Visual FoxPro 8.0. Учебный курс


Информатика, кибернетика и программирование

В этой книге Вы найдете описание современный систем управления базами данных на Visual FoxPro 8.0. Данное пособие подойдет, как для новичка-программиста, так и для профессионала, которые решил освоить новые возможности системы.



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22 чел.


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55860. Santa’s Little Helper 287 KB
  There are lots of presents in Santa’s sleigh for children around the world. Now they are off! Santa leaves a present for good boys and girls. He eats one mince pie. Then two… three… four! Amy is asleep at home. Santa climbs down the chimney with Amy’s present. But oh dear… he is too fat. He can’t move!
55861. Вибір професії 54.5 KB
  Prior to this lesson your task was to visit my teacher's website and read the materials that would help you in work on the topic of our project. Raise your hands, those who visited the site and looked through the materials. So, what was your homework?
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  Well, you see that there are a lot of problems in our life. Today in our lessons we begin to discuss one of them: “People and nature”. During the lesson we’ll understand the reasons, compare activities in our country and in England and try to find the way out of some problems of our world.
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55866. School in our life 86.5 KB
  After the home, the school is the place where pupils spend a lot of time. School is not only a place of education, it is a place, where pupils develop their personal skills.
55867. SCHOOL LIFE 12.18 MB
  I see that most of you like school and I do hope you go there to get new information. But I think these are not the only reasons why you come to school. Could you tell what you do at school. Look at the screen and make up sentences.