Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

The country is multintion stte. It consist of two chmbers: the Council of the Federtion nd the Stte Dum. The Stte Dum includes 450 deputies. t first bills re introduced in the Stte Dum.



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Our county is situated in Eastern Europe and Nethern Asia. Its territory covers about 17 million square kilometers. It borders Norway, Finland,

Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and Korea. The RF is washed by 14 seas of the three oceans: the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific.

There are very many rivers and lakes our country. The largest rivers are the Volga, the Ob’, the Lena and others. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.

The RF is rich in such minerals as coal, oil, iron, gold, silver, copper and many others.

The country is a multination state. The population is about 150 million people.

Under the constitutional Russia is a presidential republic. The federal government consist of three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. Each of them is checked and balanced by President.

The highest legislative and representative organ of the RF is the Federal Assembly (Parliament). It consist of two chambers: the Council of the Federation and the State Duma.

The Council of the Federation is composed of representatives of each subject of the Russian Federation. The State Duma includes 450 deputies. They are elected for four years.

The main function of the chambers is to make federal laws. At first bills are introduced in the State Duma. If they are passed by the majority vote, the laws are submitted for consideration to the council of the Federation within five days. Having been approved by this chamber the law, within five days, is sent to President of the RF for signing and publication.


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