Greeting visitors. Making polite offers and requests. Making small talk

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Greeting someone for the first time Very good thnks. Thnksfor meeting me. Greeting someone you know It's good to see you too Yn Very well thnks nd you I'm fine thnks. Thnks for meeting me.



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Laboratory work №3.

Receiving visitors.

Greeting visitors. Making polite offers and requests. Making small talk.


Greeting people.


Look at the two conversations and put them in the correct order. Practise the conversations with a partner.

Greeting someone for the first time

Very good, thanks.

Good morning. I'm
Marcela Janku. Welcome
to Talma Finance.

How was your journey?

Hello, Marcela. Thanks
for meeting me.

Greeting someone you know

It's good to see you too, Yana!

Very well thanks, and you?

I'm fine, thanks. How is work?

How are you?

Hi, Michael. Good to see you again!

Great. I'm working on a new sales
project. And you?

 Reading 1

At the airport.

Yasmin Fahim meets Tim Robinson at the airport. Read the conversation and choose the best options to answer the questions.

1. Yasmin offers help with:

a. luggage   b. lunch   c. directions

2. Yasmin asks about:

a. weather   b. sport   c. the flight

3. Yasmin asks if Tim wants a
a. hotel b. drink   c. lift

Yasmin: Good afternoon, I'm Yasmin Fahim. Welcome to Cairo.

Tim: Pleased to meet you, Yasmin. Thanks for meeting me.

Yasmin: Can I help with your luggage?

Tim: I'm fine, thanks.

Yasmin: How was your flight?

Tim: Oh, not too bad but the weather was awful.

Yasmin: Would you like to get a drink before I drive you to your hotel?

Tim: Thanks, I'd like a coffee. Can you tell me where the restrooms are? I'd like to freshen up.

Yasmin: Certainly, they're just over here. I'll show you.

Tim: Thanks.

Listening 1 (CD10) 

At reception.

Charles Andrews is going to give a presentation. Stephanie Lacourt meets him at reception. Listen to the conversation. Are the sentences true or false?

1. Charles meets Stephanie for the first time.

2. Charles asks to use a desk.

3. Charles can use Stephanie's office.

Offers and requests

Listen to the conversation again. Tick the phrases that you hear in each box.


Do you want... ?

Can I help...?

Would you like ... ?

Accept politely

That would be great.

That's very kind of you.

Thanks, I'd like a ...


Is it OK to ... ?

Can you ... ?

Could I... ?

Refuse politely

I'm fine, thanks.

Not at the moment, thanks.

Not for me, thanks.

Good business practice.

Direct and indirect requests.

In some cultures it is OK to ask for things in a direct way. In other cultures, people think it is more polite to use an indirect style. Look at the example. Which is closer to the way that you ask for things in your culture?

Direct way.

Use fewer words.

Do not always use please or thank you.

Use statements more than questions for requests: Give me the report. not Could I have the report?

Indirect way.

Use more words.

Usually use please or thank you.

Often use indirect questions for requests: Can I use your pen, please? Could you open the door, please?

Making small talk.

Some cultures prefer to get down to business directly and think that small talk is a waste of time. However, for many cultures small talk is an important part of establishing rapport and developing business relationships.

The most important thing to realise is that it is not necessary to be a brilliant speaker to be good at it. Small talk is all about turn-taking in conversation. Very often it starts with a general observation about the environment (e.g. It's hot in here /That was a good presentation, etc.). Then the conversation moves on to other more general topics, which are usually light rather than serious. The content of the conversation is less important than the process of conversation itself. Subjects are introduced and dropped casually, and participants are not expected to look at a subject too deeply or at any great length. If someone raises a conversation topic, it is the job of the other participants to comment briefly or ask a question. One person should not dominate the conversation. It is useful to ask open questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. The most important factor is to relax and to listen, and respond to what the other person is saying.


Match the social questions 1-5 with a response a-e. Take turns to ask and respond to the questions.

  1.  How was your journey?
  2.  How are things in Turin?
  3.  Is your hotel OK?
  4.  How long are you staying in Rio?
  5.  Is this your first visit to Gdansk?

a    It's very comfortable, thanks.

b   No, I visited Poland last year.

c    Only three days.

d   Fine, your directions were very good.

e    Great, it's very hot there at the moment.

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Greeting people.

Making polite offers and requests.

Making small talk.

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