Лесное и сельское хозяйство

СУЩНОСТЬ ПОНЯТИЙ УСЛОВНО ГОДНОЕ МЯСО МЯСО ВЫНУЖДЕННО УБИТЫХ ЖИВОТНЫХ. Мясо вынужденно убитых животных – мясо от больных животных лишенных жизни ввиду нецелесообразности или неэффективности дальнейшего лечения с целью недопущения падежа. Условногодное мясо мясо использование которого для пищевых целей допускается после обеззараживания.



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43. СУЩНОСТЬ ПОНЯТИЙ «УСЛОВНО ГОДНОЕ МЯСО», «МЯСО ВЫНУЖДЕННО УБИТЫХ ЖИВОТНЫХ». «Мясо вынужденно убитых животных» – мясо от больных животных, лишенных жизни ввиду нецелесообразности или неэффективности дальнейшего лечения с целью недопущения падежа. Его производят только на санбойне и разрешение дает ветврач, о чем составляют акт. «Условно-годное мясо» - мясо, использование которого для пищевых целей допускается после обеззараживания.


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84885. Tracking to fast 31.5 KB
  I was on the road to correcting this problem working with YYY. Like I mentioned, suggestions such as more food, incredibly tasty food, pinch, double lines, butt strap, more intricate corners, tiny articles, etc., etc. came from some very accomplished trainers.
84886. Article Indication by Dennis Helms 296 KB
  The proper way for a dog to indicate an article when found is for the dog to lie down in a straight line with the track. The article should be between the dog’s front feet and he should touch it with his chin.
84887. Article Indication 31.5 KB
  First you will need some articles. Start with articles around 3 inches square, pieces of leather, wood, and carpet samples work very well. Use different materials and train on different surfaces including grass and dirt.
  Knowing where your track is going and being able to find the articles is important. So important that it is time for you to go to the tracking field, without your dog, and lay a typical track. Age it for whatever time you usually age your tracks.
84889. Force Tracking training using articles 84 KB
  Dogs learn that articles are safe spots, rest spots, reward spots. Initially you will lay a straight line track with 20-30 articles. There will be an article at the scent pad. When the dog downs at ANY article you will reward (leaving the article) pet keeping the dog calm, then pick up the article...
84890. Force Track Training (the beginning) 40 KB
  I start with getting the dog to understand the platz for the long down and the article indication. When I train the platz, it is like saying my dog is ready for formal training. Up to this point, it has just been a down and was for fun and a behavioral response.
84891. Handling at Tracking Tests 28.5 KB
  It is not uncommon for a handler to help the dog find the track in a training session, especially when the dog is honestly trying to work out a difficult problem. The last thing you want to do in training is make tracking so difficult that the dog gets frustrated, thereby learning to dislike tracking.
84892. Hard Surface Tracking With the Rotterdam Holland Police 316.5 KB
  In September of this year I went back to the Police Dog Training Center in Rotterdam Holland with my friend Kevin Scheldahl. We went there with the expressed purpose of getting as much information as possible on hard surface tracking.
84893. Litter Tracking Imprinting 48.5 KB
  I leave them to their business and watch which ones seem most intense and which ones wander off. I especially note which ones stay the longest and which ones return hours later to search the same track. When this is the same puppy, I know I have a star.