Getting through to the right person. Taking / Leaving a message. Checking information.

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Mаking telephone clls in nother lnguge cn mke some Ss nervous t this level becuse of the lck of visul clues tht usully help with context nd understnding. Hve ll documents nd informtion tht you need t close hnd s well s prepred list of ny useful phrses. When exchnging informtion check nd clrify tht you hve understood been understood correctly. If someone clls you nd you re unprepred sy tht you re busy t the moment nd will cll them bck.



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Laboratory work2.

Making contact.

Getting through to the right person. Taking / Leaving a message. Checking information.

Making contact


Do you prefer speaking to people face-to-face or on the telephone? What differences are there between the two kinds of conversation?

Which of the following things do you usually do face-to-face in your own language? Which do you do by telephone? Why?

- Confirm an order.

- Arrange lunch with a colleague.

- Ask for a salary increase.

- Negotiate with a new supplier.

- Tell your boss you lost a contract.

Good business practice.

Making telephone calls in another language can make some Ss nervous at this level because of the lack of visual clues that usually help with context and understanding. Reassure Ss who have had little experience of speaking on the telephone in English, by setting up the role-plays carefully (giving Ss plenty of time to prepare and helping them to feel confident before they do the role-play itself). It may also be useful to consider the following when communicating on the telephone:

- Know your objective for the call: Why are you phoning? What outcome do you want? It is useful to note these before the call to help you remain focused.

- Speak slowly and clearly

- Check pronunciation and spelling of names before making the call.

- Give your name and company (make sure you can spell these, if necessary) and say who you want to speak to.

- When you get through to the right person, explain briefly why you are calling.

- Have all documents and information that you need at close hand, as well as a prepared list of any useful phrases.

- When taking/leaving a message, repeat key information.

- When exchanging information, check and clarify that you have understood / been understood correctly.

- If someone calls you and you are unprepared, say that you are busy at the moment and will call them back.

Cultural attitudes may affect:

- How information is communicated and how questions are phrased (direct or indirect).

- Attitudes to silence.

- Whether people feel comfortable/uncomfortable asking for clarification.


- Prioritise calls.

- Group calls together. If one number is engaged, move on to the next on the list.

- Write down what you want to talk about and in what order.

- Tick off the points as you complete them.

- Prepare useful phrases in advance, including any technical vocabulary and reference

- If you have an important point to make, say it more than once.

- If someone is speaking too quickly, repeat key information as they say it. This will slow them down.

Getting through to the right person.


1. June Shen wants to speak to James MacDonald on the phone. Read the conversation and choose the expressions (a-c) that they use.

Receptionist: Branco, good morning.

June: Can I speak to James MacDonald, please?

Receptionist: One moment, please.... I'm afraid his line's busy. Would you like to hold?

June: Certainly.

Receptionist: His line's free now. I'll just put you through.

June: Thanks.

James: Hello. James MacDonald speaking.

June:   Hi, James, it's June here.

James: Hi, June. How are you?

1. June wants to get through to James.

a.    I want James MacDonald.

b.   Can I speak to James MacDonald, please?

c.    Put me in contact with James MacDonald.

2. James says his name.

a. James MacDonald listening.

b.   James MacDonald, speak to me.

c.    James MacDonald speaking.

3 June says her name.

a. It's June here. b. I'm June.         c. Here is June.


1. June Shen is not at her desk. June's colleague, Alex, answers her phone. Read the conversation and complete the information in the message.


Tomas ….. phoned. Company: …… Communication. Phone number: … .Please, call him back.

Alex: Hello, June. Shen's phone.

James: Hello. Can I speak to June, please?

Alex: She's not here at the moment. Can I take a message?

James: Yes please, can she call me back?

Alex: Certainly. Can I have your name, please?

James: James MacDonald.

Alex: Can you spell MacDonald, please?

James: Sure, that's M-A-C-D-O-N-A-L-D.

Alex: OK. And what's your company name, please?

James: It's JMP Communications.

Alex: Sorry, did you say JMP Communications?

James: Yes, that's right.

Alex: OK, and can I take your telephone number, please?

James: Certainly, It's 01632 960 0883.

Alex: 01632 960 0883. And that's James MacDonald from JMP Communications.

