Judicial system of the Russian Federation


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Usully these tke the form of hierrchy of courts. In Russi there re bout 14000 judges in 2500 courts of generl jurisdiction on vrious levels. There re courts of first nd second instnce. court of second instnce is one which exmines ppels nd protests ginst sentences nd decisions of courts of first instnce.



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Judicial system of the Russian Federation

Sources of law

Russian legal system bases on primarily codes and statutes. The Constitution is the primary source of law in Russia. No laws adopted in the Russian Federation may contravene the RF Constitution. There are two types legislation enacted by Federal Assembly:  federal laws and federal constitutional laws, which are the second most important sources of law. Russian legal system is not based on judge-made law.

The RF Constitution envisaged the drafting of centralized uniform code of law for all the constituent entities.  In Russian there are two forms legislation: legislative acts and acts of execution bodies.  

The existing judicial system of the Russian Federation was formed and is being developed as a result of a judicial reform, carried out in Russia from the beginning of the 90s with the purpose to create and maintain the judicial power in the state mechanism as an independent branch of power, free from political and ideological bias, independent in its activities from the executive and legislative branches of power. In all legal systems there are institutions for creating, modifying, abolishing and applying the law. Usually these take the form of hierarchy of courts.

The court is a state body that administers justice on behalf of the state. In Russia there are about 14000 judges in 2500 courts of general jurisdiction on various levels.

There are courts of first and second instance. A court in which a case is first heard is called the court of first instance. A court of original jurisdiction is one which first examines a case in substance and brings in a sentence or decision. A court of second instance is one, which examines appeals and protests against sentences and decisions of courts of first instance.

Constitutional jurisdiction

The Constitutional Court ensures that the laws and other normative acts passed or being considered by the supreme and local legislative branches are constitutional. There are work 19 judges in two chambers of the Court. Constitutional courts of subjects is also belongs to the system of constitutional jurisdiction.

General jurisdiction

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body for civil, criminal, family, labor, administrative and other cases. It gives the court interpretation on the issues of court practice. The system of general jurisdiction consists of: Justices of the Peace Rayon Courts Regional Courts the Supreme Court. It deserves mentioning that the structure of military courts includes into system of general jurisdiction. The structure of military courts: Garrison Military Courts Naval Military Courts the Military Collegium of the Supreme Courts. This courts deal on matters of military.

The basic judicial body is the district court. It tries both criminal and civil cases. It is also the duty of the district courts to protect the electoral rights of citizens. They are courts of appellate jurisdiction towards the Justice of the Peace. Each of the upper courts performs as an appellate instantion for lower courts. Justices of the peace are judges of the subjects of the RF and form an integral part of the system of courts of general jurisdiction.

Arbitrage jurisdiction

The Higher Arbitration Court is the highest judicial body for setting economic and business disputes and other cases examined by courts of arbitration. The structure of arbitration courts: Arbitrage Courts of the Subjects Arbitrage Appellate Court Federal Arbitrage Courts of Regions and as I have already sad the highest instance is the High Arbitrage Court.

In all courts cases are tried in public. The participants in the trial speak in the open court. The accused is guaranteed the right to defense. The press has the right to be present.

Trial is conducted on basis of adversary procedure and equality of the parties. The financial support of courts is provided by the state.

All judges of supreme federal Courts are appoint by Federal Council with recommendation of the President.


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