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Схема полосового фильтра Резонансная частота = 2457 кГц Для определения левой и правой резонансной частоты возьмем максимальную точку на графике и...



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12 чел.

Донецкий национальный технический университет

Кафедра компьютерной инженерии


По лабораторной работе №5


Ст. Гр. СП-09б
Чхан  Михаил


Краснокутский В.А.

Донецк 2011

Вариант №4.

fc = 4 кГц

f0  = 22 кГц

Выберем величину емкости, равную C = 1мкФ

Из формул fc = 1/ 2πRC, f0 = 1/ 2πRC получим R:

Rc = 1/ 2πCfc = 1/(2*3.14*1*10-6*4*103) = 40 Ом;

R0 = 1/ 2πCf0 = 1/(2*3.14*1*10-6*22*103) = 7,2 Ом;

Промоделируем в MicroCAP фильтр нижних частот:

Схема фильтра нижних частот

Частота среза fc = 3,978 кГц

Промоделируем фильтр верхних частот:

Схема фильтра верхних частот

Частота среза fc = 4,015 кГц

Промоделируем полосовой фильтр:

Схема полосового фильтра

Резонансная частота = 24,57 кГц

Для определения левой и правой резонансной частоты возьмем максимальную точку на графике и разделим ее значение на .

332.484/1.414 = 235.134

Левая частота среза = 6,68 кГц

Правая частота среза = 73,26 кГц


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  I wаnt to tell you bout min kinds legl profession in Russi. dvocte is licensed lwyer to prctice lw nd independent dviser on legl issues. He should hve higher legl eduction t lest two yers of legl experience nd to pss qulifiction exms. They consult clients on legl issues; drft documents present clients in ll kinds of civil dministrtive litigtions provide criminl defense; nd do ll other legl services.
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  Im second yer student of the Url Stte Lw cdemy. Now I wnt to tell some words bout the history our cdemy. The Lw cdemy is one of the biggest higher eductionl institutions in our country. Now it is clled the Url Stte Lw cdemy.
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  Usully these tke the form of hierrchy of courts. In Russi there re bout 14000 judges in 2500 courts of generl jurisdiction on vrious levels. There re courts of first nd second instnce. court of second instnce is one which exmines ppels nd protests ginst sentences nd decisions of courts of first instnce.
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  The country is multintion stte. Stte structure The Russin Federtion is democrtic federl stte with republicn form of power. The Hed of Stte is president. The stte emblems re two heded egle three colored flg with: white red nd blue stripes.
45109. The Ural State Law Academy 15.26 KB
  Lter it ws reorgnized into the Siberin Institute of Soviet Lw. In 1934 the Institute moved into Sverdlovsk got the nme of the Sverdlovsk Institute of Lw nd bore this nme till 1992 Now it is clled the Urls Stte Lw cdemy. Till 1976 there ws only one fculty t the Sverdlovsk Lw Institute the Lw fculty. The cdemy hs three Institutes t the dy deprtment: the Institute of the Prosecutors Office the Institute of Justice nd the Institute of Business nd Lw.
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