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UNIT 6. PERIPHERALS I. Practise reading the following words: attached scanner internal video accessories refers component processing access similarly represents audio converted accommodate typical processor transform electronic capture included Ethernet chat advantage convert item graphics monitor produces permanent transparencies primarily via. II. Before reading the text try to answer these questions: 1. What components does an ordinary PC...



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I. Practise reading the following words:

attached, scanner, internal, video, accessories, refers, component, processing, access, similarly, represents, audio, converted, accommodate, typical, processor, transform, electronic, capture, included, Ethernet, chat, advantage, convert, item, graphics, monitor, produces, permanent, transparencies, primarily, via.

II. Before reading the text try to answer these questions:

1. What components does an ordinary PC consist of?

2. What is the typical unit used to measure the memory?

3. What is the role of peripherals?

III. Read and translate the text.


Peripherals are devices attached to a host computer to expand its capabilities. The most common peripheral devices are printers, scanners, disk drives, microphones, speakers and cameras. Peripheral devices can also include other computers on a network system. There is a difference between terms «peripherals» and «accessories». Computer peripherals have a narrow meaning that refers only to the input/output (I/O) devices of a computer, whereas, computer accessories refer to the parts that support a computer system (e.g., motherboards, sensors, chips and input/output devices). There are three main types of PC peripherals: storage, output and input. Some people do not consider internal devices, such as video capture cards, to be peripherals because they are added inside the computer case.  

Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, refers to computer components (devices and recording media) that retain digital data used for computing. It is the fundamental component of modern computers and coupled with a central processing unit (CPU) implements the basic computer model used since the 1940s.

Memory usually refers to a form of semiconductor storage devices known as random access memory (RAM). Similarly, today storage more often refers to mass storage devices, e.g., optical disks, hard disks and other types of media that are slower than RAM. Historically, memory and storage devices are called primary and secondary storage respectively.

Digital computers represent data using the binary system. Texts, numbers, pictures, audio and other forms of data can be converted into a string of bits, or binary digits. The most common unit of memory is a byte which is equal to 8 bits.

Traditionally, the most important part of any computer is the central processing unit, because it processes data, performs any calculations and controls all computer components.

Input devices refer to the computer components that receive information from the physical world and convert it into electronic data that can be understood by a PC. Typical representatives of these devices are webcams and scanners. Webcams are video devices connected to computers or computer networks via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. They are well-known for their low-cost and flexible applications. Increased video quality has helped webcams to be applied for videoconferencing systems. Videoconferencing support is included in such programs as Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

Some on-line video broadcasting sites have taken advantages of this technology to create Internet TV programs centered around two people «speaking» on-line. Among other web sites is BloggingHeads.tv that uses on-line video broadcasting technology to set up conversations between prominent journalists, scientists, bloggers and philosophers.

A scanner is a peripheral device that scans images, printed texts, objects and converts them into digital images.

As to the output devices, they are computer components that convert electronic data into printed texts or images on the monitor screen.

A printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copy (a text and graphics) of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical media. Many printers are primarily used as local peripherals and are connected via USB cable to a computer that serves as a document storage.

Peripherals make our interaction with personal computers easier and now it is hard to imagine any home or office without these devices.

Peripheral devices have a wide range of uses: cameras for on-line conferencing or chatting; microphones for calling through the Internet; printers for printing out documents, e.g., contracts; scanners for making document copies. Peripherals are devices that can be described as «plug-in and go». They are easy to operate and provide multimedia functionality to your PC and greatly enhance your productivity.

IV. Answer the following questions:

1. What is a peripheral?

2. What types of peripherals are mentioned in the text?

3. What is the difference between the terms «peripherals» and «accessories»?

4. In what way is data represented in computer?

5. What programs support videoconferencing?

6. Why do peripherals play an important role?

7. What devices can convert an electronic document into a hard-copy?

8. In what way can the output be obtained from the PC?

V. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. There are only two types of PC peripherals.

2. Memory usually refers to secondary storage devices.

3. Bit is the smallest and the most common unit of memory.

4. Printer is a peripheral that produces a hard copy.

5. Output devices convert electronic data into real world items.

VI. Find in the text English equivalents to the following word combinations:

найбільш поширені пристрої; різниця між; використовується для проведення обчислень; відповідно; використовуючи двійкову систему; пам'ять довільного доступу; міг би зберігати; може зрозуміти ПК; комп'ютерні мережі; такі програми, як; документи, які зберігаються в електронному вигляді; взаємодія; значно збільшують; цифрові комп’ютери; типові представники; під'єднані до комп’ютера.

VII. These sentences contain typical mistakes. Correct them.

1. A mouse is a device which connected to the computer.

2. These are three main types of a peripherals.

3. Input devices refers to the computer components.

4. The data is processing by a CPU.

5. Printer is peripheral which produces a hard copy.

6. They make our interactions with computers easier.

7. These devices can describe as hard disks.

VIII. Find in the text words opposite to the following ones:

external, outside, the same, seldom, old, small, unimportant, send, disconnected, give, disadvantage, destroy, input, difficult.

IX. Match each technical term with its proper definition:

1. binary

2. tape

3. speaker

4. multimedia

5. scanner

6. mouse

7. peripheral

8. storage device

9. videoconferencing

10. on-line

a) an optical input device that uses the reflection of light to copy text or graphics into a computer

b) a piece of equipment used for reading and writing to a storage medium

c) a common cursor control input device used with a graphical user interface

d) a form of communication over a network that uses video cameras so that the people taking part can see and hear each other

e) a number system that only uses two digits, i.e. 1 and 0

f) connected to a computer system or the Internet

g) a magnetic storage medium commonly used for storing backup files

h) the combination of text, graphics, animation, sound and video

i) an output device for providing sound output

j) a piece of equipment that is connected to the central processing unit of a computer system

X. Imagine that you are going to take part in a scientific conference. The topic of your report is «Modern peripheral devices». Use the information from the text if necessary.


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