Showing appreciation. Taling about likes and dislikes. Describing products and giving opinions

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Архивоведение и делопроизводство

Choose word or phrse in itlics to mke sentences tht re true in your country. However it is importnt to remember tht it is still business. If you re visiting people in nother country do some reserch to check on wht behviour is expected for exmple: Is it OK to discuss business during the mel Will your host hostess be offended if you refuse food or drink If you visit your host hostess t home should you tke gift It is good ide to order dish tht is not difficult to et. You cn concentrte on the people tht you re hving lunch with insted of...



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Laboratory work 4

Being a good guest.

Showing appreciation. Taling about likes and dislikes. Describing products and giving opinions.

Showing appreciation.


Where are these people? What are they doing?

Have you ever have business lunches?

What do you like/dislike about business lunches?

What do you think makes a good guest at a business lunch?

Good business practice.

Choose a word or phrase in italics to make sentences that are true in your country.

Good advice for guests at a business lunch:

It's important/ not important to be on time.

It's a good/ bad idea to bring a small gift for the host or hostess.

It's OK/not OK to discuss business during the meal.

It's OK/not polite to refuse food or drink.

You can / can't tell your host directly if you don't like a dish.

Your mobile phone should be turned on/ off during the meal.

It is comfortable / uncomfortable to have silence during the meal.

It's important/ not important to say “Thank you” at the end of the meal.

Business lunches

A business lunch is a good opportunity to relax and get to know people. However, it is important to remember that it is still business.

If you are visiting people in another country, do some research to check on what behaviour is expected, for example: Is it OK to discuss business during the meal? Will your host / hostess be offended if you refuse food or drink? If you visit your host / hostess at home, should you take a gift?

It is a good idea to order a dish that is not difficult to eat. You can concentrate on the people that you are having lunch with instead of worrying about how to eat the food.

Reading 1

Martha works for Hola Madrid, a telecommunications company in Spain. Jake is her colleague from the company's London office. Martha invites Jake to a business dinner. Read their conversation and decide if the statements are true or false.

Martha recommends the fish.

Jake likes this restaurant.

Jake is paying for the meal.

Martha: Are you ready to order, Jake?

Jake: The menu is very good. What do you recommend, Martha?

Martha: The chicken is very good here.

Jake: Great, I'll have that.

Jake: I really enjoy eating out in Spain. You eat dinner later in the evening over here than we do in England, and I like that.

Martha: That's right. I think we take longer over our meals too. We like to relax and enjoy our food.

Jake: This is delicious, Martha.

Martha: I'm glad you like it. It's a regional speciality.

Jake: This is much nicer than the staff restaurant!

Martha: Yes, it's more expensive too, but don't worry, the company is paying!

Jake: Martha, thank you for a lovely meal. Martha: It was my pleasure, Jake.


Read again. Complete the phrases in the extracts. With a partner, practise saying the phrases and responding.

Commenting on the meal and responding to comments

Jake: This is d……, Martha.

Martha: I'm g……. you I ……. it. If s a regional speciality.

Saying thank you and responding to thanks

Jake: Martha, thank you for a l…… meal.

Martha: It was my p……, Jake.

Talking about likes and dislikes.

Listening 1(CD12)

Lisa invites a client to lunch in a restaurant. Listen to the conversation and choose the correct option to answer the questions.

1 Philip comments on Lisa's

a digital camera.   b laptop computer.   c mobile phone.

2 Underwater, Lisa can

a make calls.         b take photos.            c send emails.

3 Lisa says that the cover is made of
a plastic.          b wood.                       c metal.

Listen again and tick the phrases that you hear.


Does it have any special features?

What can you use it for?

Who can use it?

Where can you use it?

Why do you like it?

What's it made of?


It's suitable for...
It's designed for…

It's ideal for...

You can use it to ...
It's made of ...

It's too big /small


That's nice / great.

It looks really stylish.

I don't like it very much.

Wow, that's amazing!

Good business practice. 

In some cultures, people think that it is very important to be honest but in other cultures they think that it is more important to be diplomatic. When you visit another country it is a good idea to check information about food and etiquette.

Look at the situation below.

Your host offers you food that you do not like. How do you respond? 

Would you give a diplomatic or an honest response in your culture?


Accept the food and eat it. You think that it is impolite to refuse food or drink and you do not want to offend your host.


Explain that you do not like the food. In your country, it is OK to refuse food or drink. You don't think that it is a problem to say what you like or don't like.

Good business practice. 

There are some phrases to express your likes and dislikes:

I’m not keen on

I like

I hate

I love

I don’t like

You can make likes and dislikes stronger by using really:

I really like       I really hate      I’m not really keen on

Having a 'flat' intonation or not stressing the 'politeness' words in a sentence can make a statement sound indifferent even if the actual words used are polite.

You work for a company that organises conferences. You are arranging the menu for a buffet to welcome guests at the start of the conference. Look at the email from the catering company. Use a dictionary to help with any words that you don't know. Add another dish to the list. Write out the things that you like and dislike on the list and explain your choice.

Re: Buffet lunch

spicy chicken

mini hamburgers

sushi selection


sandwich selection

mini cheese pizzas
Another dish:

Describing products and giving opinions.

Imagine that it is necessary to describe some dishes to your partners just to make them understand what it is. (You may choose dishes not only from the list).

Make a dialogue discussing a menu for a buffet to welcome guests at the start of the conference.


Результат лабораторной работы:

Представление теоретического материала с мультимедийным сопровождением по разделам:

- Showing appreciation.

- Talking about likes and dislikes.

- Describing products and giving opinions.

При подготовке материалов по всем разделам студентами должны быть приведены примеры диалогов по аналогам в Listening и Reading. Диалоги должны быть разыграны на защите.


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