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Recently gesture-based interfaces are becoming more widely used. There are many advantages of gesture-based interfaces such as small learning time, wide availability (if they done properly), and, in some cases, the lack of manipulators, which is important for mobile devices



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Alexander Zyryanov


Department of Informatics and Processes Management, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

  1.  Introduction

Recently gesture-based interfaces are becoming more widely used. There are many advantages of gesture-based interfaces such as small learning time, wide availability (if they done properly), and, in some cases, the lack of manipulators, which is important for mobile devices. However, gesture-based interfaces perceived by many as the entertainment-only technology, which is not suitable for serious work. In this article we will talk about our gesture-based interface and its possible applications.

  1.   «Flashlight interface»

We have developed gesture-based interface which uses ordinary flashlight and standard webcam for three-dimensional input. In addition to low cost and ease of use this technology has one important advantage: camera sees a flashlight not as a point, but as a circle. This feature allows us to calculate 3D position and orientation of flashlight using only one camera. Therefore, we don’t need to calibrate the system before using. Researches have shown that our interface is convenient for users, it works effectively in all kind of ambient light, and it has sufficient accuracy and speed for successful gaming and working. It’s possible to add buttons to the flashlight (they can change its color) for mouse emulation.

To create a rich interface it is not enough to determine the three dimensional position of the hands of the user. We must also be able to recognize user gestures - a trajectory of user’s hands movement. To solve this problem we’ve developed an algorithm that allows finding gestures in a continuous user input and their recognition. Since we want to interact with virtual objects in the same way as if the object is real, and since user’s real hand hold an object (a flashlight), user’s virtual hand should also hold an object. In other words, all manipulations with the objects must be performed with virtual instruments. This approach has many important advantages. It is convenient for the user, because interaction with virtual world is based on the real life experience. This approach is also convenient for the developer, since the use of the virtual instrument sets the context of possible action and thus facilitates the gesture recognition process (and makes it more accurate because we have to choose from a smaller number of patterns). It should also be noted that such gestures are associated exclusively with the instrument and therefore does not depend on the national culture of the user.

When one camera is not enough, our system allows the simultaneous use of multiple cameras. In this case, camera calibration is performed automatically and in real time (by our special algorithm) that makes such systems as easy to install as systems with only one camera.

We performed a comparative test.  The task was to move object in three dimensional space using classic mouse interface and flashlight interface. Time required to solve the problem by using one or the other interface was roughly equal, and two-thirds of the subjects said that the our interface is more convenient to the traditional one.

  1.  Application

To be useful and convenient, the dimension of the interface must be equal to the dimension of display and the dimension of the application. Say, moving three-dimensional objects using three-dimensional interface and two-dimensional display is inconvenient, and creating three-dimensional input device for typing text is practically meaningless.

Thus, three-dimensional gesture-based interfaces are best used for interaction with the three-dimensional space using three-dimensional displays. These include, primarily, CAVE-system, where such interfaces are already used extensively, and virtual reality systems, where such interfaces are rare, but quite successfully. However, the development of three-dimensional displays for home computers and a large number of three-dimensional applications (such as entertainment and business software) allows us to hope that the three-dimensional interfaces will not only useful but also necessary for the widest range of users in a very near future.


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