Legal profession in Russia


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

I wаnt to tell you bout min kind’s legl profession in Russi. dvocte is licensed lwyer to prctice lw nd independent dviser on legl issues. He should hve higher legl eduction t lest two yers of legl experience nd to pss qulifiction exms. They consult clients on legl issues; drft documents present clients in ll kinds of civil dministrtive litigtions provide criminl defense; nd do ll other legl services.



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Legal profession in Russia.

I want to tell you about main kind’s legal profession in Russia. These are judges, prosecutors and advocates.  

Advocate is licensed lawyer to practice law and independent adviser on legal issues. He should have higher legal education, at least two years of legal experience and to pass qualification exams.  After that he can practice law everywhere in Russia.      

Scope of lawyer’s activity is very broad. They consult clients on legal issues; draft documents, present clients in all kinds of civil, administrative litigations, provide criminal defense; and do all other legal services. But usually they have certain specialization according to specific area in law.

He has important right is to inquire any information from diffident authorities. Advocates must fairly, reasonably and diligently assert interests of their clients; provide legal services for free when it required by law. Also lawyers owe fiduciary duty to their clients. A lawyer can be sued for breach of this fiduciary duty.

They have self-regulation bodies – District and Federal Lawyer’s Chambers. Their represented interests of lawyers in state bodies.  Lawyers can carry out their activity in several forms: independent legal adviser, partnership, law firm, consulting office.

Judges are independent people who decide what should be done with people who committed crimes. People who want to become a judge must be citizens of the RF over 25 years of age, have higher education in law and has experience in the legal profession for not less than five years. First time they appointed for five years period of probation and after that they are appointed to a life term, but only until they reach 70 years old.  

Judges subordinate only to the Constitution and federal law. The powers of a judge may be terminated only in accordance with the procedure established by the federal law. Judges shall be inviolable.

Judge functions in the trial. Judge :

1. Sees that trial properly conducted;

2. Gives guidance for the jury;

3. Pronounces sentence or decision;

4. Decides issues during the trial;

5. Sees that party keep rules;

6. Admits or refuses evidence;

7. etc.

Prosecutor is civil servant in public service which has responsibility for law enforcement and legal compliance. Prosecution Service acts as supervisor for federal ministries, agencies, criminal investigations, state bodies and etc. Prosecutor can initiate an examination of governmental bodies; make legal actions, complaints, warming.

Prosecution Service is processing letters and applications of citizens for asking assistance in restoration of the rights infringed.

Prosecutors also act as adversarial and equal parties in criminal case in trial courts and also at cassation, appellate and supervisory stages of criminal proceedings. The public prosecutor has the right to appeal against unlawful decision and actions of state organs and officials.

In order to appointed a prosecutor, candidate must be citizen of the RF, have higher legal education, good reputation, 3 years of practical experience in legal profession.

Of course there are many other legal professions such as public notary, business lawyer, investigator , but I think that advocate, prosecutor and judge are more important in legal system.

Advocates, judges and prosecutors can’t be involved in any other paid activity except teaching , creative and scientific activity.


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

73412. Мир и события в лирике. «Лирический сюжет» 28 KB
  Хотя есть лирические стихотворения полностью лишенные внешних событий. Там описаны события внутреннего мира размышления; поэтому нет повода для внешних событий. Лирический сюжет Это не цепь жизненных событий это развитие мысли переживания которое дается в стихотворении.
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  Начиная с эпохи романтизма когда лирика получила почетное место в системе родов сформировалась идея о том что лирический субъект если не равен автору то чрезвычайно к нему близок. Лирический субъект ≠ автору.
73414. Жанр и жанровые системы в литературе традиционного типа 38 KB
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73415. Пространство и время в литературе 47 KB
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73417. Повествование и его композиция (композиционно-речевые формы) 31 KB
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73418. Образ повествователя и его историческая трансформация 41.5 KB
  Образ автора -– автор создает повествователя который похож на автора. Повествователь Находится за пределами изображаемого мира Близок к автору По речевому строю По восприятию Близок к образу автора Главный признак повествователя: Вне изображаемого мира в отличие от рассказчика...
73419. Образ рассказчика 35.5 KB
  Образ автора – автор создает повествователя, который похож на автора. Рассказ, который ведется от 3-его лица, называется безличным. Повествователь находится вне изображаемого мира, а рассказчик – внутри него. Автор ближе к повествователю, а рассказчик – к герою.
73420. Художественная речь. Поэтический язык 38.5 KB
  На такие вопросы как чем вызывается эстетический эффект чем обусловлена художественность речи пытаются ответить теоретики начиная с античности. Русская литературная теория занимается вопросом художественной речи чем обусловлена эта художественность.