English is a world language


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

English hs become world lnguge becuse of its estblishment s mother tongue outside Englnd. English hs lredy become world lnguge by virtue of the politicl nd economic ntions. People who spek English fll into one of three groups: who hve lerned it s their ntive lnguge; those who hve lerned it s second lnguge in society tht is minly bilingul; nd those who re forced to use it for prticulr purpose – dministrtive professionl or eductionl.



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What makes you think that English is a world language?

In Shakespear’s time, for example, only a few million people spoke English. English was not thought to be very important by the other nations of Europe. It was known to the rest or world. English has become a world language because of its establishment as a mother tongue outside England. The exporting of English began in the XVII century with the first settlements in North  America.  Above all, it’s the great growth of population in the U.S. English has already become a world language, by virtue of the political and economic nations. People who speak English fall into one of three groups: who have learned it as their native language; those who have learned it as a second language in a society that is mainly bilingual; and those who are forced to use it for a particular purpose – administrative, professional or educational. English is used as an official or semi-official language in over 60 counties, and has a prominent place in a further. It is either dominant or well established in all six continents. It is the main language of books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, technology, sports, international competitions (f.ex. Olympique games), pop music (Euvrosion). A universal language would help promote understanding and better felling among nations. A universal language also would increase cultural and economic ties among various countries. But the language has often been a barrier rather than an aid to understanding among peoples. The arguments in favors of a universal language are simple and obvious. If all peoples spoke the same tongue, cultural and economic ties might be such closer. Good will might increase between countries.


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