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Working with the Properties Tables. ExportOptionsIllustrator. PDFSaveOptions. Running JavaScript based Action Manager code from VBScript. Appendix A: Event ID Codes.



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57671. Жизнь общества. Повторение грамматики 1.33 MB
  Цели урока (разрабатываются совместно с учениками): Повторить грамматический материал The Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense; Изучить и первично закрепить грамматический материал The Present Simple (Indefinite) Passive Voice...
57672. Свята і традиції. Національні свята України та Великої Британії 135 KB
  Today the topic of our lesson is “Holidays in Great Britain”. We shall talk about different English traditions and customs, learn new things about the traditions of celebration of different English holidays.
57673. Образ жінки в мистецтві 162 KB
  These words are of the same meaning. A woman is the beginning of every starting. She is a source of happiness, joy and attraction. She is beautifull in her appearance, behaviuor and as a person as well.
57674. Великобританія та Україна 62.5 KB
  Yes, you’re right. But today I propose you to watch a TV programme about another one British park. Be ready to discuss the programme and we’ll practice the dialogues to improve your communicative skills.
57675. Одяг. Професії 110.5 KB
  Well, you are pupils and you are wearing white shirts or blouses, black skirts or trousers. And what about people of different professions. Your home task was to make up short dialogues using the pictures.
57676. Їжа та напої 1.04 MB
  Of course,you are right! Our mood depends on our meals. As you guessed, The topic of our today lesson is Food and Drinks. We will speak, read, listen, write about food and drinks during our lesson.
57677. Healthy way of life. What does it mean to ве healthy? 89.5 KB
  You see the Sun on the blackboard, it’s our health. What is health for you? What do you associate with health? And the first task is “Associations”. Write your associations with the word “Health” on these stripes-sunrays and stick to our Sun.
57678. In sound body - sound mind 129.5 KB
  Good health is a great gift. The English proverb says, «Health is not valued till illness comes». The most important thing in the world is our health. Each person is a creator of the human body. Now look at the blackboard. Here you see the main words of the proverb.
57679. Veterans Day 188.5 KB
  Veterans Day is observed with ceremonies at war monuments and cemeteries throughout the nation. Almost every village has a monument to veterans who served in one of the country’s wars.