Do you have any arguments in favor of a universal language? Could Esperanto become a common language?


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Such lnguge would help promote understnding nd better feeling mong ntions. universl lnguge lso would increse culturl nd economic ties mong vrious countries. Through the yers t lest 600 universl lnguges hve been proposed.



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Do you have any arguments in favor of a universal language? Could Esperanto become a common language?

People have long been interested in having one language that could be spoken throughout the world. Such a language would help promote understanding and better feeling among nations. A universal language also would increase cultural and economic ties among various countries. Through the years, at least 600 universal languages have been proposed. Esperanto is the most successful universal tongue. Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed inter national auxiliary language. Its name derives from doctor “Esperanto”. “Esperanto” translated as “one who hopes”. There are about 2 million speakers of Esperanto. Some people suggest that an existing language, such as English, French or Russian, be adopted as a universal language. The adoption of any language, artificial or natural, would greatly simplify communication. The real, however, lies in the choice of such a language because there are so many possibilities. Many people oppose artificial languages. They believe that an artificial tongue does not reflect a true culture as existing  languages do. Others oppose the use of any existing language as a world language.  They claim that the culture of one or a few nations would be forced on all nations. As long as these arguments continue, the possibility pf adoption of one world language appears dim. The arguments in favor of universal  language are simple and obvious. If all people spoke the same tongue, cultural and economic ties might be such closer, and good will might increase between counties. However, many persons consider the promoters of universal languages to be impractical idealists, and discourage. Esperanto could become a common language. But  English is close to being an international language. During the last several hundred years, it has become a second language in many countries as a result of economic, and social developments.


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