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Общие понятия о деталях машин. Основные требования к машинам, узлам и деталям. Конические зубчатые передачи. Область применения и классификация передач с зацеплением Новикова. Клиноременные передачи. Конструирование деталей фрикционных передач.



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44716. Окисление оксида азота в производстве азотной кислоты 246 KB
  Определение температуры газа на выходе из окислителя. Определение объема окислителя.2 Определение массового расхода NH3 по реакции: кг ч 2.3 Определение фактического расхода NH3: кг ч; Xабс=0.
44717. Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs 48.5 KB
  Prctise reding the following wordcombintions: erliest times useful power hotir engines solr energy solr evportion sunctivted processes surrounding ir suns rys stright lines the most effective wys the loss of energy glsslike mteril effective prevention trnsprent sheets of glss or plstic ctul pplictions typicl rrngements highpressure boilers lrge block of electric power. TEXT 5 Solr Power The suns energy mnifests itself s therml photoelectric nd photochemicl effects. Men hve tried to use solr energy since...
44718. Modal verbs. Nouns as attribute 88.7 KB
  II Prctise reding twosyllble words with the stress on the first syllble rdr rnging hrbour lnding trvel mesure becon presence wether echo signl timer system object constnt mountin strongest portion during. Prctise reding the following word combintions: cpble of determining the presence of objects their chrcter ll of them ultrhigh frequency rdio wve energy directionl ntenn in bem visul redble signls within the field of view of rdr the use of these timed pulses t the constnt velocity the fluorescent screen...
44719. Sequence of Tenses. Imperative Mood. Quantifiers and their equivalents 54 KB
  LBERT EINSTEIN 18791955 Imgintion is more importnt thn knowledgeâ Einstein lbert Einstein ws born in Germny on Mrch 141879. t the ge of 21 fter four yers of university study lbert Einstein got job s clerk t n office. Einstein expressed his theory in the eqution E=mc roughly tht energy equls mss times the squre of the speed of light. lbert Einstein ws very tlented mn gret thinker.
44720. Infinitive (forms and functions) 33.55 KB
  The oceans cover 147 million square miles of the earth's total surface of 197 million square miles. Geographically, this vast expanse of water has been very thoroughly explored; the surface currents have been charted, the depths of the seas bordering the land have been carefully sounded. Yet, the nature of the ocean was practically unknown until recently, when new techniques and careful mapping did disclose new details of the ocean waters.
44721. Gerund (forms and functions) 114.28 KB
  Prctise reding the following twosyllble words with the stress on the second syllble: Include between employ pply design convert trnsform obtin Prctise reding the following mny syllble words: Electricity impossible ccumulte numerous resistnce temperture emergency photocell complicted Prctise reding the following words with double stress: Engineering semiconductor utomtion conductivity irrespective reproduce Memorize the spelling nd pronuncition of the following words: Vry ['vεərI]...
44722. Ing forms: Participle/Gerund/Verbal Noun 51 KB
  Trnsistors mde it possible to design compct smlldimensioned electronic devices which consume very little power. The trnsistors re successfully used for direct trnsformtion of het energy into electricl energy by mens of therml elements. In lter yers light sources nd lsers were built on the bsis of trnsistors.
44723. Participle (Passive and Perfect Forms) 33.83 KB
  Rdio supplies the communiction service which is so essentil to the modern world nd meeting these needs it hs become rpidly developing industry itself. It is from rdio tht the subject of electronics ws born which being pplied to utomtion brought such remrkble chnges to the technique of tody. The fstest most relible wy to detect n rtificil stellite nd to determine its orbit is by rdio.
44724. Nominative Absolute Participle Clause. Participle+Infinitive 54 KB
  PrticipleInfinitive TEXT 12 The Fundmentl Problems of Television. The word âtelevisionâ by common cceptnce hs come to men the essentilly instntneous trnsmission either by wire or rdio of moving pictures or imges. Essentilly three steps re involved in television nmely: 1 the nlysis of the light imge into electricl signl; 2 the trnsmission of the electricl signl to the points of reception; nd 3 the synthesis of visible reproduction of the originl imge from the electricl signl. nswer the questions: Wht does the word âtelevisionâ...