The Russian Federation


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

The country is multintion stte. Stte structure The Russin Federtion is democrtic federl stte with republicn form of power. The Hed of Stte is president. The stte emblems re two heded egle three colored flg with: white red nd blue stripes.



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The Russian Federation


Our county is situated from Eastern Europe to Far East. Its territory covers about 17 million square kilometers. Russia has a lot of broads with different neighboring countries.

The RF is washed by 14 seas of the three oceans: the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific. There are very many rivers and lakes our country. The largest rivers are the Volga, the Ob’, the Lena and others. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.

The RF is rich in such minerals as coal, oil, iron, and gold, silver, copper and many others. The country is a multination state.

State structure

The Russian Federation is democratic federal state with republican form of power. The Head of State is president.

The capital of Russia is Moscow. The state emblems are two headed eagle, three colored flag with: white, red and blue stripes.

The RF consists of 88 constituent entities (republics, krays, and oblasts). According to the law the state power in Russia is divided into 3 independent branches: legislative, executive, judicial. Legislative power belongs to the federal Assembly (the Parliament). Executive power belongs to the federal and local governments. Judicial power belongs to the system of courts.


The president of the RF is elected for six years on the basis of universal equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot. One and the same person cannot become a President for more than two times in a row. The functions of the President are:

  1.   to represent country on international arena
  2.   to enact decrees
  3.   to determine internal and external policy of the state;
  4.   to appoint the Chairman of the Government and federal ministers;
  5.   to nominate a candidate to the post of the Chairman of the central Bank and    judges of all high   federal courts( Constitutional, Arbitrage, Supreme);
  6.   to forms the Security Council;
  7.   to introduce the status of emergency;
  8.   to dissolve the State Duma;

The President is commander-in-chief of armed forces.


The supreme legislative body in Russia is Federal Assembly. It consists of 2 chambers. The upper chamber is the Federal Council. The lower Chamber is the State Duma. Each chamber is headed by the Speaker.

The Federation Council includes 2 representatives from each constituent entity of the RF and the State Duma consists of 450 elected deputies.

The State Duma is elected for 5 years.

If person wants to become a deputy he must be citizen of Russia of 21 years old and has the right of vote. The age broad for Federal Council is 30 years old. The member of the one of Chambers cannot be a member of another Chamber.

The right to initiate legislation has the President, Parliament, Government, legislative bodies of the subjects and high federal Courts within the frameworks of their authorities.

Each bill has three readings in the State Duma, and then it is passed to the Council of Federation. This chamber can disagree, amend or approve a bill, and at the final it goes to the President of RF to be signed.

Every man at the age of 18 has a right to vote.

There are many political parties in the State Duma, the main of them are: United Russia, Communist, liberal Democratic Party, Fair Russia.   

Executive power

The executive power is Russia belongs to the Government. It consist of the Chairman of the Government, vice-Chairmans and federal ministers. The Chairman is appointed by the President with agreement of the State Duma. Vice – ministers and federal ministers are also appointed by the President with recommendation of the Chairman. The duration of the Government is the same like a President. The main functions of the Government are to exercise law.

The functions of the Government are:

  1.  To ensure the single financial credit and monetary policies;
  2.  To make and execute the budget
  3.  To provide keeping legitimate rights and freedoms on the citizens,
  4.  To provide state security,
  5.  To exercise managing of state property.


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