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Modern life is impossible without traveling. There are many ways of traveling: by sea, by plane, by train, by car, on foot. Tastes differ. That іs why it is up to you to decide which means of travelling you'd prefer



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Modern life is impossible without traveling. There are many ways of traveling: by sea, by plane, by train, by car, on foot. Tastes differ. That's why it is up to you to decide which means of travelling you'd prefer. No wonder one of the fastest means of traveling is traveling by plane. Many people prefer to travel by air because it combines comfort and speed and you will reach the place of destination very quickly. It is the fastest way traveling.

Travelling by plane has its advantages and disadvantages. There are some reasons why people prefer it. Even if the ticket is already in your hands you are to come to the airport 2 hours before the flight. You must be in time for your flight because you must have time to pass custom and passport controls and check in. Before boardering the plane you must register at the airport.

Before the plane takes off the stewardess gives you all the information about the flight, the speed and altitude. She asks you to fasten seat belts and not to smoke. She will take care of you during the flight.

Modern planes have very comfortable seats in all cabins, and there are 1-class, business and economy class cabins. Inside the cabin the air is always fresh and warm. During the flight you will have something to drink and eat. You can read newspapers and magazines, make a nap or a chat or simply relax. In some planes you can watch video or listen to music.

When the plane is landing or taking off you can have an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery, the magnificent views of landscapes. No doubt, traveling by plane is the most convenient, comfortable and the quietest way of traveling.

But there are some disadvantages also. Unfortunately sometimes the flights are delayed because of unfavorable weather conditions and one inconvenience more is the jet-lag and the difference between the time you are accustomed to attend the new time. Nowadays travellimg by plane is one of the dangerous means of traveling. There are a lot of air crashes and many people die in them.

Though we all seem to agree that future belongs to air transport, other means of traveling are still popular today.


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