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Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Those who combine studies with their work re trined t the eveningtime nd the extrmurl deprtments. We ttend lectures do lbortory work nd tests. The fourthyer students combine their studies with their reserch work. We write course ppers nd grdution thesis on the scientific problems of our reserch work.



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  I am a second year student of the Power Engineering Faculty of Orenburg State

University. It is one of the largest higher educational esta blishments in our town. The

Power Engineering Faculty was organized in November, 1999. It trains engineers-electricians. During the years of its activity the faculty has  trained many highly-qualified

engineers. Such specialists  are in great demand nowadays.

 There are the day-time, the evening-time and the  extra-mural departments. Those

who combine studies with their work are trained at the evening-time and the extramural


 The whole process of studying deals with ma stering new systems of power supply and

progressive technology of using these systems.

 The junior students are tau ght mathematics, physics, a foreign language (English,

German or French), chemistry, philosophy, computer processing of information. We

attend lectures, do laboratory work and tests. We have quite a number of well-equipped

laboratories at our disposal. Mastering one of  the foreign languages enables us to read

foreign literature and learn abou t the latest scientific and  technical achievements abroad.

The senior students study special electric subjects such as: Strength of Materials,

Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Vocationa l Training, Industrial

Physics, Economy and Organization of Pr oduction, Technical Servicing, etc.  

The fourth-year students combine their  studies with their research work. We

write course papers and graduation thesis on the scientific problems of our research


 Many highly-qualified teachers work at the departments of our faculty, some of

them have candidate’s degrees and scientific ranks.

 According to the academic plan the fifth-year students are sent to work at

different plants and electric  power stations, where they lear n to employ in practice the

knowledge they gained at the University.

 During practice the students master the  job of engineer-electrician and at the

same time collect materials for their diploma papers.

 The final and most important period in the student's life is the defense of the

graduation work in the presence of the State Examining Board. All the graduates find

work according to their specialty.

 We shall work at electric power stations, at heat and powe r plants or at industrial

enterprises, at power control inspections , at design and research institutions and

laboratories. Besides, we are provided with everything necessary for a scientific career

entering a post-graduate course. In a word we  have a wide range of  job    opportunities.