Наскільки ти честолюбний. Outline for the lesson of English for 11th-graders

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Outline for the lesson of English for 11thgraders. Lesson 14 Планконспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 11х класів. Урок 14 Тема: НАУКА І КУЛЬТУРА Підтема: Наскільки ти честолюбний Мета: Сформувати вміння робити логічно вірно оформлені лексикограматичні висловлювання про професії....



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Outline for the lesson of English for 11th-graders. Lesson 14 

План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 11-х класів. 

Урок 14


Підтема: Наскільки ти честолюбний?

Мета: Сформувати вміння робити логічно вірно оформлені лексико-граматичні висловлювання про професії.

Обговорити текст про видатних діячів космонавтики.

Практикувати учнів у роботі з анкетою.

Обладнання: підручник, анкета "How Ambitious Are You?" (HO1)


I. Підготовка до сприймання іншомовного мовлення

1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т: Are you ambitious? Is it good or bad to be ambitious? What are your opinions? How ambitious are you? At today's lesson you'll have a chance to estimate it.

Pronunciation drill

2. Фонетична зарядка. Виконати впр. 94 (стор. 29) на відпрацювання звуку [еі]


1. Контроль домашнього завдання.

Перевірити написані учнями вдома есе.

Т: At the end of the lesson you will hand in your essays for a thorough check-up. And now some of you will read their essays so that we could analyze them. You were to choose one of the topics. Which of you wrote about his or her favourite profession? Or you may have written about your future profession. Which is your favourite one? Some of you may want to take up a profession that runs in the family. They wrote about their parents' profession. And there was one more topic: "The Profession I Hate". Any essays on it?

Учні читають свої есе, учитель та клас обмінюються думками про почуте. Заслухати 3-4 есе.

2. Пред'явлення тексту для читання "То the Stars", впр. 99 (стор. ЗО).

Т: We are going to read and discuss a text about people whose work was connected with space exploration. Those people were ambitious enough to pave a road to the stars.

  1.  Pre-reading. Дотекстова підготовка — виконати впр. 98а, в (стор. 29).
  2.  While-reading. Читання учнями тексту.

Т: While reading try to find facts about the contribution made by our compatriots to the development of space science and technology.

3) Post-reading. Обговорення тексту за питаннями впр. 100 (стор. 30).

3. Практикування учнів у роботі з анкетою.

Т: At our last lesson we spoke about estimating your physical abilities in choosing a profession. But it is important to consider one's features of character too. Now we’ll try to find out how ambitious you are.

1) Reading. Індивідуальна робота учнів з анкетою "How Ambitious Are You?"

How Ambitious Are You

1. In 10 years do you hope to

  1.  be married with a family?
  2.  have an interesting but not very well-paid job?
  3.  have a well-paid job that is not very interesting?

2. In 20 years' time do you hope to

  1.  have enough money to pay your bills?
  2.  have quite a lot of money?
  3.  have a lot of money?

3. Here is a list of 10 jobs. Which would you like to do? Put I next to favourite, 2 next to your favourite, etc.

Nurse, accountant, teacher, politician, policeman\woman, actor\actress, pop star, builder, journalist, artist, engineer.

  1.  Is improving your standard of living important to you?
  2.  Do you think people who have money should help those who don't have it?
  3.  How old do want to be when you have children?
  4.  18 – 22; b) 23 – 26; c) 27 – 30; d) over 30
  5.  When you are playing a game, do you always want to win?
  6.  Can you tell a white lie?
  7.  Do you think that rich people are happier and more interesting than other people?
  8.  Do you work hard because you want to be successful?
  9.  If you have a job to do, do you do it immediately, or do you wait until the last moment?
  10.  Would you like to have more money than your parents?
  11.  Do you agree with the philosophy "Every man for himself"?
  12.  Do you like hard work?
  13.  Which of the following is the most important to you?
    Love, happiness, money, health.


