Which predictions about the future most worry you and surprise you?


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They sy tht in the next fifty yers the wy we live will chnge beyond our wildest drems. So scientists believe tht if we cn tlk to nimls we wont to et them. I worry tht lborsving devices nd the resulting sedentry lifestyle could well led to n epidemic in obesity. growth in online shopping nd homeworking my men tht our city centres become deserted wstelnds.



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Which predictions about the future most worry you and surprise you?

In international group of forty scientists have made some very surprising about the future. They say that in the next fifty years the way we live will change beyond our wildest dreams. But there a lot of predictions which worry me so much. Here are some of their predictions. I may find some of them surprising. Thanks to device which can read emotions. Feelings, and thoughts, we will be able to talk to animals. But it’s very bad, because it could cause a global revulsion against eating. So scientists believe that if we can talk to animals, we won’t to eat them. I worry that labor-saving devices and the resulting sedentary lifestyle could well lead to an epidemic in obesity. A growth in online shopping and home-working may mean that our city centres become deserted wastelands. The physical isolation and loss of social interaction resulting from these changes could put further strain on family relationships and lead to depression and mental health problems. Global games will be able for children. It will so bad, because children will lose sense of reality. It wills a cause of violence, a growth of pornography and problems with mental health. People will not meet in the streets. It wills a cause of social and sofa isolation. People will not read books, visit theater. I think that it will result in degradation of people. 


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