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It іs wonderful to feel the deck under the feet to see the rise nd fll of the wves to feel the fresh se wind blowing in the fce to her the cry of segulls. Every modern liner hs number of decks with ll sorts of nmes such s promende deck sun deck etc. There re pssenger cbins bove nd below deck.



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There is no traveling more exciting than traveling by ship. When on board the big liner you feel as if you are walking on good solid ground. You can enjoy fresh sea air which is said to be very healthful. The most exciting thing is to watch the sights of the sea and the sky.

The marine landscape is so beautiful that you can gaze at it forever. It comforts you and gives you energy. No matter what the sea might like - calm and still or stormy or rough, you feel comfortable and safe on board a big ship.

Smaller ships are less comfortable but they also have their advantages. Small ships are good for the adventure- lovers. It's wonderful to feel the deck under the feet , to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feel the fresh sea wind blowing in the face, to hear the cry of seagulls. Of course the voyage isn't pleasant for those who are seasick when the sea is rough and stormy.

If you have made up your mind to travel by sea you should book passage on board a modern liner. These liners are real floating cities with all modern conveniences and a wide choice of sport and entertainment facilities. Every modern liner has a number of decks with all sorts of names, such as "promenade deck", "sun deck" etc. There are passenger cabins above and below deck. A cabin looks very much like a compartment of a railroad sleeping-car, but the windows are different. In a cabin there are portholes.

Travelling by sea is popular mostly for pleasure trips. On board a ship there are a lot of facilities to enjoy your trip: tennis and badminton grounds, swimming- pools, cinemas, dancing halls. Indeed, it's a pleasant way of spending a holiday. But when the sea is not calm there is, of course, less pleasure if any at all. But when the weather is fine and the sea is as smooth as glass, your voyage will be wonderful.


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