There is no place for tobacco in my life

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There is no place for tobacco in my life Aims: To teach new vocabulary on the topic. To develop skills in speaking, listening and speaking on the topic. To show negative aspects of smoking. To develop negative attitude to smo...



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There is no place for tobacco in my life


  1.  To teach new vocabulary on the topic.
  2.  To develop skills in speaking, listening and speaking on the topic.
  3.  To show negative aspects of smoking.
  4.  To develop negative attitude to smoking.
  5.  To develop memory, logical thinking, personal identity self-sufficiency, strength of character, compassion, desire to help.

Level: intermediate

Time: 45min


1. Greting

2. Introduction

T.: Today we are going to discuss a very important topic which touches nearly everybody. It is “smoking”. Everybody knows that to smoke is bad, harmful and perspectiveless.

But why do people start smoking? How really harmful smoking is? We will try to get answer to these questions by playing a game. Game “You bet your lungs” (Quiz-show).

For this game you need to divide the class into two groups. Instruct the teams on the rules. This game is like a TV quiz-show. The teacher will read a question. If a team has an answer, they raise their hands. The team gets 10 points for every correct answer. At the end of the quiz ask students to write about the most surprising and disturbing things they have learnt from the quiz.


1. When you smoke cigarettes, you inhale the same kind of poisonous gas that is in automobile fumes. What is this gas?

2. How many cancer-causing are there in average cigarette? 4? 8? 12? 15?

3. Although it is well known that smoking is bad for your lungs, what other major organs are damaged too?

4. What is the leading cause of fatal home fires, electrical appliances, combustible chemicals or cigarettes?

5. If a person smokes a pack of cigarettes a day for a year, how much coal tar will be deposited in his lungs?

6. What percentage of people who smoke say they would like to stop? 25? 65? 85? 100?

7. What is “passive smoking’? Carbon monoxide comes into blood, bad breath, coughs, mouth inflection, yellow spots and stains on lips, cancer of many organs?

The quiz permits to make a conclusion:

Most students do not smoke and are not going to do it because of big preventive work. Most smokers started doing it before 16. The reasons of starting smoking were peer pressure, smoking parents, to look and to feel older. Teenagers who smoke are more likely to be below average students. Most smokers understand that smoking is dangerous and would like to quit.

3. Reading “Lebanon Lights Up”

Vocabulary on the text:

To recoil – to be afraid of, to be very scared.

A tie to tobacco – a permanent skill of smoking

Rugged – looking strong

Barely – in an open way

Clad (path of cloth) – to be dressed

Grin – a smile in unpleasant way

Mischievously – politely, but unpleasantly

Vaguely – hardly ever, unclear

      Pre-reading task:

 Read vocabulary on the text.

Give a definition to such words as “advertisement” and “promotion”

Advertisement – positive information about a good or a service in purpose to sell.

Promotion – technique of involving potential client into trying and using the good by giving free samples.

Explain your attitude to both of them.


Big tobacco companies must be having a field today. In Lebanon they have found a perfect market for their products. While westerners are recoiling from the horrors of lung cancer and refusing to light up, the Lebanese seem to be developing ever stronger ties to tobacco.

All along roads in Lebanon, billboards show rugged looking man smoking and enjoying the outdoors. Television spots barely take a rest from calling the young to the wonderful world of smoking. On top of that, tobacco companies organize youth activities.

It has become a common sight to see cafes and nights clubs filled with young beautiful women giving out free cigarettes. Wearing embarrassingly tight outfits, the women reward those who light up with sweet smiles. Equally handsome men clad in shirts imprinted with the tobacco brand they represent grin mischievously at girls as they offer them packs of free cigarettes.

It was not over yet. The beautiful women then gave out forms for new smoking recruits to fill in a fun quiz based on questions about the cigarette brand. Winners received caps and T-shirts with the tobacco brand emblazoned across and of course, even more cigarettes.

Advertising regulations in Lebanon are loose, people are only vaguely aware of the danger of smoking and most important tobacco companies can survive without having to deal with anti-smoking organizations.

(From “Lebanon lights up” by Reem Haddad, New Internationalist, 3)

While reading tasks:

Jig-saw reading.

Giving the title to each paragraph.

Replacement the words in italics by their synonyms

Past reading tasks:

Answer the question.

If you are asked to smoke a free cigarette and were offered some brand souvenirs, would you join the smokers?

4. Role play “Smoke opera”

This scene is open ended. After having watched it students will show their decision. This activity trains decision-making skills.

Setting a car, stopped in a traffic jam in a freezing rainstorm.

Characters: Allyson and Gabor, who have been going together for a couple of months.

G.: Nobody is moving yet. (He lights up a cigarette).Looks like we will be here forever.

A.: I do not mind. The concert was great, so it worth it. (She coughs a little).

G.: Yes, everybody who went to it is probably stuck here with us.

A.: Could you open the window? (Coughing). That is your second cigarette since we got stuck. It is getting hard to breathe in here.

G.: All right, I will open the window. (He rolls down his window, but a gush of rain forces him to close it again.) Wow, it is really pouring.

A.: (Annoyed) Gabor, could you just put your cigarette out?

G.: (Also annoyed) sure, fine. That is the first time you complained about my smoking.

A.: well, that is the first time I have been stuck in a closed car with you.

G.: you do not have to be dramatic about it.

A.: I am not being dramatic, I am being realistic. I reel as I am one who smokes too.

G.: relax, OK? I will throw it out. (Throwing) Happy?

A.: Not exactly. Half of that cigarette is still in my lungs.

G.: you will live. Look, I like to smoke. It relaxes me. It will relax you too. And if you want us to be together why do not try one? (He holds out a cigarette to Allyson).

The students have to comment on this situation and answer the questions.

5. Conclusion made by one of the student.




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