: День Святого Валентина. Мета: Вчити учнів обговорювати теми що становлять інтерес оформляти послання до Дня Святого Валентина. Розширювати знання учнів про свята в англомовних країнах. Обладнання: підручник Being in Love... HO. ХІД У



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Підтема: День Святого Валентина.

Мета: Вчити учнів обговорювати теми, що становлять інтерес, оформляти послання до Дня Святого Валентина. Розширювати знання учнів про свята в англомовних країнах.

Обладнання: підручник, "Being in Love..." (HO,).



Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т: I'd like you to listen to some proverbs and sayings and I hope you can define our today's topic.

It is love that makes the world go round.

Love cannot be forced.

All is fair in love and war.

Love is blind, as well as hatred.

A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.

So what are we going to talk about? All right, it is love and a very romantic holiday of those who are in love St. Valentine's Day.


1. Обговорення питання «Що означає бути закоханим?».

Т: First, we'll discuss attitudes to being in love. How would you complete the sentence "Being in love..." (На дошці написати пропоновані закінчення, наприклад: is wonderful, makes people kinder, brings suffering, etc.)

Now you will work in pairs with this HO and put the definitions 1 to 16 into categories: cynical, romantic or realistic. Decide which category the definitions of being in love fall into and write the numbers. You may add your own definitions of being in love. Write them under the relevant headings. Start working.

being in love...

  1.  ...is more like being on a battlefield than in a bed of roses.
  2.  ...is all you need.
  3.  ...makes you suffer.
  4.  ...makes you lose control.
  5.  ...is bad for your health.
  6.  ...is only for young people.
  7.  ...is better than having all the money in the world. 
  8.  ...means wedding rings.
  9.  ...quickly changes to habit.
  10.  ...is like being on a roller-coaster one minute you're high and the next minute you're very low.
  11.  ...is the strongest emotion you will ever feel.
  12.  ...is painful.
  13.  ...is playing a fool's game.
  14.  ...is hearts and flowers.
  15.  ...is the chocolate sauce on the vanilla ice-cream of life without it, life is nice, but not delicious.
  16.  ...distracts you from the more important things in life.




T: Let us compare our worksheets. You may argue or disagree with your classmates using such functional exponents as: I simply don't agree...

I'm afraid I have to disagree...

Or use the following structure: Lena and Ann think that "being in love makes you smile" is romantic, but we think it is realistic.

To end our discussion and pass on to speaking about St. Valentine's Day give your definition of being in love.

2. Практикування учнів у читанні текстів про День Святого Валентина.

Виконати впр. 22 (стор. 62).

3. Повідомлення додаткових відомостей про свято.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with the examples of love message. The matter is they are customarily signed "Guess Who?" and are called "valentines". Later we'll discuss how to make a valentine card. And now I'd like to add some facts about St. Valentine’s Day. It is a favourite day for parties, especially by young people. The hosts trim the hall with red and white paper and hearts. Flowers and candy are the best presents which sweethearts exchange. Valentine candy is packed in red heart-shaped boxes and sold for this one day. Refreshments are often coloured red. Sandwiches and cakes are often cut in the shape of hearts. Sometimes the King or Queen of Hearts are chosen conclusion answer the questions.

4. Обговорення.

T: In what ways can Valentine's Day make someone either happy or sad?

What does St. Valentine's Day mean for you?

Do you want it to be introduced as our official Ukrainian holiday? Why?

5. Ознайомлення учнів з оформленням послань до Дня Святого Валентина. Presentation

Т: Your homework will be to make a valentine card. You have seen them, haven't you? You can buy them. But the best valentine is a hand-made one.

It is traditionally heart-shaped. It may be decorated with flowers, clasped hands, cupids, bows and arrows. You saw some of the love messages in ex. 22. Use your imagination to write something original, for example lines from your favourite songs or poems, e.g.

1)1 know the love of mine will never die... your Valentine.

  1.  Let me call you sweetheart. I'm in Love with you. Let me hear you whisper that you
    love me, too.
  2.  Oh, my love is like a red, red, rose...
  3.  Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do, and fill my heart with love for only you.

You may choose humorous messages, like:

  1.  My love for you is as big as an elephant... but so are you!
  2.  My love for you is as big as a mountain and as deep as the sea. Be my Valentine.
  3.  Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.


1. Домашнє завдання.

Виконати впр. 23 (стор. 63). Зробити «валентинку».

2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your valentines.



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