If being a teacher is not prestigious nowadays, why do people teach?


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People tech becuse teching is built on chnge. People tech becuse they like freedom to mke their own mistkes to lern their own lessons to stimulte their self nd their students. People tech becuse they like helping students who hs problem.



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If being a teacher is not prestigious nowadays, why do people teach?

A teacher is not prestigious nowadays, but people teach because they like the pace of academic calendar. June, July and August allow them to mix reflection, research and writing, all ingredients in their recipe for teaching. It’s not that summers are less effort. It’s that they are different effort. People teach because teaching is built on change. Even when the material they teach is the same, they change, and more important, their students change. People teach because they like freedom to make their own mistakes, to learn their own lessons, to stimulate their self and their students. As a teacher, he is his own boss. People teach because they like helping students who has problem. In a new group of people they help to adopt. They work and get to know other people. It’s good a possibility for chance of promotion. They keep to get a bonus. People teach because they like to ask questions, questions that students must struggle to answer. The world is full right answers to bad questions. Teaching, they sometimes brush up against good questions. People tech because they like to learn. One of the major discoveries of their professional life is that they teach best not what they know, but what they want to learn. When they wanted to know about the world, they taught a course on the subject, talking students with them on a path of discovery. People teach because teaching gives them many types of nectar to taste, many woods to enter and leave, many fine books to read and real word experiences to discover. Teaching gives them pace and variety and challenge and opportunity to keep on learning. If you’ve got children, I think very good, because you can have holidays at the time as the children. I also came from a family where there are a lot of teachers, so it’s carrying on a family tradition. People have not mentioned the most important reasons why they teach.


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