  1.  a) 0, b) 5, c) 10;
  2.  a) 0, b) 5, c) 10;
  3.  0 — nurse, artist; 2 — builder, policeman, teacher, journalist;
    5 — engineer, actor, pop star; 10 — politician, accountant;
  4.  Yes — 10, No — 0;
  5.  Yes — 0, No — 10;
  6.  a) 0, b) 2, c) 5, d) 10;
  7.  Yes — 10, No — 0;
  8.  Yes — 10, No - 0;
  9.  Yes — 10, No — 0;

  1.  Yes— 10, No — 0;
  2.  Immediately — 10, until the last moment — 0;
  3.  Yes — 10, No — 0;
  4.  Yes — 10, No — 0;
  5.  Yes — 10, No — 0;
  6.  Love, health — 0, happiness — 5, money — 10.

0-50 You aren't ambitious! You are happy with a quiet life.

50-100 You are quite ambitious, but you don't want to work too hard.

Over 100 You are very ambitious! Good luck, and try to be nice to people.

  1.  Analyzing the results. Опрацювання відповідей за ключем, отримання результатів анкетування.
  2.  Making conclusions. Коментарі учнів до результатів, наприклад: І scored 60 (105...) points. It means I am quite ambitions (not ambitious, very ambitious). I agree (disagree). I think...


1. Домашнє завдання.

Текст для домашнього читання, завдання 4 (стор. 113).

2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Т: Today we discussed how ambitious you are. We also read the text "To the Stars" about the people who contributed greatly to the development of science. At home you will read a piece of science fiction about traveling into the future.


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42688. Meeting people for the first time. Talking about what you do. Opening a meeting 150.5 KB
  When a person has been introduced to you, Pleased to meet you /Nice to meet you are both semi-formal responses. They sound natural and are useful for most situations. Less formal responses include Good to meet you / Great to meet you. The most formal response is How do you do? This is used less in modern business. When introducing two people, it is helpful to say a little about what they do, e.g. This is Jane, she s organising training courses for our Singapore branch. The information should be brief but include enough detail to encourage conversation between the two people being introduced.
42689. Getting through to the right person. Taking / Leaving a message. Checking information. 74.5 KB
  Mаking telephone clls in nother lnguge cn mke some Ss nervous t this level becuse of the lck of visul clues tht usully help with context nd understnding. Hve ll documents nd informtion tht you need t close hnd s well s prepred list of ny useful phrses. When exchnging informtion check nd clrify tht you hve understood been understood correctly. If someone clls you nd you re unprepred sy tht you re busy t the moment nd will cll them bck.
42690. Greeting visitors. Making polite offers and requests. Making small talk 63.5 KB
  Greeting someone for the first time Very good thnks. Thnksfor meeting me. Greeting someone you know It's good to see you too Yn Very well thnks nd you I'm fine thnks. Thnks for meeting me.
42691. Showing appreciation. Taling about likes and dislikes. Describing products and giving opinions 177.5 KB
  Choose word or phrse in itlics to mke sentences tht re true in your country. However it is importnt to remember tht it is still business. If you re visiting people in nother country do some reserch to check on wht behviour is expected for exmple: Is it OK to discuss business during the mel Will your host hostess be offended if you refuse food or drink If you visit your host hostess t home should you tke gift It is good ide to order dish tht is not difficult to et. You cn concentrte on the people tht you re hving lunch with insted of...
42692. Talking about company history. Introducing a talk. Sequencing events. Presenting a company history 154 KB
  Tlking bout compny history. Introducing tlk Sequencing events Presenting compny history Introducing tlk Good business prctice. This lbortory work looks in prticulr t introducing tlk or presenttion. In n introduction it is importnt for the speker to: Introduce himself; Give cler overview of the subject; Tell the udience the structure tht the tlk will follow; Tell the udience whether they cn sk questions during the presenttion or whether there will be n opportunity to sk questions t the end of the tlk.
42693. Participating in meeting. Giving your opinion. Asking for opinions. Agreeing and disagreeing 128 KB
  Discussion You re prticipting in meeting where people hve lots of different opinions. Listen to wht people sy. Listen to wht people re sying Be discourged if people interrupt you. Four people give their opinion.
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