James: That's right.

Alex: Great. I'll give her the message.

James: Thanks for your help. Alex: You're welcome. Bye.

Alex: Bye.

2. Read again and write:

  1.  a formal word to say Yes.
  2.  a phrase to ask someone to spell a word.
  3.  a phrase to check that the company name is correct.
  4.  a phrase to thank someone.
  5.  a phrase to respond to thanks.

3. Complete the sentences that Alex uses.


  1.  Can I t…..  a m….. ?
  2.  Can I h…..  your n…..?

3 W…..'s your c….. name?

  1.  Can I t….. your telephone number, p….. ?
  2.  I’….. g….. her the message.

Taking / Leaving a message.

Good business practice.

Taking a message

Leaving a message

(Dave) isn't here at the moment...

Can I leave a message?

Can I take a message?

Can he call me back, please?

Can you repeat / spell that, please?

Thank you for your help ...

I'll give (Dave) the message.

Listening 3.

Conversation 1 (CD7).

1. Ulla phones William to get some information for the company website. Listen to the conversation and complete the information.

  1.  There are o….. 60 new recruits.
  2.  A….. 50 per cent are women.
  3.  Just u…… 30 per cent of the recruits are from outside Europe.

2. Look at the phrases that Ulla uses to check information. Put the phrases into the correct order.

  1.  the exact figure / can I just / Sorry, / check / ?
  2.  mean / Do / you / exactly 50 per cent / ?
  3.  you / Sorry, / say / did / Asia, Africa and America / ?

Reading 2

Conversation 2.

William: Hi, Ulla, I have some new figures for the company website. The information only arrived this morning.

Ulla: Wait a second and I'll get a pen. OK, go ahead.

William: The figure for the amount of new recruits was ...

Ulla: Sorry, I didn't catch that. It's a very bad line.

William: I said there were ... recruits, not 64.

 Ulla: Could you say that again, please?

William: Yes, there were 74 new recruits, not 64.

Ulla: Seventy-four not 64. Is that correct?

William: That's right.

Ulla: OK. Thanks William. Anything else?

William: Yes. 54 per cent of the new recruits are women not 51 per cent, OK?

Ulla: Yes, I've got that.

William: Also, four of the new recruits are from the United ...

Ulla: Can you repeat that, please, William?

William: Four of the new recruits are from the United Arab Emirates.

Ulla: OK. So we have new recruits from Asia, Africa, Australia and The United Arab Emirates.

William: That's correct.

William phones Ulla with some new information. Read and answer the questions.

  1.  Which three phrases does Ulla
    use to ask William to repeat
  2.  Which two phrases does Ulla use
    to confirm that she understands?
  3.  Which two phrases does William
    use to say that information is

a. Sorry, I didn't catch that.

b. Could you say that again, please?

c. That's right.

d. Yes, I've got that.

e. Can you repeat that, please?

f. OK.

g. That's correct.

Good business practice.

Telephone numbers

Can I take your telephone number, please?

Certainly - it's 01632 960 0883.

When asking for a telephone number, we can also say (in descending order of formality):

Could you tell me your telephone number? Could/Can I have your telephone number? What's your telephone number?

It is usually a good idea to add please after these phrases.

In British English, 0 is usually expressed by oh instead of zero. The double numbers in 0883 can be expressed: oh, double eight, three.

In American English, 0 is usually expressed by zero and double numbers are said individually. So, 0883 can be expressed: zero, eight, eight and three.

Telephone numbers are often dictated in groups for clarity, with a pause after an area code, and with numbers divided into groups of three or four, e.g.: 01632 960 0883

oh, one, six, three, two (short pause) nine, six, oh (short pause) oh, double eight, three.

Checking information.

Good business practice.

Some cultures prefer precise information. For example, if somebody is talking about data, they use exact figures. It does not matter if the information is positive or negative. The information always needs to be clear and exact.

Other cultures sometimes use approximate figures. For example somebody might say 'sales figures increased by almost 25 per cent' when the exact figure is 21 per cent. This is sometimes used to make negative data sound more positive.

Did you check and clarify information?

Did your partner check and clarify information when necessary?

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Getting through to the right person.

Taking / Leaving a message.

Checking information.

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