Ural State Law Academy and study work


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Im second yer student of the Url Stte Lw cdemy. Now I wnt to tell some words bout the history our cdemy. The Lw cdemy is one of the biggest higher eductionl institutions in our country. Now it is clled the Url Stte Lw cdemy.



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USLA and study work

Let me introduce my self. I’m a second- year student of the Ural State Law Academy. I study at the Institute of State and International Law.  

Now I want to tell some words about the history our Academy. The Law Academy is one of the biggest higher educational institutions in our country. It was founded in April of 1931 on the basis of the Irkutsk University as a law faculty. Later, it was reorganized into the Siberian Institute of Soviet Law. In 1934 the Institute moved into Sverdlovsk, got the name of the Sverdlovsk Law Institute and bore this name till 1992. Now it is called the Ural State Law Academy.

At present it has three forms of training: full – time, part – time and correspondence. Our  Academy consist of a numbers of institutes: of the Prosecutor’s Office, of Justice, of Business and Law, Of State and International Law, of Shortened Educational Programmers, of Training Bachelors, of Training Masters and also Part – Time Faculty, Correspondence Faculty and Regional Faculty.

As far as now our Academy is housed in three study buildings with libraries, reading halls, snack bars.

The teaching staff is about 500 people: professors, assistant professors and many experienced lectures. The student body numbers about 12000 people and several tens of postgraduates.

The head of the Academy is reactor and vice – reactor.

The Academy trains judges, prosecutors, advocates, jurisconsults, investigators and other lawyers. Our graduates can work at courts, prosecutor’s office, police, the Bar, notary offices, other law enforcement organs and also at state and government bodies of different levels.

According to curriculum all subject taught at the Academy are divided into humane, theoretical and special. The student learn such special subjects as criminal law, civil law, criminal procedure, civil procedure, employment law, criminology, criminalistics, and others. Humane and theoretical subjects are: theory of state and law, history of state and law, philosophy, logics and others. These subjects form the student world outlook and improve the quality of their general education.

The academic year is divided into two terms. Tests and examinations are taken after each semester. At the end of the whole course of studies the students take degree examinations, finals, as they are often called them.

The timetable of lectures, tutorials and seminars is regulated by a study schedule. The student must attend seminars and tutorials and not miss lectures. They must use all the opportunities to become good specialists. Those graduates, who have inclination for research may enter the post-graduate course and devote their life to science.

One of the main principles of the Russian educational system is to unite theory and practice. So, during the course of studies our students have practical training (do practical work) at law enforcement organs, state bodies. law firms.

Our Academy cooperates with many foreign higher schools in Germany, France, Holland  and The United Kingdom.


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