Решение задач по кузнецову


Математика и математический анализ

Понятия числовой последовательности и ее предела. Понятие предела функции в точке. Понятие функции, ограниченной в окрестности точки. Теорема об ограниченности функции, имеющей предел. Понятие непрерывности функции. Доказать непрерывность функции cos x. Теорема об отношении бесконечно малой функции к функции, имеющей предел, отличный от нуля. Понятие бесконечно большой функции. Теоремы о связи бесконечно больших функций с бесконечно малыми.



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57658. Му School. At School 34.5 KB
  There are fifty two pupils form. The pupils play in the playground before classes. Some of them wear their school uniform: a white blouse or a shirt and a blue skirt or trousers. Before lessons they sing one or two songs.
  Practical: to practice pupils’ speech on the topic “Doing Shopping”; to revise vocabulary on the topic and urge pupils to use these words in their speech; to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills on the topic...
57660. Sport. Kinds of Sports 43.5 KB
  Objectives: to develop students listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills; to revise and enrich students vocabulary on the topic; to practise group work; to motivate students to communicate with each other.
57661. Спорт у світі 85 KB
  Babe Didrikson Zaharias was one of the most extraordinary athletes of all time. She was a champion in basketball and golf. She also swam, boxed, played baseball and many other sports. In 1950, she was named the greatest woman athlete of the first hail of the 20th century.
57662. Відповідальність людей перед природою 32.5 KB
  Teacher: Look at the blackboard, please (слайд 1). Let`s read these quotations of famous people about nature. How do you understand them? Do you agree? What`s your opinion?
57663. Спорт і спортивні ігри 93.5 KB
  Today we will speak about sports and sport games. We are going to refresh your knowledge of the names of sports. You will be able to guess a crossword.
57664. Спорт в нашому житті. Sport in our life 61 KB
  Alec plays football very well. He is a member of the school football team. Last year their team won the first place. They became champions and got prize. So this year they will try to play well too.
57665. Popular Sports and Games. Ukrainian Sportsmen 39.5 KB
  Good morning, dear children. I am very glad to see you today. How are you? Are you ready to speak English? So, today we will speak on the topic “Popular sports and games. Ukrainian sportsmen.”
57666. Music styles 114 KB
  Today we’ll have an unusual beginning of the lesson. Look at the blackboard and read the dialogue with roles of your groups. (Using jazz dialogues by roles of two groups)